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Heroine Netori 195

Heroine Netori 195

Chapter 195 – Corrupting Magical Girl (18)

The truth she learned from her first day of kidnapping St. Rose, that erogenous stimulation doesn’t work. She knew she would honestly struggle a bit because of this special ability she possessed. You can’t use sexual stimulation, which is the cheat key itself? This is completely hellish. Does this make sense

But fortunately, erogenous stimulation was invincible, and her power her was not divine.

Through the fact that there is less resistance to fellatio, and that she too finds her semen sweet… She found that her mouth was erogenous.

Well, that’s enough.

I devised a plan to corrupt her based on this information.

First of all, it was a fake to massage her breasts, and when she felt displeased and ashamed of her by this act, it was a surprise to kiss her. The fact that erogenous stimulation works is that you feel it through her kiss her.

The goal was to destroy Saint Rose’s spirit of her with these contradictory sensations: a kiss that, unlike the disgusting caress of the breast of her, gave her unimaginable pleasure.

By the way… Um, what should I say about this…

It doesn’t seem like a failure, but it doesn’t feel like a success either.

During the broadcast, as if it had already been taken over, they flirted with all the cuteness called aegyo to me? Like the real chat window says, it’s going to be a desirable bitch. But when the broadcast ends, he becomes completely cold and tries not to mix words with me.

If everything goes according to plan, you will become addicted to kissing me, so you will have to open up to me little by little… Maybe she still does n’t like me, but when the camera is off, even the slightest touch on her makes her face blush and she hates it.

Should I think of something else?

Even today, Saint Rose, who hugged me and shook her waist while feeling my cock, now that the broadcast is over, seeing that she avoids my gaze and shows dislike, as expected…


Oh, did the effect of the comment unit finally come out?

Seeing the small hole that had formed near her collarbone, I smiled like a villain.


“Rose. Come here.”

“…… Yes?! Uh… Yes yes…!”

“Hmm. Don’t you know yet?”

“Yes? Umm… Ah! Are you still lacking? That… I’m fine, so you can use whatever you like! It’s for Jin and Jinhee… Shall we start right then?”

Do you think they turned the broadcast back on? Instead of putting on her clothes her, I sang Saint Rose and she came running to me and knelt on her knees. Then she opened her mouth, took my sagging prick, and started sucking with a gurgling sound.

Really, I wish I was this obedient normally… I stroked her hair lightly, then pushed her to her back her. Then he climbed on Saint Rose’s body and looked down at her face.

“Eh? Isn’t this? Mmm?! Uh… What are you doing… Wow!”

“It tickles… Eh?! Wait wait wait! Wait… !”

Then I put my finger in the hole in her clothes her and watched her reaction her.

“Then… Nonsense…”

“Can you feel it? My finger. There’s a hole here. There was a hole in the clothes you were bragging about.”

“Lie… Why? Is that a lie? How could this happen…”

Yes, this expression. Saint Rose was greatly perplexed, and she was at a loss. He seemed to have figured out what the holes in his clothes her meant. She could not have imagined that she would be betrayed by her fans of her. To be stupidly naive. As I scraped her collarbone through the hole, St. Rose let out a moan and denied reality.

“Oops! Ha, don’t… No… It is a lie… Please tell me it’s a lie… Aang! Villain…”


After all, does sexual stimulation work in exposed places? Excited at the expected reaction, I started tearing her clothes with all my strength.

Having a hole means that her love stone her has weakened, at least to an A grade. And that meant that the area her Love Stone her protected her from was also getting smaller.

So it was clear that if I ripped her clothes as much as I could in this way, I would be able to increase the exposure to some degree, if not completely.

Well, as long as the love stone is weakened, it will wear off someday even if I leave it alone… Fans will like it if we show results as soon as possible. And that way her people will criticize her even harder.

Perhaps after the next broadcast, the weakening of the Love Stone in St. Rose will accelerate even more.

“I hate it! I do not like it! Stop… Whoa, whoa! Do not! Aaaaa!”

