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Heroine Netori 198

Heroine Netori 198

Chapter 198 – Corrupting Magical Girl (21)

The broadcast suddenly turned on, Saint Rose’s clothes finally came off, the breastbone and panties exposed, and the climax… All of this drove people who watched the broadcast crazy, and thanks to that, all the communities were on fire since yesterday.

[Succeeded in peeling it offhahaIt’s really nice]
[Moaning crazy when Rose left]
[Now go naked]
[Fuck year… I still believed… ]
[It’s true that you were threatened, but then your heart seems to have been trained ㅇㅇ]
[But can I do that with Sumata? Even wearing panties, I feel damn good]
[If St. Rose is a goat, let’s gohaha]
[I just wish I could get eaten quickly, damn… ]
[Rose = whore factos 👍 👀]

The magical girl has gone to the villain’s cock, but there’s no way people can stay still. Naturally, her community was full of her critics and harassers, and St. Rose was branded her whore by them, and she had to endure terrible insults all day long.

However, strangely… There were very few people who talked about the chat restrictions that started yesterday and the lies that came out of the chat window. Even though it was clear to anyone that it was the villain’s tactic to deceive St. Rose, people did not pay much attention to it.

Was it just a matter of criticism?
Or is she good at villain tricks, did she just want to see her fall her?
Or is there a force that manipulates public opinion in the community?

Siu couldn’t get an answer

People ignored the question and were intent on putting St. Rose down.


If you’re a fan, don’t you have to trust me until the end? I wonder if it’s at times like this that we need to support each other. How can we all turn our backs on each other? Why are you making it even harder? !

Siwoo, who was reading the community today, exploded with anger. She couldn’t possibly forgive the fans who didn’t stop criticizing her after seeing the villain’s dirty tricks.

“Because of you, Sarah… These puppies… “

It was clear that Sera was little by little bitten by the villain because she was tricked by the villain like yesterday and her mental health her was weakening. But the guys called fans are messing with Sera’s mentality to see her naked body her… She was intolerable for Siu.

“Is this what the fucking fans do!”

However, nothing changed when Siwoo got angry alone…
Her accusations against Sarah grew stronger with each passing day.

[Hello everybody! Love and Peace, Yay!]
[Saint Rose, the Magical Girl Who Brings Love and Peace, Appears. Completed!]
[Hehe… Do you see ugh… This is very embarrassing.]

And as a result, when the next broadcast started,
Sara was showing both her large breasts of her own.


Seeing Sera’s mature breasts that did n’t match her innocent face of her, and the perfect shape of her breasts of her, Siu became excited. Sera’s white and clean flesh and pink nipples were too much of a stimulus for Siu, her virgin her, to endure.

However, excitement soon turned to anger at the terrible sight that followed, and Siwoo had to stare at his girlfriend his, who was delighted to be touched by another man.

[Voila… It’s my chest Isn’t it strange?]
[Eh, is it pretty? Villain is really… ]
[Ah! Wait, I’m still saying hello… ]
[Yes? Are there only bad people in the chat window anyway?]
[Ha… Yes, that’s right… I became like this because of them, but they are rather cursing me. It’s really too much… Yes! Haang… Villain… Ha… ]
[I can’t help but be touched… Hehe… ]

“Sera… Ah… “

Sera’s chest changes its shape according to the villain’s touch
Sera’s nipples hardened when touched
Sarah’s lips her groan and smile

Siwoo, who had to watch all of these things, really felt like going crazy.

But unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of Siwoo’s torment.

[This is right, right? First, after smoothing the cock with spit… ]
[With the chest, ha… Wrapped around the cock… ]
[Holding her breasts with both of her hands, up and down…Haha… ]
[Are you in a good mood? Uh huh… Strange… I am serving… ]
[Why does it make me feel good too… Haaang, uh… Mr. Jay… Ha… ]
[Yeah, good… Ahh! Serving under duress… Ha, so good!]


Sarah started paisley,
Siu screamed.


Fellatio, Sumata, and Paisley… As Sera’s exposure increased, the level of the two people’s actions also increased, and now, a month after the broadcast began, Sera’s broadcast her boasted a level comparable to that of porn.

