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Heroine Netori 189

Heroine Netori 189

Chapter 189 – Corrupting Magical Girl (12)

[Continue, blurry, only pleasant places… Haaang! I touched it, and, ah, ah… It’s going to get weird… Aaaaa!]

[At first, it only hurt… Ha… Sarah! The fact that the vagina is widened by this man’s cock… Ha… I love it so much I think I’m going crazy!]

[Like this… Whew, ha… I think this will be a male-only pussy… Yes!]

How… Haaa… It’s crazy… Crazy!

When the sex scene started in earnest, Jin-hee started pouring out obscene stories that made her face heat up just by hearing them.

Cock… Wow, isn’t it too erotic just to hear the word? That… They say it feels good because their cock is hard, but I was so embarrassed because I never imagined that Jinhee would say such a thing. To think that the calm Jin-hee was cock-cocking… Ugh….

Even if I covered her ears her, I tried to pull the blanket over Jinhee’s voice her, but it was no use. The sex between Jinhee and Villain continued, and Jinhee continued her live performance without stopping.

[Haa, sssss… And, huh, every time the cock slips out… Aang! I’m sorry… And rubbing against protruding places, haaaaa I like it… Yes!]

[I don’t know… Ha… Weird yet good… Haha! Haaang! And when you get stuck in the cock again, ugh! I think I’m losing my mind, haaaaang!]

[If I go on like this, I feel like I will no longer be me…. Hey Sarah! Mehaha! What should I do, haha… ]

Scared… I’m afraid of sex… My body started to tremble at the sight of Jinhee losing her reason. How can you make a person this stupid? Her mother’s rigorous sex education her finally made sense. Sex was a very scary act…

Even if I was there, I would sleep like Jinhee, sleep… I must have been gasping and panting. I was relieved that I was able to avoid that situation thanks to Siwoo, but at the same time I was worried about Jinhee, who is suffering right now.

If it were me, my heart would surely be broken…

[Whoop?! Whoops… Aww, ha ha… Kiss… It’s my first kiss… Um, chug, puhu… Kiss while having sex… Ah… ]

[Chung, Churuu… Chun, ha… Hehe, this is strange… Ha… A kiss with a villain…]

[Ha… Chug, Chuuup, Chuu…. Gulp, puha… Super good. A kiss while getting stuck in a cock… Ahh! I love it so much!]

And then a kiss… Oops… Did you say this was your first kiss?

As far as I know, childhood friends… It was the first kiss that he cherished for Siwoo… Ah… Jin-hee ended up handing over her virginity her and even her first kiss her to the villain.

‘What… It would be nice to have a romantic atmosphere if possible. Starry night… First kiss at the same time as confession… Isn’t it very romantic? Whooping… I’m sure that kid will understand.’

[Ah! Kiss, Chuuup, Chewup, Haaang…. A kiss with sex at the same time, haaaaang! Awesome, ha ha! Sarah, yes! Are you listening A kiss with sex… Yes!]

The Jinhee of that day and the Jinhee of today overlap… It was very sad.

She forcibly put her tongue in her and Jin-hee laughed and said that she would bite her off her, but to hear her squirm and make a mixture of saliva… Sex that obscenities a person’s mind was really horrible.

You’re probably crying right now… I felt sorry for Jinhee for having to say things she didn’t want to say out of her mouth. Because of me… Black, uh…

[Ha, hot, hot! Haaang! Yes! Haang!]

[This, haaang! Yes! Too, violently, sobbing! Haang!]

[Ha… Sssss, heuhss! Wait, ha!]

[Strange! This, something, something, come on, ah!]

[Well? Have you already forgotten In this case, you just have to say ‘I’m going’.]

[Go, go away! Sarah! Me, ugh! Go to the villain’s cock!]

Ah, finally to the climax… Whoa… The more you climax yesterday, the more… I said it felt like becoming a villain’s woman… Do you still feel that way? Jin-hee’s satisfied voice resonated throughout the room, and it was really painful.

