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Heroine Netori 193

Heroine Netori 193

Chapter 193 – Corrupting Magical Girl (16)

[Have you become a whore already?Haha]
[Crazy… Crazy… Crazy… ]
[It’s fucking delicioushahadid you put honey on it?]
[Wow… Is this the kid who cried because he was kissed a while ago? The eyes are different]
[Even if you can’t kiss, you can have a fella~ yuphaha]
[Fella Genius Rose is here~~~]
[See what I’m talking about… Fuck you like a dog!!]
[I got a daughter that I can use for the rest of my life… Wow…]

The chat window, which started to get laggy because of the uproar, was enthusiastic about Sera’s changed appearance of her. As much as that, the fellatio that Sera is showing now was shocking.

[Sleep, ha… It’s hard, so it’s good to suck, ha… Chew, Chu… Ha… Cool… ]
[Whoop, Chuup, Gulp, Haa… Sweet… Mmm, more, more, please. Haang… ]
[Does my tongue feel good? Hehe… Then quickly, ha… Sweet semen, please… ]
[Quickly put it in my mouth! Chureup, Chuuut!]

Even until the last broadcast, I had a strong feeling that I was forced to do it… Today was different. Sarah was crazy about fella like a woman mad at her cock her. She and she continued to spit out obscene words and demanded to ejaculate.

Thanks to that, Siwoo felt like going crazy.

“Sera… ? Why the hell… No… “

“Oh, did you force it? Is that so? Ah… Sarah…”

Sera, with the face of a woman who was not even a woman, was eager for her semen with all her heart her, as if she were a different person. That’s why Siu couldn’t understand Sera now.

…… But can it be

Siwoo decided to understand Sera. Imagining that she must be doing this for a reason, she understands Sarah sucking her cock of her, believing that this time she was being blackmailed, and believing that it was not her real intention of her. And again she expected to come back like the first time.

That was the best Shiu could do.

However, in the next broadcast

[Laughs] They’re kissing before they even say hello]
[You can see that his face her is burning uphahahe must be thinking about sucking cock]
[Is it inevitable? Shit lol Who deceived that]
[Looks like you don’t mind touching your chest now. Last time, his expression was serious, but]
[The goddaughter came out while fucking kissing!!!!!]
[Legend updatehaha]
[Sucking semen on her hands her is crazy… What happened is getting more lewd day by day, this guy]
[The real rapier is so pure and innocent? It’s embarrassing to compare her to Rose. Everyone, apologize to the rapier!]
[Are you just a top-notch genius? I instinctively know how to drive a man crazy]
[Fella’s mouthhaha]
[Aw fuckhahaIt really can’t be compared to the first dayhaha]
[Fuck the cock ‘Nim’hahaconcept crazyhaha]
[It’s not a concept, it’s sincere. Let’s see the crazy sucking sound]

Even in the next broadcast

[Now I’m hanging on to kiss you uh ;;]
[No, it’s been 10 minutes since I turned on the broadcast, but I still haven’t said hello lol]
[Crazy for a kiss….]
[Ah, I’m so sorry about the underpants. Are you all selling? Am I the only one fucking doing it When did you take that off?]
[Now, even if you’re being caressed, you’re still calm… See this for this taste]
[No, the eyes are completely in love, right? Isn’t that stock option syndrome?]
[You asshole, it must be Stockholmhaha]
[No, whathaha]
[LOL] It seems like he’s just imagining sucking cocks all day lol]
[Rapier would only imagine defeating a villain, but Pew ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ]
[Wow… What are you doing today?]
[Piggy-nim, cock-nim, the distance is really fucking ugly.]
[What is it nowhaha]
[Closing your eyes and savoring it is crazyhaha]
[Ah, the open-mouthed Rose is so damn hot, but I want to fuck her there like this… Fucking villain, are you the only one using it?]
[What did you say last time?]
[Thank you again today, Mr. Jajihaha]
[Crazy… ]

Serra’s fellatio level got worse as it got worse, but it didn’t get any weaker. And the feeling of being forced to kiss with the villain disappeared, and Sera began to communicate more actively with the villain.

