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Heroine Netori 192

Heroine Netori 192

Chapter 192 – Corrupting Magical Girl (15)

[Isn’t St. Rose a crazy bitch? It’s strange that he’s S-class, but he was kidnapped, but I really don’t understand why he sucks up villains without resisting. Are you actually enjoying it?]
[N Fuck you, bitch. You are being threatened. If you don’t do that, you’ll kill her friend her. Do you think Rose will let her friend die?]

[Rose seems like a crazy bitch. If I were Rose, she would ignore friends and everything and sort out all the villains. Shouldn’t you sacrifice a cow for your sake?]
[N Yes, I heard the remarks about bullying without friends~]

[Honestly, I don’t even want to comfort you. Does Saint Rose know that she is now eating away at her magical girl image all by herself? It’s a pity that her narrow-minded thinking ruins the image her seniors have built up like this.]
[B So what are those seniors doing now? Rose Why is she just watching when she knows she’s been kidnapped and doesn’t intend to help? Is that the image that the seniors have built up?]

“Ha ha, you fucking bastards…. Were there so many guys with shit on their heads…”

Siwoo, who had been starving for food all day after hitting Sera’s shield, sighed at the emptiness that suddenly came to him. Even if you refute and refute again, you are tired of the newly written slander.

I wish I could stop doing this… Malicious users floating around the Internet were persistent and vicious. Thanks to that, Siwoo had no time to rest.

It would have been a little easier if there were people helping Siwoo…

[Today, I took a step out of capturing Rose’s facehaha]
[These days, Rose Fella is fucking with ASMRhaha]
[Rose Gyan’s trust. She desperately wants to cry and do everything she needs to do haha]
[Ah, can I become a villain? Even if you can’t beat it, intuition won’t be possible]

Self-proclaimed fans, instead of writing shield articles, only wrote useless sexual harassment articles, and because of that, Siwoo had to stay up all night in anger.

“This…Are they really crazy…”

But there was something that made Siwoo even more angry… It was a very insidious public opinion that began to boil from yesterday.

[How to Peel Rose.Txt]
[A former villain tells you how to weaken the Love Stone]
[Refer to those who want to take off the rose]
[Ahhh, who wants to make Rose nakedhaha]

“How do you know this… Fuck…”

Sera’s love stone, which evolved with Siwoo’s ability, protects the owner’s chastity with powerful power. However, it is not invincible, so if the love stone is weakened, its power will also weaken.

Therefore, if Sarah’s love stone really weakens as public opinion moves… The worst could have happened.

So Siwoo desperately protected St. Rose to prevent that from happening.

No, I was trying to protect it.

[It’s a baby lol Even if you shield it like that, Rose will never give it to you! LOL]
[Rose, who you want to pamper, is sucking the villain’s cock]
[Yeah, the association has already abandoned Rose~ Rose is going to be eaten like a dog~]
[Watching the broadcast of tearshaha]

However, Siu alone was not enough. With many people already joining the new public opinion, there was nothing Siwoo could do.

[Oh broadcast ON]
[Let’s go~~]
[Daughter Update ㅅㅅㅅㅅ]

In the end, Siwoo couldn’t change public opinion until the broadcast started.


The broadcast has started, but in a situation where only a black screen is being sent out, as if it is still being prepared, ‘Please watch… I really can’t do this…’ Said Sarah’s voice crying. She was trembling very much, probably because she was aware that it was being broadcast from today.

Because of that, Siu also shivered. It was so unfair that her own girlfriend had to go through such a harsh thing. Why did she have to be St. Rose, and why did she have to be Sarah? Unable to bear it, Siwoo clenched his fist with his trembling hand and glared at the screen.


[Has it started? Ugh… Ahaha… Oh, hello!]

Then she let out a screaming roar as she saw the two on the screen.

He was rubbing her breasts her.
It was Sarah’s breasts that even her boyfriend her, herself, had n’t touched yet.

“AA AA AA! You bastard!”

