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Heroine Netori 197

Heroine Netori 197

Chapter 197 – Corrupt a Magical Girl (20)

“Thanks… Thank you, Villain… Ha, uh, ha… Kiss, uh… Well, even if you kiss Villain like this… Are you a good kid?”

“Because that’s right. You are a good boy.”

“Happy… Whoa, whoa… Ha, chuu, ha… Villain… Ha…”

The kiss with the villain that I had today… I was really happy to welcome Villain’s tongue. I rubbed my saliva-soaked tongue and exchanged saliva with Villain. Great… This is good Kissing the villain… I love it. All of a sudden, the gloomy feeling went away.

“Are you calmed down now?”

“How…Yes… “

“Then, shall we start today’s broadcast in earnest now?”

Broadcast… What? As long as I am abandoned by my mother, there will be no more negotiations as Villan said… Does the broadcast from now have any meaning? When I looked at Villain with a question, Villain didn’t take it seriously.

“Negotiations went awry, but you said it. It’s important for a good magical girl to be harassed by a bad villain. Villains are people who do bad things. In fact, just broadcasting is enough to do my job.”

“… Oh, I see… Then what can I do today?”

“Let’s show it first. The changed look of you. The image of you changed after being criticized by the bad guys.”

“Wow… Ha… Oh okay… Ooh.”

The love stone has weakened, and my clothes with increased flesh color… Looking at it objectively, it wasn’t such an embarrassing outfit. There are definitely not a few magical girls who expose their breasts and expose their panties.

However… It wasn’t that I wasn’t ashamed of who I am now. The feeling of emptiness in my thighs and the cold air on my collarbone was so awkward that it gave me goosebumps.

Still… If Villain tells you to, you’ll have to follow…

Because that’s a good deed.

“Can I stand in front of the camera like this?”

“Yes. Then lift up your skirt and show me your panties.”

“……… Eh?! Ehh?!”

Then… Such a shame… You mean direct exposure? As expected, Villain is Villain… I was surprised to be able to do really bad things casually.

“Ugh… I can’t, that’s… Hee…”

“Did you forget you were being threatened?”

“But… Hey, Villain Niim…”

Even considering the threats… Being ashamed is embarrassing. Showing my panties to mean people who insult me ​​and Siwoo who still believes in me… Really bad… These are panties I’ve never shown to anyone other than Villain… Hee hee…

I was really embarrassed, but I couldn’t help it, so I followed the order… She lifted her skirt and revealed her pure white panties. Ugh… I’m embarrassed. Then, all of a sudden, shame came up and my face turned red.

“Kyaaah! After? Eh… Eh eh? This… “

“Shh. Stay still. Oh no. Don’t stay still. Give strength to your thighs as they are. Do you see what I mean?”

“Eh… Whoa, haa, haaaaang… I don’t know… Ha… Now, the cock is on my thigh…”

By the way… What the hell is this… ? Down her panties and between her thighs Her, something hot and hard … That’s why Villain’s cock … Came in Zazie is here!

I fell into a panic at the first bizarre thing I’ve ever experienced.

“Yes! Ha ha… Villain? Explain, ha… Please…”

“It’s called Smata. It’s a kind of quasi-sex. From now on, you are forced to do this to me. Okay? Because of the threat, I can’t help it.”

“Uh, similar sex… ?! Heehee…”

Now, did you say sex…?! It’s crazy… On days when there are no broadcasts, are you trying to do the act of turning Jinhee into a female, no, a similar act with me right now? What should we do… Siwoo, what should I do… I’m sure you’ll feel great… It’ll feel so much better than kissing… !

Instead of recovering from the panic, I was even more confused, and my body stiffened and I unknowingly gave strength to my thighs. Then, Villan-nim praised me and pushed me on the waist.

“That’s it. That’s how you tighten your cock. Are you good at it too?”

“Ha-ha, ha-ha… Really? Ah, hang, da, I’m glad… Ha, ha, ha!”

This… Smata? My body, which had been cold, heated up at the hot temperature of Mr. Cock that I felt between my thighs. Then, a moan flowed from my lips at the strength of cock’s tight feel under the thin panties.

