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Heroine Netori 191

Heroine Netori 191

Chapter 191 – Corrupting Magical Girl (14)

The effect of the Magical Girl Fella live performance was amazing. Thanks to that, I was able to collect a lot of negative emotions. Envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, and so on, were able to become several times stronger in a short period of time thanks to the abundance of resentment.

At this level, even if I had to fight Hee-eun, who was an S-class, wouldn’t I be able to win overwhelmingly?

I could clearly see why the villains were causing terror in this world. Doing bad things makes you stronger? It’s really a villain optimization setting.

However, that was the position of the ‘villain’, and there were more regrets from the position of ‘me’ who had to do netori.

No, isn’t it normal to be weak at this point? Why is the power still the same? Is this how much Saint Rose fandom is? Is it not enough to have a cock sucker?

I thought her love stone would be damaged with two broadcasts, but that was my own misunderstanding. I thought the fans would fall in love with the way she sucked my cock and swallowed my cum, but most of the fans cheered for her naughty look at her as well.

These perverts…

Thanks to this, Saint Rose’s generalization operation was disrupted.

[Honestly, if I’m worse now, I’ll give it a go lol]
[B ㅆㅇㅅ]
[Who is the dog thief?]
[ㄴ It’s better to be a public daughter rather than secretly sucking your boyfriend’s dick haha]

[I got into a fight with her girlfriend because of Rose. Is it so wrong to ask to be swallowed?]
[N This bastard Banjom]
[N It’s such a shame to deceive you, you bastard]
[N zero difference ㅇㅇ]
[N Kya~ Look at how fast the work is done]

[An S-class magical girl was a SEX-class magical girl haha]
[N oopshaha]
[B Then a rapier? Rapier-chan, you can’t be weak with your panties exposed anymore!]
[B] The rapier is forced to be exposed. She’s a pure magical girl who can’t be compared to Saint Rose, but the comparison is a bit weak.]

What I thought was that her fans who watched her broadcasts her were swearing at her for being dirty, but her fans are rather having sex with her her saying that she is ugly… Instead of negative emotions, positive emotions gathered and it backfired.

You can’t weaken the power of the Love Stone like this.

I need a solution…



What’s going on? While she was taking a break, she was trying to come up with a new plan, but Hee-eun contacted her. She said she had a meeting. Did she get any new information? After transferring her footage of her to my smartphone yesterday, I opened Talk and checked Hee-eun’s message of her.

“…… Ho-oh, is that so?”


“Did I tell you to be careful? What do you believe in If it wasn’t for me, it would have been a big deal.”

“You believe in me who believes in you.”

“What did you say…”

It could have been dangerous. She is a magical girl who can track the exact location, what kind of power she is. Thanks to that, the secret hideout I had been hiding was uncovered, and me and my men had to evacuate from dawn.

I’m glad I was able to prevent the rescue though. What would she have done if the real she wasn’t Hee-eun? The precious cheat key did its job thoroughly.

“But what is it, mister… Aren’t you stronger than me? It’s a detective class, but it’s S-class, so to send it in one shot like this… To be honest, I was a little scared.”

“Well, I did get stronger.”

“Woo-wook, I’m not lucky. What is that expression It’s not cool at all.”

However, killing an S-class magical girl was entirely my ability. Have you ever tested your strength? He fixed his body with the ‘psychokinesis’ he was used to now, and blew a ‘blue flash’ mixed with his internal energy his, so he died at once. Even if this is not enough, I think it will be at the level of an A-rank hunter.

If you return to reality, you’ll be weak again, but you’d better get used to this feeling in advance. I’m going to go see Wi Ji-hye after I finish this Netori… I’m sure I’ll become stronger in no time.

Oh, but didn’t you have to kill me? No, I’d rather die. Maybe next time another magical girl will come chasing this bitch. As long as my purpose is ‘Netori’, it was right to remove the elements that hinder me in advance.

And I mean, it helps with revenge. Since the dispatched magical girl was murdered, how difficult must the president of the association, who is the object of revenge, be in trouble? I’m not particularly interested in revenge, but… Still, I have to pretend to be interested so Hee-eun will believe in me and follow me, so I don’t think my judgment is wrong.

