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Heroine Netori 194

Heroine Netori 194

Chapter 194 – Corrupting Magical Girl (17)

The humiliation of having to show ugliness, sleeping in front of everyone… The despair of having to suck the cock, the guilt toward the mother and Siwoo, who will be watching the show with a high probability, all of those things.. As soon as the broadcast started, it disappeared.

You’re rubbing your chest…

I hated the villain who started putting his hand on my chest without saying anything in advance. Do I have to show this shameful side from the start? I ended up shedding tears at the villain’s act of destroying her self-esteem of her.

Unpleasant… Disgusting…

I could feel the hot villain through her clothes her, and her fingers her were really disgusting. I couldn’t feel any emotion called affection, and my stomach was pounding at the lewd movements just to tease me. Is this caress… ? Upset…

I couldn’t understand Jinhee’s statement that whenever the villain touches him, he makes a sound without even realizing it. Does this feel good? It is clear that my body has become strange from repeated sex. They should be rescued quickly before it’s too late…

“Huh?! Ha, wow! What, what are you doing!”

Kiss… My first kiss…

Alas, I did it in the end. A kiss, a first kiss… I lost it. In front of Siwoo’s eyes, he was taken away by another man, and even by a villain. I gave permission to the villain for the first time on the subject of a magical girl.

In this way, both as a girlfriend and as a magical girl… Isn’t that a disqualification?

“Hauuuuu… Ugh… Black, whoa…”

Before I had time to be sad, the villain’s tongue started to trample my mouth. The soft yet hard tongue of the villain… After tickling my tongue, I started soiling his nooks and crannies with his own saliva.

This kiss…

In front of tens of thousands of people, this situation where you have to suck the saliva of the villain forcibly is really terrible…

I didn’t.

… Why?

It should be unpleasant, but you shouldn’t enjoy this forced kiss… The more I mixed my tongue with the villain, the more I felt a strangely pleasant feeling of dizziness. The more the inside of my mouth was coated with the villain’s saliva, the sweeter it tasted than dessert.

I-I’m not bad, am I? Is kissing really like this?

Right. I’m sure. Cock… If you think of Jin-hee, who screamed that kissing was good while getting stuck in a hole, it is clear that kissing is originally this pleasant. And sex… Kissing while kissing is even better than that……

That’s good…

“Ha… Chuup, Chuuu…”

Me too someday…

“Gulp, ha… Chu…”

Am I going to do something like that… ?

“Chew, Chu… “

Now, getting stuck in a cock… Kiss…

…… What! What the hell am I thinking?! I have come to my senses. Villain too! He must have brainwashing powers! Since we started kissing, things have been weird in my head. Be careful not to be captured!

Feeling the viciousness of the villain, I managed my facial expressions. I can’t show you more messed up than this! I am a magical girl who brings love and peace!

And the feeling of a kiss? It’s a physiological phenomenon anyway. I don’t like this evil villain one bit. Siwoo is what I love! It’s not a swinging bridge effect, so don’t mistake it for something like this! Kissing doesn’t feel so good because I like villains!

Plus, the first kiss is now, let’s sleep?

How can you say such horrible things. In hindsight… I’m not saying that’s wrong, but there are things I can say and things I can’t say! Now what will people think when they see me… The magical girl’s first kiss is now… Sleep… It’s the worst. There’s no way I’m attracted to a villain like that! No way!

Angry, I tried to rebel against the villain. My situation is like this… To be treated like this is to cross the line. He said he was going to use me as a bargaining chip with the association! I can’t stay still like this!

So, resist as much as possible…


I have to, I have to…


The moment I saw the villain’s cock, I stopped thinking about anything else.

Come to think of it, today’s goal was to satisfy the villain as much as possible so that Jinhee could rest only on the day of the broadcast. It was not the time to rebel.

