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Heroine Netori 187

Heroine Netori 187

Chapter 187 – Corrupting Magical Girl (10)

[Association responds to complaint against rumor spreaders]
[Association “St. Rose is currently recovering from injuries.”]
[The missing St. Rose? Vain rumors make magical girls sick.]
[Column – How the public’s pure malice destroys society]

After that incident, the Magical Girls Association worked hard to get rid of malicious rumors floating around the Internet. He bribed many journalists and pundits to divert public attention.

[5 sec.) Rose Fella.Jpg]
[No. 1 in Magical Girl rankings that look good on her face]

But people weren’t fooled. The shocking video and captured video of the magical girl sucking the villain’s cock spread throughout the community within a day, and the majority of the public learned what happened on the broadcast that day.

[But is it really Rose? It seems a little different.]
[N Unconditionally Rose. That face is not a common one.]
[N] Don’t make such low-quality jokes. You’re in treatment right now. It’s a scheme to damage Rose’s honor her with a deepfake video after injuring her.]
[N Yes, I’ve already confirmed that it’s not a deepfake~]

[Is it okay for a magical girl to do that… What;]
[B ㄴㅇ; Why is a magical girl who should be bursting with bubbles sucking her cock]
[Aren’t you threatened? If you don’t, she said she’ll kill her friend [Her]
[N] The problem is that he was threatened in the first place. Does it make sense that S-class was threatened by C-class?]

So it was only natural that people were inundated with the story of St. Rose.

A magical girl who should always be just, providing sexual service to the villain? That’s an unfair act. If you’re a magical girl, you’ll have to fight no matter what!

In this way, her St. Rose broadcasting incident was completely unacceptable to those who believed in her and supported her.

[He sucked his dick her really well. How much did you suck your boyfriend’s dick, whore?]
[No no no. I watched the broadcast from the beginning, but I couldn’t do it at first haha]
[N Haven’t you seen the comparison video? If you look at it before and after, it’s fucking hot]
[No? Some links 😉

[Hot tip: You can create a cool feeling by putting a photo of your face on the monitor and putting it on the monitor]
[N Oh, I’m going to do it right away]
[N crazy people;]
[N That’s pretty cool~]
[ㄴ Please block this bastard;;]

However… Actually, that was just a hypothetical opinion. That was only the thoughts of her naive fans of her or those who genuinely admired her, but the vast majority of them were different.

She pretends to be pure and innocent, but does she suck that hard cock? After all, before she is a magical girl, she is also a woman. Yes. So doesn’t she end up dirty like other bitches? Then she’s saying there’s no reason to treat him specially.

What mattered to them was not that St. Rose did her injustice her. What really mattered was the fact that she “Sucked” The villain’s cock.

Because of that, she, who was the object of her longing her, fell into her sexual object her.

As soon as the atmosphere to protect St. Rose disappeared, she became the target of sexual harassment at once, and at this time, primary desires such as ‘I want to eat and rape’ were plastered over, and all the communities became hot.

[Trot! Broadcast starts!]
[Easy girl broadcast ONhaha]
[Rose-chan is out!!!]

And two days after the incident, the broadcast of the villain that will further burn the firepower of the community began.


Siwoo, who was absent from school and looked at the community all day, immediately followed the link to the broadcasting site when he heard that the broadcast had started. And just like two days ago, he witnessed his girlfriend his kneeling in an empty white room.

“Sera… “

Siwoo called her girlfriend’s name her in her weeping voice her, but this time, too, his voice her did not reach her.

[Now then, let’s start recording today.]
[… ] … ]
[Hey, I must have said that? Are you going to stay still like that?]
[… ] … I really can’t… Please forgive me… ]
[Wow, Rose, you’re such a mean kid, aren’t you? Friends can do it, can’t you?]
[But… Black, uhhh… Ugh… ]
[Let’s start quickly.]
[… ] … Whoa, I get it…]

But her villain’s voice reached her all too easily. As her villain threatened her with her harsh tone of voice, Sera, crying like her Siwoo her, let out her helpless sigh and let her obscene words out of her mouth.

