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Heroine Netori 196

Heroine Netori 196

Chapter 196 – Corrupting Magical Girl (19)

Was I wrong? Was I not a good kid?

As her mother said, for justice, she worked hard… Just as the fans hoped, I thought of people’s safety and lives before myself… Was it wrong?

I… Was he a bad kid?

I don’t know… I don’t know, Siwoo… What should I do? If I don’t become a magical girl like this… What do I really do? I was really happy when I became a magical girl like my mother… I was really happy to meet you and have the same dream… If all of that turns out to be a lie, what do I do now?

I’m anxious… Even at this moment, I can feel the love stone weakening little by little… The people who supported me… I feel they are blaming and insulting me…

Was I not worthy of being a magical girl?

Siwoo… Let me know…


“The schedule has changed. Instead of taking a break today, I’m going to broadcast. Come out when you’re ready.”

Unbelievable… Should I show you this? It’s still complicated in my head about yesterday…

Uuuuu, I felt resentful of the villain who took away even the rest of the day. Do you want to reveal my appearance now? Seeing myself abandoned by people… Do you want to make fun of me?

No… Hate! I hate that!

– Warak

“Sera, don’t worry.”

“… Are you Jinhee?”

As I struggled and couldn’t stand the terrible future I could just imagine, Jin-hee, who was watching me with sad eyes, hugged me full. It’s Jinhee… I’m sorry, I have to protect you… Rather, I am comforted…

“Don’t worry. It must be a misunderstanding. People can’t betray you. You are Saint Rose. It shouldn’t break down because of this. You have to show your magical girl side to those who still believe in you! “

“… Is that so?”

Really? Am I not a bad kid? Are many people still loving me? Me… Are you really okay?

“Yes! If you were really abandoned, it wouldn’t have ended like this. I know this well!”

“… Ji, Jinhee… Whoa, whoa…”

“Do not cry. A magical girl shouldn’t show her her sad face. Go and clear up all the misunderstandings. There are definitely more people who will listen to you. Got it?”

“… Yes! Okay!”

I see… That’s right, you’re a magical girl…! Don’t crumble over something you’re not sure about yet! Siwoo also said that you should always show a smile, so that people see you and have hope!

That’s right, that’s right! Thank you Jinhee!

I will definitely convince you and come back. If I speak sincerely, people will understand my situation! And you will cheer me on again! Because everyone is righteous!

Thanks to Jinhee, I changed my mind and now have a hopeful heart.

Hahafuck you bitchhaha]
[Later since the clothes are starting to come off now?]
[Just be honest, tell me you like cocks.
[Now, don’t be emotional and suck your dickhahaI’m just messing around with the subject]
[Is there anyone who exposes his breastbone and squeezes it?]
[Isn’t this rather an operation? I feel like I want to get rid of it quickly after being insulted like this [ㅇㅇ]
[Rose-sama, if someone who sucked a dick until yesterday said something like that, I’d believe it. Do we look sick? You pretended to be innocent, but your brain seems to be really pure.]

…… What?


“No! Really! I couldn’t help it because I was threatened… If I don’t try, my friend will be mistreated! Trust me!”

[Ah, so I don’t want to lose my cock to your friend, right?]
[Do you have friends in the first place?]
[ㅇㅇ You went missing together with Aqua Marine. The two seem to be friends]
[No fuck lol You’re doing this without resisting just to protect her? Fucking dog lol I’m just doing this because I want to give it to the villain. What lol]
[That’s why everyone is serious. It’s just a cock crazy bitch ㅇㅇ]

“What are you talking about, that! That’s all! Not so! And how can I just watch my friend die…”

[The number of citizens who die because you couldn’t save him while trying to protect that friend must already be in the triple digits]
[He just wants to enjoy the current situation. You saw it yesterday I was shaking my back alone. It’s such a year.]
[Ah, what a long talk. Change your clothes or show them properly.]
[Yes, please do a close-up of the sternum. Just looking at it, it’s natural, but it looks fucking delicious.]

“Why… Ugh, why don’t you believe me… Why…! Whoa… Aww!”