Will I become like a female with this?

I was so afraid of the future because I felt the pleasure of the penis for the first time in my life.

The genitals of a man and a woman rub against each other through a thin cloth called panties… How can you feel so good… What if there were no panties? And if it’s sex, not smarta… ?

“Ha ha! Ugh, ugh! Aang!”

-Pang Pang Pang

“This, ha, good! Yes! Haaaaang!”

-Fang Fang Fang

Such a fool… It wasn’t the time when I was thinking about something else. Wow, haang… Now I have to deal with this pleasure somehow. If you don’t, you might become an idiot. I already feel so good… I can’t think of anything other than Mr. Jaji…

“Ah! So, ha, good!”


“Aang! Whew, ha… I like smata… Oh!”

-Pang Pang Pang

This obscene sound of my butt colliding with Villain’s thighs… This lewd smell emanating from Mr. Cock… And this tremendous pleasure that I feel from my forcibly created hole… Haha, I think I’m going crazy like this…

-Fang Fang

I’m getting weird because of Villain… !


… But what?

Just before a strange sensation filled my head, Villain stopped Smata. No way… Is this part of the joke? When I was suffering from unknown embarrassment, Villan turned around and hugged me.

Then he kissed me again.

“… Villain? Haa, chuup, haa… Aang, this, like this?”

“Okay, ha, uh… Like this, can I do it? Ha… Hehe, kiss.. Ha…”

“Is Villain a kissing idiot? Ha, chu-up, chu… Jjook…”

It must have been that his mouth was empty, so he must have wanted to kiss me while playing Smata. This time, as we looked at each other and tightened my thighs, Villain-nim hugged me tighter, saying that I was doing well.

And in return, I also shook my waist in line with the villain’s movements in his.

“Chu, ha… Uh huh… Passed by, ha… I feel good.”

“Ugh, Villain-nim, are you feeling good too? Hehe… Uh huh… Chur, Chur… Yep!”

“Ha, oh, again… Something is coming… Ha ha, ah! This time… Ha, ah…”

Then, a much more exhilarating pleasure than before paralyzed my brain,


I just experienced the first peak of my life.

“Ha, ha, ha… Villain… I loved it… How…”

I guess this is gone… Good mood… Did Jinhee feel this every time? It’s embarrassing, but I’ve become a little jealous. Going to sex couldn’t feel much better than this…

…… By the way, will it be okay? I did this because I was threatened, not because I wanted to. You were forced to do it to save your friend. So, this is also a good deed, right? I ended up leaving as Villain’s cock… I’m still a good kid, right?

That’s right, Siu. Are you watching

Me… Were you like a magical girl today?

Hehe, if it were you, you would surely answer yes, right?


“This isn’t a crazy bitch.”

“Is this the woman Siwoo chose instead of me? What the… It’s not even funny anymore.”

Jinhee couldn’t stand it while looking at Sera on the screen, so she cursed at her. That’s why Sera’s appearance in her in today’s broadcast was beyond imagination.

She fought with the viewer, got frustrated, clung to the villain, did something called Suma, then went away, then started fella saying that she was sorry she left alone again…

Really, it was a series of actions that were far from magical girls.

“Tsk, isn’t that what I’m talking about…”

But she soon stopped blaming her. In a situation where she lost everything, she was able to sympathize with Sarah’s feelings of clinging to the villain more than anyone else.

She was in the same situation as Sarah…

“Heh, but I’m not that stupid.”

But… Even so, she didn’t understand everything about Sera.

Do you believe in this? Are you an idiot? A magical girl listening to the villain? If it were her, she would have been unconditionally suspicious, and Sera was so easily taken over by the villain’s tricks.

“Sick…… It’s good to suck.”

The fact that her fans abandoned her Sera, and that the association also abandoned her Sera, were all lies invented by the villain … Sera, who never imagined that all the people in the chat window were Villain’s subordinates, was Fooled by the Villain.

Maybe she won’t know for the rest of her life? By the time Sera realizes her truth her, Jinhee, thinking that today’s lies will become the truth, blows away her cold, rotten smile as she sees Sera swallowing her semen her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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