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Heroine Netori 188

Heroine Netori 188

Chapter 188 – Corrupting Magical Girl (11)

It’s okay to suck a man’s penis. It’s very humiliating and humiliating, but… If I can save Jin-hee with this, then I’m fine.

It’s okay to take a video. Even if you send a recording, you send it to the association. I’m sure the people of the Righteous Association will understand me, I’m fine.

But broadcasting… It’s not okay. To many people, and to Siwoo… You mean I have to show myself… How sad Siwoo must be when he sees me sucking another man’s penis…

Of course, Siwoo would love my embarrassing self, but … Still, I am his girlfriend his. I always want to show only my pretty side. Don’t look so dirty and ugly…

“Ha… Are you done now? Whoa…”

“Well done. I want to do more, but seeing your condition, I have to stop here.”

“…… I didn’t even ask for compliments…”

But since I was kidnapped by a villain, I don’t have a choice. To survive safely until rescued, to take responsibility for Jin-hee’s life her until then … As a magical girl, you should n’t collapse at this level.

Whoa… It’s hard, but you have to persevere.

Even if it’s because of Jin-hee or Si-woo… We have to hold on.

I am Saint Rose, a magical girl who brings love and peace!


It was for a while that I cheered up … Her heart broke when she saw Jin-hee, who was waiting for me with her red bloodshot eyes. Jinhee must have cried again because she was sorry. I’m really sorry for what I did…

“Sera… Ugh, are you okay? I suffered a lot…?”

“… Whoops, don’t be ok. It’s about this, no big deal! So don’t worry about me!”


“It’s really okay!”

Of course, I can understand Jin-hee’s feelings about her. Being held hostage has become a bait for catching me. So, I can understand why you feel so guilty.

But that wasn’t Jinhee’s will. The bad ones are the villains. Jin-hee, who had no choice but to live, is not bad at all!

Rather, the bad one is me. I believed that I would be rescued soon and did not resist. My love stone has a special power that I got thanks to Siu, so I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal even if I was kidnapped.

By the way… What happened to the association, the rescue team didn’t come… Unlike me, I didn’t have any special powers, no… Jinhee, who is no longer even a magical girl, had no strength to resist the villain’s desire…

Unlike me who was able to finish it with a fellatio, Jinhee yesterday… Black, Jinhee…

“Are you really okay? Your expression doesn’t look good at all! Because of the useless me…”

“No! Bae, I’m hungry! Ahaha…”

No, no! I need to wake up! It is impossible to be depressed in front of Jinhee. If you think of Jinhee, she should always show a bright side. Because we are friends!

After quickly managing her expression her, I hugged Jinhee, who worried about me with her sad face her.

I’m sorry Jinhee… Even your first love was taken away, and your innocence… Couldn’t keep Are you still worried about me? Even if you’re really nice, you’re too nice…

How did such a good-hearted child lose her powers? Jinhee deserves to be loved by everyone… It must be the villain’s bad trick. I am determined to fight against the villain once again.

…… Now that I’m kidnapped, there’s nothing I can do about it. Ahaha…


Ah… No… Is it already time? I haven’t been able to comfort Jinhee yet… The villain came. And to do that bad, mean thing…

“Aquamarine, it’s time to treat yourself. Thanks to your friend, I only got hotter and wasn’t really satisfied. So today, you will have to suffer instead.”

“…… Okay… Shouldn’t I go…”

“Jinhee! Ah… It’s Jinhee…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon… Don’t make such a sad face.”

“Hee-hee, hee-hee, Jin-hee… Sorry… “

“Even if it’s okay! Don’t cry I’m waiting patiently… Then I’ll go…”


“Huuuuu! Jin-hee ah…. Aaaaa!”

No… And Jinhee with the villain… What I don’t want to do… Ah, what should I do? The tears won’t stop. I feel sorry for Jinhee who has to suffer again because of me… My heart hurts so much.

Why the hell are you torturing us so much? And why the hell doesn’t the Association rescue us? Mom… Did I do something bad? You were a good kid. You always listened to what your mother said. But why did you decline the deal? Couldn’t you forgive your dirty daughter? Mom…

“Hey, heh…. Siwoo… Save me… Whoa…”

When I began to cry out loud in my unsightly emotions,

[Are you going to do it here?!]