By the way… Did you just notice that it wasn’t broadcasting? St. Rose’s resistance was fierce. If she wasn’t weakened to Class A, she would be hard to stop. Apparently, her mentality was greatly damaged after realizing that her Love Stone had weakened her.

But I expected this much enough. I grabbed her forcibly and then kissed her on her lips.

“Ha… Whoops! Ha, ah… Don’t do it, Chuuuuup… I can’t… Haha… Churup…”

“Why… Oops, ha, chuup. Gulp, ha… Something happened… Churup, ha…”

“No… Chew, ha… I can’t… Chew, Chew, Villain… Haaaaagh…”

This is the power of sexual stimulation. You may hate it with your head, but your body doesn’t. St. Rose, who started kissing her, stopped her futile resistance and concentrated on intertwining her tongue with mine. And I took this gap and caught her wearing her underpants on her.

I mean, this was a complaint. It would be nice if I could peel it off this time…

“There! Aang, Villain… I do not like it… Do not do that… Chew, Chu…”

“Ooh? Can’t you just stop? … Chuu, haha… I will serve harder… Jjook, side… Even on days off, I will satisfy Villain instead of Jinhee…”

“Ha ha… Chew, ha… So there…”

-Chiiyiik, jiik

“Kyaaaaah?! Too bad… Yiing… “

Oh, that works. I was able to safely take off my underpants. Yes, Hee-eun, who is also in the same S-class, exposes her panties her, but if she fell to A-class, she should do this. Satisfied with her, I went over to her and caressed her weeping face.

“Ha… It’s really too much… Ugh, black… Finally, in this form… If that’s the case, it’s true that the Love Stone has weakened… I wanted to believe it wasn’t.. .Ah…”

“Now stop admitting it. Magical Girl Saint Rose has been abandoned by her fans of her.”

“No…! There must have been some misunderstanding… ! It’s true that I only showed a disappointed side, but… My fans can’t hate me! You can’t have abandoned me! If the circumstances are revealed to the fans on the next broadcast…”

“Do you still believe in the fans? Your fans criticizing you?”

“Believe! Now, this is just a problem caused by a small misunderstanding. Everyone will understand me! Because they are all good and just people… !”

“Keukkeuk… You are really cute and naive. I wonder if I can say that even after seeing this.”

“… Yes?”

I showed St. Rose, who gnawed at her words of mine, several communities themed around her. And, of course, her community was littered with her posts insulting her.

[I want to fuck Rose’s bitch. Fuck bitch, I hope it gets captured sooner]
[Day 6 of Rose Naked Prayer]
[I’m just a fucking lewd bitch since I was born.
[Innocence is shit lol The wiki is still the same. It’s obscene itselfhahaAren’t you going to fix this?]
[Isn’t it a shame that your friend is being threatened? Hey, he’s an imaginary friend]
[Maybe you want to be fucking eaten too? Haha Maybe he’s waiting for us to curse at him. 100 percent
[The real you should reflect on your rapier. Reflect on those who always compare themselves to Saint Rose and use rapiers! What a pure magical girl Rapier is!]
[From the moment I saw the villain’s cock, I felt like I became a female right away. It’s so fucking different from the expression he usually shows us lol [Fucking bitch]

“…… What is this… ? Ha, is it synthetic? Villain…Is it synthetic? Nonsense… Ah… “

“These are your fans. Ah, should I say they were fans?”

“Why, why… Why… You don’t believe me… I said I didn’t want to do it… Why… “

Is it a big shock? Saint Rose repeated the word why, unable to take her eyes off her notebook her. It’s true that I became sincere about kissing and falling under the influence of erogenous stimulation… In any case, it is true that he had to broadcast because he was threatened, so he seemed to think that the fans would believe him.

However, the public opinion of the fans had already changed thanks to the power of the comment unit…

Saint Rose finally bowed his head and began to sob loudly.

I feel sorry for this…
I need to quickly go through netori and make St. Rose happy.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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