Contrary to Siwoo’s wishes…


Siwoo, who was confused by repeated shocks, could no longer just watch. He mobilized all the personal connections he knew and went to the association and asked, “Why don’t you go to the rescue or why don’t you negotiate?”

But, of course, he was kicked out immediately and eventually had to return home without any results. Siu despaired at his helplessness at not being able to do anything.

[Ha… Chueup, Phuh… It’s tickling… Yes… Ha… Churup… ]
[Ugh… Chew, Chew… Whoops, have you grown up already? What did you expect?]
[Oooh! Ha, ah… I know. You just have to focus… Chew, Chu… ]

But unlike Siu, Sera seemed to be enjoying the broadcast. No, she was clearly enjoying it. Sera climbs onto the body of the villain sitting on the sofa, hugs him and focuses on her kiss her… I was enjoying this moment.

[Aren’t they just dating?Hahait took less than a weekhaha]
[Rose was such a mess… I’m a person in the industry, so I met Rose often, but if she knew it was this herbal, she should have tried it earlier.]
[? Right now haha ​​aren’t you touching the villain’s ear? Chew really lol]
[Compared to the real Saint Rose, Rapier is a fairy. She’d have a seizure right away if the rapier was in there? Even though it’s much purer, I feel so sorry for the rapier that is negative.]
[No, look at the way you shake your waist. Is your existence itself obscene? It’s an instinctive move. Under… Take off the fuck quickly, guys.]
[It’s an underpants, but I’m sure it’s touching it, but look at me not taking it offhaha… The wish itself is really… ]

If it wasn’t for that, it wouldn’t make sense to mix tongues with villains with that expression.
It also made no sense to caress the villain’s ear lobe with a soft finger.
It didn’t even make sense to shake your hips to feel the villain’s cock.

So Sarah… She was clearly enjoying her broadcast her with the villain. It’s only the third time since she started broadcasting in earnest. Siwoo felt like all of this was a lie.

[Everyone… Ha… Let’s start today’s fellatio. Wow… It’s already smelling dirty. Huhu. Could it be that just kissing made you go into heat? Villain-nim is a complete idiot.]
[Then let’s begin… Wow! Now, let’s go to sleep! Haang… Ahh Villain, don’t rub your nose against it… I mean, it feels weird… Ha… ]
[Just calmly receive Pelana. Haaam… Chun, Chuuu… Hehe… It’s delicious too… Everyone, is your cock really this delicious? Or is Villain’s dick special? Hmm… Chu-woop, Chu-woop… ]
[Chewup… Ha… Chew-up, chew-up… Puh… Gulp, ah, sweet… Little bit… ]

Sera, sitting on top of a man in a 69 position, Sera staring at her camera her and starting to suck her cock her, and Sera smiling at the flowing copper liquid, seemed like a lie. She had to be lying. She had to

[Wow?! Ha, ooh… Gulp, Puha…… I ate well… ]
[I think I’m addicted to the taste of semen… Huh…]
[Then everyone, let’s start cleaning now. Like this, ha… The remaining semen… Chew up]

But it wasn’t a lie.

Sera on the screen sucks every last drop of semen … Siwoo knew, his girlfriend his, Magical Girl Saint Rose, Han Se-ra was right. That was the plain truth.

In the end, Siwoo had to admit it. It means that Sarah has changed, that the pure look of her that he knew has disappeared, that she is now ambiguous to call her girlfriend her.

“That day I… Even if she didn’t ask to save Jin-hee… This kind of thing… Ha… “

Siwoo, who has finished regretting too late at the latest, and Sara, who is happy after finishing the cleaning fella… She tried to take her gaze away from him. Looking at her any more than this was like torture for her.

However, Siu, who found something in Sera that shouldn’t exist, hardened at that moment. It was such a shock that there was a small hole in the magical girl Saint Rose’s costume.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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