Jinhee, you’re wrong… No one listens to me… I only spoke the truth… I was really telling the truth… Everyone says I’m a liar… Why?

Siwoo, help me… Please convince them… I’m not enough on my own… I’ve already been branded as a bad child by those people…

[Who would believe the bitch who abandoned the association?]
[Even if you believe in me, nothing will change]
[It’s just that it’s fast. Said the 10th.]

“… Yes?! Uh, what does that mean… Hey, the association abandoned it!”

[Ah, you don’t know because you’re locked up?HahaI feel sorry for the doghaha]
[I don’t think this is acting?Hahayou were expelled from the associationhaha]
[They say a lewd woman like you can’t be recognized as a magical girl haha]
[A magical girl who walks away from you is a disgrace to the nation]

“Lie! It’s a lie! There is no way the Association will abandon me!”

[Wahji asked me to trust him, but he didn’t believe me. Fuck]
[The daughter-in-law’s classhaha]
[It’s true, you sick bastard? Lol]
[Because of that, I don’t feel like being abandonedhaha]

“No, no… Something is wrong… Must be a lie… Ah, ah!”

Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense

The association… My mother abandoned me… ?
It is a lie… It is a lie!!!

It can’t be…. Mama me?

Because I’m a bad kid?
Because I’m a bad kid

Really I deserve…

“Okay, here we go. I was trying not to communicate with you because of this. Okay? What’s your situation now? To be honest, you’re just a tease because you’re not even a bargaining chip.”

“… Whoa, whoa… No… Sorry… Wrong, Mom… Aaaaang. Please don’t throw it away… Please don’t throw it away… I’ll be a good kid… Whoops.”

In the end, as my mother said, I… Without her mother’s help her, she’s a useless child. That’s why I was abandoned by my fans, and in the end, I was also abandoned by my mother. And now I’m going to be abandoned by Villain…

It was thanks to her mother that she was able to come this far in the first place … You will be punished, punished for getting an unqualified position … You get it …

“Huh! I hate… Just look at it once… Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

In the end, I couldn’t even change people’s thoughts, and I came to know the miserable reality… I couldn’t stand it and burst into tears. Siwoo said that a magical girl should always show a smile… I collapsed from the unbearable sadness.

But… I mean, I tried… From the day Siu received great power, she really did her best to become a righteous magical girl… But did she have to be abandoned like this? Really… ?

Please… Hey, don’t throw me away…
Ugh, I don’t want to be abandoned…


“… Huh?”

“But who abandoned you? Honestly, I quite like you.”

“… Hehe, what about you? What… I mean… Sniff…”

“I said I had no intention of abandoning you.”

Being abandoned… No? Me… It’s okay to stay like this… ? When I was in despair and shed tears, Villain held me in his arms and whispered to me in a small voice.

“And you are not a bad kid. That’s a good kid You sacrificed yourself for a friend. Is there a magical girl in this world who is purer and kinder than you? Guess I’m not there.”

“That’s a lie… Why… That’s what you’re saying to me… Villain is… It’s a villain. But why…”

“This broadcast is meaningful because you are such a good kid. A bad villain who harasses a good magical girl, that’s what’s important. By the way, do you drive me to be a bad kid? These bastards are messing around.”

“… What, what do you mean…”

“It’s done. Keep in mind this one thing. Do you think that all the people you protected and tried to protect are just like you? Not at all. Even now, look at this chat window. They’re trying to play with you somehow by putting you down. These bastards are really bad people. You are not bad.”

“The bad thing… Those people? Then I… I… “

“I told you. Are you a good kid The actions those bastards say are all for a reason. It’s not like you want to do it.”

Such, such… Is it like that? Really… ?

Am I not bad?

I… Are you still a good kid?

Ahhh… !!

“Ahhhhh… Villain!”

As if to comfort me when I am sad… Like praising someone for being nice… I was relieved by the hand of Villain stroking my hair.

I see i’m not bad To feel happiness from kissing Villain, to feel worthwhile to serve Villain… Since you had no choice but to do it, everything was a good deed!

I… You were a good kid!

What’s wrong… It wasn’t me, it was them!

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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