[Cock… Please… Hehe, delicious sleep… Uh… Sleep quickly so you can suck… Aang! I can’t… Hey hey! I really can’t do this!]
[Khehehe. I’ve already said everything and I can’t do anything. Well, good anyway If you want my cock enough to bring you to tears, I’ll give it to you.]
[Ugh…Haha… Whoops… Oops… ]
[Well? After two days, my skills were back to normal. I am very disappointed.]

Sera’s cry for a cock… It must have been because of the threat, but even knowing that, it was unavoidable that it was painful. Seeu squeezed her fists and shook her as she watched Sera, who started sucking on her prick her.

[That line appeared!!!!]
[Delicious blah blah blah blah]
[Saint Rose becomes a whore after 100 dayshaha]
[Wow, I’m sick of asking you to sleep while crying]
[Rose eyes, I’m dying]

On the other hand, the chat window was filled with cheers. Fans who threw up masks believed in her anonymity and supported the degrading Saint Rose. She’s the Saint Rose that she couldn’t have anyway. So it was a good thing for them to be like this.

[I became a whore in two days]
[Is the Villain’s cock that good? Dirty bitch]

Of course, the blackened hardcore fans didn’t.

[Mission Success!]

However, the mission was accomplished less than 5 minutes after the broadcast started. The mission is that if 20,000 viewers are filled, she will inform St. Rose that she is live.

“Fuck… No!”

Siwoo, who was shedding tears, spat out curses at the news.


[Yes? Oh yeah? That’s how the association came about after all… I never thought I would throw away S-class.]
[… ] Yes? What now… ]
[Congratulation. The recording ends here.]
[Okay. I will be broadcasting from now on. It will show you how serious the situation is. If you show the whole nation how you suck my cock, the association will change its mind.]
[… ] Yes? …… Eee! No! That’s not all! Please! I do not like it!]
[If you want to blame, blame the association. I didn’t want to do this either.]
[I hate it! Whoa, whoa, whoa! I do not like it! I hate it! Aaaaang!]

After hanging up, the villain makes a terrible declaration to St. Rose that he will broadcast instead of record. Then, after hearing the villain’s words of her, she burst into tears and began to yell at her, saying no.

I didn’t even know that it was already airing.

[Wow, that’s a villain. You can see that the association is blaming this.]
[Really… I get goosebumps now]
[Crying Rose-chan is big… ]
[Why are you crying right next to the bed when you cry?

Thanks to that, the already hot chat window became even hotter.

[Don’t worry. It will give you time to prepare your mind. I’m not saying I’m going to do it right now.]
[But… Hee hee, but that’s… Whoa!]
[But if you just cry like that, I’ll start right away. Okay?]
[… ] Whoa, whoa… ]
[And if you start, you have to see the end. What to do with my erection? Even if it doesn’t satisfy me like this, I’ll start right away. Try to keep your memory alive and do well.]
[Ah… I know… Whoa, whoa… Chueup, whoa… Chu-eup, Chu-eup… ]

And, perhaps feeling the heat of the chat window, Saint Rose started sucking his cock as best he could, sweating. He’s like someone who’s trying to get his semen out quickly.

[Chewup, puha… Ugh, gulp… Ha… Chuup, Chuup… Chew up… ]
[Yes, yes. You’re doing well.]

Thanks to that, the villain soon ejaculated. Not in the face this time, but in Saint Rose’s mouth his.

The satisfied villain patted Saint Rose on the head and gave her an unbelievable order.

[Uh-wook… Whoa…]
[Don’t spit. Do not swallow. Just open your mouth.]
[Ooh… Haaaaa… ]
[Great. Chew it now. I want you to save the semen.]
[Hey, hey… Whoops, whoops… Well, whoops… ]
[When you’re done, swallow it and open your mouth again.]
[Gulp… Haaa… Like this?]
[Well done.]

But Saint Rose, unaware of how lewd it was, faithfully obeyed the man’s orders her in order to avoid her immediate broadcast her. After a light taste of her surprisingly sweet man’s semen, she revealed the inside of her well-groomed mouth to her.

And at the same time, the broadcast was turned off.

Then, Siwoo’s tearful face was reflected on the black screen.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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