“But will it be okay? I don’t think you’ll be easily fooled.”

“The dead don’t talk. In the end, I’ll believe what you say. But… Let’s get a little bit right. It doesn’t make sense to not have a single wound. You won’t be able to suspect a magical girl who is even injured.”

“Eh?! …… I beg your pardon? You said you would hit me now? …… Uncle?!”

“It’s for revenge, Hee-eun. Please.”

“Oh, okay, let go of this hand. What is it really It is sexual harassment.”

Look at this. Because this is an excuse for revenge, you understand right away. Fortunately, Hee-eun readily agreed to my plan.

Yes, that’s right Hui-eun, Hwang-gae was also beaten for deceiving Jojo. There are things you have to endure for a cause. Well? Isn’t that a very twisted metaphor? Uh huh, the Three Kingdoms is a must read…

“Instead of!”


What, all of a sudden Hee-eun, who took a step back after hearing my story, came up to me and grabbed me by the collar. Uh… Instead, let me get a shot too, is this it? That much is acceptable. I’m willing to give you at least one round of pear bread.

“Please answer this one… “

“… Tell me. I’ll answer anything.”

What? That wasn’t it. Got something to ask?

“Mister, are you not interested in St. Rose? Revenge is an excuse, just him and that… You’re not doing this because you want to do naughty things, are you?”

“What nonsense is that? I’m not interested in a kid as young as him. What do you ask an old man for?”

“That, right?!Hehe… I knew that too. Hehe…”

Me, really…

It was dangerous.

If he hadn’t acquired the ‘poker face’ ability with Netori last time, he would have been caught right away. Is this a woman’s ‘feeling’? Scary. How did you know the real purpose was to do naughty things? Whatever it is, always be vigilant.

“Okay, let’s finish it soon. The hideout has already been moved? Now all we have to do is pretend we’re fighting.”

“I know. I will signal to the association that the location has been found.”

“OK. Are you familiar with the operation?”

“Because of Akari’s mistake, the man who found us killed Akari, and I, who was left alone, tried to resist, but I was helpless, and I kept getting beaten up. When the association’s support came, the uncle ran away. Right?”

“Good. Then let’s begin.”

Whoa, I’ve passed a crisis with this.


This incident made me realize the seriousness of the situation. This was a strategy with a time limit, right? While broadcasting as it is, I tried to watch the main heroine slowly degenerate… If you hesitate, you will fail at netori.

This time, I was able to get help from Hee-eun, but there’s no guarantee that I can always do that. A magical girl with abilities that Hee-eun doesn’t even know might appear.

So… We must corrupt Saint Rose as soon as possible. And in order to do that, you have to make her her normal person her. She eventually returned to square one, but the conclusion is this. She has to weaken her Love Stone.

The question now is how to do that…

Come to think of it, this is all a problem caused by fans crazy about sexual desire.

So, wouldn’t it be possible to solve this problem by using that sexual desire?

“From now on, our organization will suspend all external activities. And let everyone participate in this operation. Got it?”


“And unify all units from Alpha to Gamma, and use the ‘comment unit’ as the unit name. Got it?”


“Okay, start the operation!”


You say you’re inferior, but if you just show a show where you do a lot of fella, the fans won’t get tired. You must want more than that, can you tell me how? Then I can’t stand it. I will definitely follow that path.

Would she stand still when she could undress Saint Rose with her own hands?

[(※Must read) How to raise the level of ROSE broadcasting. Tip]
[Rose, this year is just over. Let’s hear it.]
[Hey, I heard there’s a way to open Rose’s chest her?]
[Rose is said to be able to get a vaginal massage by inserting a kiss in the mouthhaha]
[100 Days Later .How You Can Really Make Rose Her Whore Her]

[Everyone knows how love stones get stronger and weaker, right? You can use it to remove Rose. The more we curse at Rose for being dirty, the more Rose’s costume comes off little by little. Yep. That we can make Rose a real whore. Aren’t you fucking crazy? I will sell Rose for 24 hours from todayhaha]

I bet it won’t take a month until it’s all peeled off.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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