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Heroine Netori 190

Heroine Netori 190

Chapter 190 – Corrupting Magical Girl (13)

[I didn’t know you were that perverted. What is an exhibitionist? Did you really want to show people your pepper? I hate it… ]

[Uncle ♥: What are you saying]

[Lee Hee-eun: The reason why he planned the exposure operation was because he was an exhibitionist… ?]

[Uncle ♥: Okay. How is the atmosphere of the association?]

“Chit… No fun What is your reaction?”

I thought you’d be a little embarrassed, but you’re so iron-clad again… Do you have any thoughts other than real revenge? My interest in the uncle’s cold reply cooled. The human-like appearance he showed a while ago has gone and he has become a revenge machine again. To be honest, I was very sorry.

But the one you like loses. I will have to endure it until I succeed in revenge. Being a good kid, I calmly gave him the information he wanted.

[It’s a complete mess. Huhuhu, the uncle should see the expression of the lady.]

[Uncle ♥: President of the association?]

[Yes, that bitch. It’s been hysterical since Rose disappeared.]

[Uncle ♥: It’s a pity. Seeing that, I feel a little relieved.]

[See you soon? I said I was holding a press conference tomorrow or so.]

[Uncle♥: Yes? Great. This is finally the beginning of a full-fledged revenge.]

[By the way, mister… Do you have feelings for Rose… ]

“Oh, what! It’s crazy?!”

I was about to write down useless questions and send them, but I hurriedly threw my smartphone away. It doesn’t matter if the man has feelings for him or not… It’s not important. But if you ask me, it won’t show right away…

I was curious, but it was frustrating not being able to ask.

Doing such perverts for revenge? I know that. Because it’s so effective. As much as the image was good, it was easily shaved off. That’s why the association was in an uproar.

But why does the uncle do it himself? You can use subordinates! Are you bragging about how big you are? Of course it’s big, but… So I guess I should be proud of it… Uuuuu, why are you making him suck it!

Are you frustrated? There is a pretty woman closest to you who only looks at you. She just needs that woman to fill her needs her. But why don’t you touch me…


I can’t do this… Ever since I watched that broadcast, I’ve been resentful of Mr. I hate a man who is impregnable and enjoys being younger than me. I sent a signal that far… After all, do I not look like a woman?

We’ve known each other since the luncheon days, and since that incident, I’ve followed her almost like a father, so it’s understandable that she thinks of me like a daughter. But what about my feelings… Take responsibility for the feelings of love that have arisen because of you… If I draw the line like this, I will treat you warmly or not…

“Hee-eun-ah, Hee-eun-ah, because you are so immature, you still see the old man as a child… How stupid is it to be jealous of yourself over something like this!”

Oh, I don’t know. You need to get your mind right. What’s wrong with being sentimental again in the morning?

[I have a meeting today, so I’ll let you know as soon as I learn new information.]

[Uncle ♥: Thank you. You know you’re the only one, right?]

“Foot, what are you saying… I need to capture this.”

[It’s exciting. I’m tired of just hearing words every day.]

[Uncle ♥: Anyway, thank you.]

[Yes, yes~]

No, usually when I come out like this, would you like to give me a reward or ask for a favor? Do you say that or not? Uh… You have to wish for what you want from Uncle…

After picking up my smartphone and ending the conversation, I tossed it away once more and laid down on the bed to sigh deeply. Then, after picking up the laptop that had fallen on the floor, I played the video I recorded yesterday.

[Cock… Please… Hehe, delicious sleep… Uh… Sleep quickly so you can suck… ]

“Crazy year. What is that St. Rose saying?”

The two people in the absurd screen. But I mean, this is reality. I looked at the crying Rose, pressed pause, and walked to the kitchen.

“Where was it… I left it here… Oh, I found it.”

Then, after taking a big banana I bought yesterday, I went back to bed.

“Well… Would it be roughly this size?”

It is not a substitute for breakfast. It’s not like I’m on a diet, so there’s no way I’ll be full with just one of these. This is just for practice.

[Ugh…Haha… Whoops… Oops… ]

The fellatio practice to satisfy the man.