Sera’s breasts, which are too precocious for her age, soft breasts that you can feel secretly when you cross your arms, the breasts of a woman you’ve always wanted to touch, Siwoo, whose act of touching her breasts has also been taken away by the villain, explodes in her heart. I couldn’t stand the anger that came out.

Of course, it is a villain who has already done more than that, but that is why he could have imagined that he had already suffered this kind of thing, but isn’t it different from thinking and seeing it with his own eyes?

Siwoo could not forgive the villain who teased Sera’s breast her carelessly, violently, and arbitrarily as if it were nothing.

[Love and Peace, Yay!]
[Bringing love and peace… ! Magical Girl Saint Rose… Ahaha… Appeared, done… ]
[Nice to meet you, nice to meet you… Everyone… ]

However, the villain did not stop caressing her, and Sera greeted the viewers watching her broadcast her with extreme shame.

[I… Ugh… After being captured by Villain… Whoa… ]
[To protect my friend who was captured like me… How…]
[I’m broadcasting according to Villain’s order…]

Ah, how embarrassing, how embarrassing … Contrary to her spirited first greeting her, she eventually burst into tears and felt sorry for Mansera. However, unlike Siu, who felt sorry for her, her chat window her was happy to see Sera like that.

[Villain ‘nim’ kkkk]
[That bitch isn’t sobbing, is she just feeling it? Fuck you lol]
[Are you already finished teaching?Hahayou’re an assholehaha
[I want to touch Rose-chan’s chest while listening to you]
[Greetings are over, so hurry up, Villain-nim, let’s get out of bedhaha]

Just looking at her chat window, it seemed that everyone saw her as her magical prostitute her, not her magical girl her. Her people her harassed her no less than her her villains her with her Hana-like lewd gaze her.

[The broadcast topic is… Ugh… Black, uh… Hey, Yacam… In the future, I plan to conduct obscene acts with Villain… ]
[And the broadcasting should continue until the association agrees to negotiate with Villain… ]
[So everyone… Whoa… Turn off the broadcast now… Could you please forward this story to the association? Ahaha…]
[Hey, to all of you who are kind and naive, things that are hard to see will happen… ]

So, naturally, the viewers did not listen to Sera’s request her. Obscene act? Hard to see? It was something that the already corrupt viewers rather wished for. They praised her sex her to a weeping Sera, as she waited for the lewd moment to come.

[Whoop?! Ha, wow! What, what are you doing!]
[It’s punishment. Who told you to say that? Stay calm.]
[Yes? Ahhh… ? How… Ugh… Black, whoa… ]
[No, I didn’t mean to keep quiet like that. Don’t you know how to kiss?]
[Mo, I don’t know… I mean, it’s the first time!]
[Hoo? It won’t be the first time. Heck, wasn’t it your first kiss with my dick? Think of it as fella and accept my tongue]
[Then… The first kiss is sleeping, sleeping… Eh… Eeh?!]
[Don’t make a fuss.]
[Ooh! … Ha, ha… Chuup, Chuup… Ha ha… Chuu… Chun, Chuuu… ]

However, what followed was not Sera’s fellatio that they had hoped for. But kissing was also lewd enough for what they wanted. A magical girl who says with her own mouth, “Your first kiss is a cock,” Is there anything worse than this? Naturally, the chat window went wild with the story.

“Sera… Ah, even a kiss… Fucking Villain, you bastard… AA AA AA!”

And Siwoo’s mental state was also upset.

The unexpected kiss … Bright red blood flowed between Shiu’s tightly clenched fists her. But he didn’t feel the pain of digging his fingernails of her. The heartache caused by the broadcast was much bigger and more painful.

In the end, Siwoo, who could not stand it, lowered his head and ran away from the broadcast.

[Haa, chung, chuup, haa… Feel, ha… Are you good? How… Chew, Chu… ]
[Villain’s cock, ha… Have a drink… Chuu, Chuu…]

However, Siu had to raise his head again at the sound of the fellas that followed.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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