[Ehh?! Ha ha! For awhile! Haaang! I’m sensitive right now, huh, haaaaang!]

[I didn’t start to like you. Would you say it was sex processing? I won’t stop until I’m satisfied.]

[No! Haang! Ugh, no, please!]

But to my dismay, the sex wasn’t over. The sound of the two of them mixing their flesh continued. Of course, the voice of Jinhee who wanted to die because she liked it continued…

Jinhee, I’m sorry… I… It will change

The more Jinhee suffered, the more my guilt grew. Because of me, Jinhee is suffering right now. I was so full of regret that I couldn’t stand it, so I made a new resolution.

I won’t go to you… I’ll do my best…

Villain sexually treats Jinhee… You said. He said he wasn’t satisfied with me. That’s why he said he raped Jinhee.

But what if I change?

If Jin-hee satisfies the villain to the extent that he can’t even think of it, won’t the villain stop there too? Wouldn’t he stop raping poor Jinhee? I’m sure. Sexual desire is, after all, a desire, isn’t it limited?

The harder I work, the less damage I do to Jinhee!

“Ha… Chuup, Chuup… Like this… Was it If this is the glans… End here… Hamm, Chuuuuu… Chewyup…”

“Because it’s so big… Well, hold the end of the stick in your hand, and with the other hand… Wouldn’t it be nice if I touched another place?”

“And… Delicious cocks… Ugh… I liked it when you said it this way. It would be better if I forced myself to tell you…”

I started practicing fellatio with a plastic bottle in my hand. I tried to have the fellatio skills to satisfy the villain by making use of my two experiences. The more my skills improve, the more I will be of help to Jinhee.


“Sleep, um… Chewyup, it’s delicious… Ha… A hot, hard cock… Chu, okay…”

“Chew, ha ha… Quickly spray me with sweet semen, chuup… Ha… “

“…… Can it be like this?”

It’s embarrassing, but… It’s very embarrassing to broadcast this image, so I have to show it to Siwoo… Still, the fans who support me and Siwoo who loves me will definitely understand me!

How could a magical girl do something like that? How can you give another guy a fellatio, instead of getting mad at you? Instead of being disappointed saying, Saint Rose or Sera will convince you that there must be a reason for that!

So you can, no you have to!

To protect Jinhee until she is rescued, I have to do it!

I am Saint Rose, a magical girl who brings love and peace!

[Aaaaang! Again, go away!Hehe, pack it up! Inside like this, haang, wrap it up!]

…… There’s no time to take a break from this.


“Ha… Isn’t this a bit much?”

“What? You really enjoyed it too.”

“No, just… Ha, I don’t know. Now, it’s not like the first experience was a waste… Having sex for revenge… It’s a bit strange.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice? He feels good and gets revenge, killing two birds with one stone. And say Didn’t you intend to eat inside? Are you saying that when you’re the one who wrapped your legs so you can’t move?”

“…… I don’t know, stop talking about that.”

It was the villain’s word. Infatuated with her sex her, she induced Villain to cum inside her her. As she tries to pull her back, she blocks his movement her and she screams for him to be wrapped inside.

“I really… “

“… Okay, take me to the shower. I can’t even move.”

“You want to be washed?”

“Uncle pervert… Do it yourself.”

Why? She didn’t know why either. Are you just feeling too good? Because you don’t want to stop having sex? Because she wants to leave evidence that she mixed her body with him?

But she didn’t even want to know. It didn’t feel too bad when a man ejaculated into her vagina. It was useless to investigate the reason now.

The important thing was whether this operation worked. If Sera’s attitude her changed as the man insisted, there was nothing wrong with offering her her body her. She is no longer a magical girl, because she has no value other than that.

[Chew, ha… Can I do this…]

By the way… Surprisingly, it definitely seemed to work.

It’s like practicing sucking another guy’s cock… Jin-hee thought that Si-woo had no eyes for women, so she snorted.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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