I don’t know if that day will ever come… You should prepare this in advance. At the decisive moment, I wasn’t satisfied with myself, so what if I thought of that bitch? The worst should be avoided.

‘Eww?! You’re so good… Hee-eun, I can’t stand it!’

‘Hehe, I practiced hard just for you.’



And if you are lucky, you will have such a happy experience… Silver plague. Why are you making bowls like this in the morning? On that day, as the old man became stronger, did he gain some kind of passive ability? I knew that a woman in love becomes childish, but this is a bit harsh.

Should I go and check it out… ?

Even though I was seriously thinking about it, I wondered if there was a need to do so, so I stopped thinking and bit the peeled banana into my mouth. Let’s focus, focus. It’s practice time now. Anyway, it’s called Yubimuhwan.

“Chew, Chu… Whoops… Ha, this… It’s too big and my jaw hurts. Should I keep doing this? It’s not like volunteering for nothing.”

I put a big banana in my mouth and started sucking on one side, but it wasn’t easy from the beginning. First of all, should we study how to use the tongue? To adapt to this size, I think I will have to learn new small movements.

[… ] Whoa, whoa… Chu-eup, Chu-eup… ]

“Ha ha… Uncle, sleep…Tasty… Chu-eup, Chu-eup…”

[Chewup, puha… Ugh, gulp, ha… Chuup, Chuup… Chew up… ]

“Ugh, ha ha… Mister… Licking like this is good? Haljjak, haang… Chew up…”

By the way… This, when I started in earnest, my body is heating up. Hehe… I’m tired from sweating, haha… I wish uncle’s cock was this delicious, haha…

If this is a real uncle’s cock… I can suck on you much more deliciously than Rose… With love, with all my heart, ha, mister…

Ah! I can’t stand it, how can I bear this… Thinking it’s a man’s cock makes me feel like I’m going crazy because it’s itchy!

“Haaang! This is what it is! Uncle!”

I really only wanted to practice fellatio today… In the end, I started masturbating while imagining the uncle again. I’m totally addicted to masturbation… You really have to take responsibility.

“Yes! Uncle, Mr., Haaang! I want to suck too…”

“Huh, ha ha… Chueup, whoa… I can do better…”

“You idiot… Aaaaa!”

Oh, gone I think I’ve become more sensitive lately. What if I leave as soon as I get stuck in the real battle… ? What the hell, make a chance to get hit, you idiot! Ha…

“I have to wash up and go to work… “

I felt sick to my stomach at the sage time that came after masturbation.


“You think this makes sense?! How can a rescue signal come from the other side of the world! Management team! Are you doing your job right?”

“Sin, sorry! That is… That… “

They are people who came in by parachute, relying only on their connections. What are you expecting so much? Funny really As soon as the meeting started, the screaming voice of the president of the association burst out in my ears.

“I really… Ha… I tried not to use it until now… I requested to be dispatched to Japan. “Akari,” A magical girl specializing in tracking, is coming to Korea today.”

“Yes? Is he coming to Korea?”

But what is this again? Bringing a magical girl from the next country? That ‘Akari’, who is also famous for her personality of her? I think this is a bit over the line. Even if he was dispatched, would he give proper help?

“Okay. So Rapier, you’re in charge of it. You are now an S-class, so you have to take on big and big cases like this.”

“… I know. What exactly can I do?”

“The orb imbued with the magic of Saint Rose, take it to Akari. Then he will find Rose’s current location her. She has abilities specialized for that.”

Hehe… It was going to be a big day. Did he even have that ability? Some magical girls have detective-like abilities. Well, there are people who have the ability to incite right in front of them, but it’s only detectable…

“When I asked what purpose those marbles were kept for, there was a use for them. I know.”

“We will be in charge of the main executives of Darkist Chain. All you have to do is save Rose with Akari in the meantime. A C-class villain anyway? It won’t be difficult.”

“Well, compared to the two S-ranks, there’s only one C-rank.”

“But keep in mind. You can’t trust Akari 100%. You must bring the beads back unconditionally.”

“Yes Yes. Trust me.”

I mean… Do you think you should thank me for this?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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