[Keukkeuk, okay, let me hear your dying voice.]

“Huh… Yes? … It’s Jinhee…?”

I heard the voices of Villain and Jinhee from the next room.

Startled, I stopped crying and held my breath,

[Sera, please cover your ears!!]

Jinhee cried and shouted at me


I let out a strange, dizzying moan I had never heard before.


What, what… What happened?! What the hell happened to Jinhee to make such a noise? Embarrassed, I completely forgot Jinhee’s request and ran to the wall where there was a sound. Then I started to hear Jinhee’s panting breath.

[Ha… Haang… This piece of trash… Why are you in such a good mood… Ha… ]

[Kuhuh, even a magical girl is a woman after all. It can’t be helped in front of female instincts.]

[… ] Aren’t you a magical girl now? Ha… Hehe.]

[Oh, excuse me. Heck, yes, there’s no way that you, who aren’t even magical girls, can survive. Especially if you are a woman who has tasted a man once.]

[Lee Ik… This pervert… Haaang! Ha… Stop touching… ]

No way… Her breasts her and those… Genitalia… Are you touching? Thanks to my special power, I couldn’t feel any sensation, but Jinhee is different. Cowardly… Touching a woman’s weakness… I felt so sorry for Jin-hee, who, unlike me, had to fully feel the villain’s hand movements in her.

[Keuk, if you want, I’ll stop and move on to the next one. I never thought it would change so lewdly in one day.]

[That’s not the sound! Ugh, ugh! Go away! Get rid of that!]

[Well? Ok, i’ll clean it up Where you can’t see, inside your pussy.]

[Huh?!Haha! Hate! It’s coming in again!]


Oh, please… Did you start? Sex between a man and a woman, sex… Ugh… It’s Jinhee… Jin-hee, who allowed the man to enter, began to spit out more obscene sounds than before. She said no with her mouth, but it felt like she was delighted to hear just the whimper.

Scared… Playing with people like that…

Jin-hee, who lost her virginity yesterday, told me about it. Sex…… Is a pleasant act. Even if she is raped over a woman’s body, she can’t help but feel pleasure. So she was disgusted to the point of tears, but her own body her was sex…… I enjoyed it.

It was an unbelievable story for me, but looking at Jin-hee now, it was not wrong. She is enjoying Jinhee’s body now. She doesn’t care about Jinhee’s will her. Obviously, the villain was aiming for that gap… Jinhee must be in a lot of pain right now…

Poor… Because of me…. Hey, it’s Jinhee…

[Ha… Ha ha… Yes? Did you stop?]

[I’m going to tell you what I’m going to tell you properly. It’s the so-called live situation.]

[Muh, what are you talking about… Huh?! Ha… Don’t stir it inside… ]

[Oh, right. That’s right. In that way, tell me carefully what you are going through right now. How good does it feel, how exhilarating, huh? Okay?]

Nonsense… Ordering something like that! A truly terrifying villain, this guy… Trying to bully me and Jinhee at the same time… How can you have such a heinous thought…

[It’s crazy? Me, hehe… Why… Ha… Do you!]

[There are two options. One to be upset. The other is to keep having sex like this until tomorrow morning so Saint Rose can’t sleep.]

[That… I’m sorry… How to choose that… Whew… ]

[By the way, if you don’t answer, I’ll stop being considerate here. There are a lot of underlings who want to fuck you. Shall we check how many people we can deal with at once?]

[Garbage that can’t even be recycled… Can’t you do it… Ugh… ]

Ah… Is this an offer you can’t refuse… It was a ridiculous order, but I got goosebumps at the villain’s goal that made me have no choice but to follow it. It was the first time I had ever seen a villain whose mind was devastated in this way, so I felt fear.

It’s Jinhee… What should we do… Siwoo… Please save me…

Upon learning of the villain’s intentions, I hurriedly covered my ears,

[Haaang! The cock… It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the womb, and I’m in… Haaa!]

I couldn’t stop Jinhee’s obscene voice from piercing my ears.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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