[Haaang! Oops, ha… Go away again! Haaaaang!]
[Haha… Villain, you too haha… Are you satisfied?]
[Whoops, my whole body is filled with Villain’s semen. Ah… Nasty smell… ]
[Glitter… How… I feel like a semen fondue, hehe… Good mood… ]

No, if you look at Sera, who is wearing only her see-through panties her, riding on the body of the villain and shaking her waist … It could be seen as a level that is worse than that of pornography.

So, no one thought of her as her magical girl her anymore, and her her people her began to enjoy her her broadcasts her as one lewd entertainment shown by her her one lascivious woman.

However, even in this situation… Siwoo did not give up on Sera. Even in this frustrating situation where her fan club was disbanded and everyone wanted her to fall completely, Siwoo couldn’t give up on her until the end.

[Ha… Yeah? Wait a minute, what do you mean? If you’re going to do this, just have sex! Aren’t viewers really too much? I’m forced to do it… !]
[Hmph, even if you say so! I will never have sex with Villain.]
[These panties… It’s so thin… Ha, but it will never come off!]
[Unlike you, there are people who still believe in me and support me!]

Even in a situation where her body and mind her are shaken by the villain’s assistant … There was no way that her boyfriend her, Siwoo, would give up on Sera, who believed in her until the end of her life her.

Sera did not doubt Siu’s faith in her, and Siu lived up to that trust. Thanks to that, Sarah’s panties, which should have come off sooner, were still there.

So unless Siu changes his mind, Sera will never lose her virginity by going naked.

Yes, she will never lose ‘her innocence her’…

By the way…
Really sad

It’s been a long time since I’ve already lost ‘innocence’.

[Yes? Still, don’t you want to work with Villain?]
[Uhm, uhm… Ahaha, I don’t know! I will not comment!]
[You’re sure it would be nice to do it with Villain?]
[Yes? Isn’t that natural?]
[Eh… It’s okay, so I want you to see it properly?]
[It’s panties! It’s showing through everywhere, but I’m not naked yet!]
[Really… Aren’t you tired of sexual harassment every day? Please, huh?!]
[Wait, haaang… Villain… Ugh, we’re communicating… Ha… ]
[If you touch her pussy like that… Hey, I can’t do anything else… Heeing.]
[Ahh… I left a little while ago… Hehe, I’m leaving again… Ha ha!]
[Ha… You want to kiss me? Really… Threatening again… Chew-up, Chu-woo… There’s nothing we can do. Chew… ]
[Jjoook… I’m doing it because I’m a good kid. Haa, Chuuut, Churuup… ]
[Yes? Jaji-sama, why are you touching me? Ahaha… Seo, service?]
[Haaa… Stay still. I’ll make you feel good both up and down.]

Sera acting aegyo to Villain so naturally
Sera, who surrenders herself to the villain so naturally
Serra mixes her tongue with Villain so naturally
Sera, who serves the villain so naturally

Sera acting like a villain’s woman so naturally…

Whether it was really Stockholm Syndrome, or whether she had a crush on her body her repeatedly, Sera repeated the lewd act with the villain without hesitation. Even though she knew it wasn’t right for her, she didn’t stop using the threat as an excuse. No, she rather actively continued the act.

Even though Siura has a boyfriend, even though she knows that he is watching her broadcast her.

“A little bit… Please bear with me a little longer…”

But even so, Siwoo
She didn’t break down

Siwoo will support Sera until the end
Believed in

Since the emotions Sera is feeling right now must be false emotions created by the villain, her true self her is never that vulgar, so Sera’s real self her is … Because just holding her hand her is such an innocent look that makes her bow her head in shame… That’s why she still believes in herself….

Siu was able to hold on.

“It’s really soon… Sarah…”

And it wasn’t that there was no chance of her coming back. Siwoo believed the words of the president of the association who declared that he would surely save St. Rose no matter what. It was clear that Sarah would be rescued unconditionally.

Therefore, Siu had to endure.

Because the only thing that can bring her back to life after she was abandoned by all of her is herself, who believed in her until the end of her life her…

Seeu couldn’t break down.

-Ding Dong
[This is a courier service.]

After making that promise once again, when Siwoo turned off the broadcast, a courier came to his house at this late hour.

“… What? Didn’t you deliver anything?”

Feeling something strange, Siwoo went outside the front door to find a USB stick on the floor.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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