For almost 24 hours from the end of the broadcast two days ago to yesterday… When I think of Jin-hee, who had to forcefully, forcefully have sex with the villain, when I think of how Jin-hee couldn’t find focus in her eyes after she returned from sexual processing, and in a weak voice, she kept saying, ‘Put it inside…’ ‘ When I think of Jinhee muttering…

I have to serve the cock in front of me. Only then can we help Jinhee. I, who is relatively normal, should be responsible for the villain’s sexual desire instead of Jinhee.

“Haa, chug, chueup, haa… Feel, ha… Are you good? How… Chew, Chu…”

“The Villain’s cock, ha ha… Have a drink… Chuu, Chuu…”

That’s my atonement for ruining Jinhee’s life.


The broadcast started again, and the caress and kiss with the villain started again… It was obviously a terrible repeat of time, but I can bear it. Huhu, I realized that my efforts were not in vain!

“Hauu, haha… Chuup, Chuup… Ha… A little more, ha… Huh, ha…”

“Ugh… I feel good, ha… Chuu-eup…. Puh…”

Do you know? So acting pretending to be obsessed with kissing is actually for Jinhee’s sake. Creating this kind of atmosphere from the foreplay stage was effective. If the villain is satisfied with me with this, Jinhee will be able to sleep without any problems today.

Of course, the kiss itself is very pleasant, and it’s true that I can forget my mother, Siwoo, and the fans during the kiss, so I feel comfortable… That’s secondary! The important thing is that I can help Jinhee.

“It’s reaching… Mr. Villain’s cock… Ha… Are you in pain?”

“Chew, ha ha… I’ll do it by hand… Chew, ha… So Villain, please kiss me a lot… Ha ha…”

“Ah, it’s hard and hot… Awesome… Whoa, Chuu…”

If not, would I say something like this? Is that airing too? There’s no way I could do that with Siwoo. So… This is ha… It’s just something I have no choice but to say for Jinhee. Men love to talk like this.

“Ah! Ah… You apologized… Such a waste… Chureup…”

“I’m sorry… I should have taken it orally… Ha ha, squeaky… Tasty…”

“Today is also very intense… It’s sweet. Villain’s semen… Ha… “

“More… Can you give it? Please stuff it in your mouth this time… Squeeze.”

And now, two days later, clinging to Villain and kissing him is really unavoidable. Villain likes to kiss like me… As I did on the first day, I forcefully stick my tongue in and lick Villain’s mouth here and there, and he strokes my hair as if it was good…

It feels so good to be praised by Villain… Go, no… Anyway, in this way, the harder I work, the more I can satisfy Villain. And that means you can make Jinhee freely.

Huhu, with this momentum, they might call me even on days when there are no broadcasts. If that happens, Jin-hee will suffer less, right? If it’s for Jinhee… I need to work harder.

“Chew woo-woop, jeew-up… Chuuut, fuh… Ha ha, chuuuuu…”

“While sucking Mr. Cock… Ha ha, squeaky… Do you like being touched here? Hehe, now I know everything… Chew, Chu… Like this, ha… Like this… “

“And like this… Ha, lick it from the bottom to the top… If you swallow it while covering the tip of the glans, haaum, uhm, uhm… Chew…”

“Um… Whoops, chumm… Ha… Am I doing well?”

“Haha if you feel good… Please stroke my hair… Haha, Villain…”

The broadcast… I don’t want to think I heard that the number of viewers exceeded 100,000, but… All my fans are righteous people. I’m sure you will understand me! If I’m sucking hard on your delicious cock, you’ll think there’s a reason for it! There’s a reason you actually need to wash!

“Ah… Hehe, how are you feeling? Happy… Ha, chuu, chuu…”

“Um? Ah yes. Please wrap it like this. Oh~”

“Um, uh, um.”

-Well well
-Yum Yum

“Fufu… ! Ha ha, delicious!”

“Everyone, can you see? I swallowed it clean!”

“Whoops… Jojook, thank you for today, Mr. Jaji!”

And Siwoo will forgive me for sucking Villain’s dick. It’s for Jinhee! I’m not doing this because I like it, so would you be angry with me? Surely nothing will happen!

He’s my boyfriend!

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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