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Heroine Netori 199

Heroine Netori 199

Chapter 199 – Corrupting Magical Girls (22)

[You did a good job today… No, what is that expression? Are you not satisfied? Can you touch me more?]
[Eh… Oh no… It’s not… I was embarrassed to say anything during the broadcast… We didn’t kiss today… ?]
[Yes? Did you want to?]
[Yes… Hehe. That is… We’re dating now. But do you know that we haven’t been together since we started dating? That’s why I’m a little sad… Wow? Ha, ugh… Haha, Villain… ]
[Sorry. I wanted to see you choke.]
[Eh?! Really… Villain is a villain. Ha, Chuuu… Ugh… I love you… ]

“…… This is what… What… “

Siwoo, unable to overcome her curiosity and checking the unidentified USB, found her mind confused by the shocking video contained in it.

‘We’re dating’, ‘I love you’…
What the heck is this horrible sound?

In the video, Sera spit out strange words that she couldn’t understand,
Siwoo, who watched the video, was distressed and denied Sera’s remarks about her.

She and the person she is dating are Siwoo, and she is also the person who needs to hear her say that she loves her. Sarah was clearly telling the wrong story.

[Ha… Kiss, I wanted to continue… With Villain, ha… I wanted to.]
[Do you like kisses that much?]
[Yes… Like. I really like kissing Villain… I fell in love with Villain. Hehe. How about me, Villain… ? Do you love me Yiying, don’t touch my chest and answer me… ]
[I’m touching you like this because I love you. I hope you feel good.]
[Really?Hehe, I’m glad… Then touch me more. Villain’s traces are everywhere on my body… Ha, please leave… !]

However, as the conversation between the two continues,
It didn’t seem like a bad story.

Seeing Sera hugged by the villain, kissing him and whispering her love to him,
It didn’t seem like a bad story.

“Ooh, ooh… Ugh…”

Siwoo felt nauseous for some reason.

[Can’t do it everywhere?]
[Ah! Panties… ! Ooh, sorry… I want to give my virgin to Villain quickly… I didn’t know you would be so persistent.]
[It’s not because you keep giving me space. Saying, ‘These panties will never come off’.]
[Not really… That’s actually what I said back and forth. Whether you believe me or not, I’m obsessed with Villain… Well, something like this. But it doesn’t work well. Hee… ]
[Okay? Hmm… Then tell me honestly.]
[Think of sending a video letter to your ex-boyfriend, shake it off in front of the camera over there. I’m curious. Sarah, your heart. If you do well, I will sleep with you today.]
[Eh….?! Really? Really? … Oh okay! I’ll try!]

But the ‘real’ was from now on.


[Hmm, hmm!]
[Siwoo, are you watching? Me… Sarah.]
[Hey… I have something I want to say to you, so I filmed a video letter like this.]
[Actually I… Whoa! I can’t… ]

[Yes? No, not at all! It’s not that I feel sorry for Shiu… I’m at a loss as to what to say. … Ah! It should be like this. Would you like to come and see me?]
[Yes! Ruler… You can take off your pants from the side like this. Yes, with the cock out. Got it? Then I’ll start over.]

[Hmm, hmm!]
[Siwoo, are you watching? Haum, ha… Chuup, Chuup… Ha… ]
[Sera, who fell in love with Villain’s cock. Jjook.]
[I was hugged by Villain again today… Haha, I thought of something I wanted to say to you, so I filmed a video letter like this, Chu-up, Chu-up… Ha… ]
[Chew, ha… Tasty… Ehh, chug, chueup, chu… Gulp, fugh… ]
[You know, I… I want to be fucked by this dick… Chuuut.]
[My girl… I want to dedicate it to Villain… Haang… ]
[That’s why… Can’t you just let me go now?]
[Me… I don’t think it would be possible without Villain and Jaji.]
[Give up on me now… Haang… Can you see my panties… You get wet just by sucking your cock, so you can see the whole pussy.]
[Isn’t this pussy pitiful? Huh? Please… ]
[Help me so that I can become Villain’s woman even with my body.]
[I don’t mind if the love stone is destroyed… Ha, let me become one with Villain.]
[Siwoo, if it were you, would you listen to me? Hehe… ]
[And… If it’s Siwoo, you’ll definitely be able to meet a better woman than me!]
[So, let’s break up for each other’s sake! Yes?]

[Come on, jjook, that’s it. How about it? Are you okay?]
[Ugh? Villain wants to eat me too?]
[Ooh… Villain-nim and me, it’s hard because of one person who doesn’t notice… ]


“Ugh, ugh, ugh….!”

“Ha… Ha…”

“Hey, heh… Sarah…”


Didn’t you trust me? You said that just today… They said they were forced to do it, and that they wouldn’t have sex as long as I was here… But was it all a lie? Did you actually say it backwards?

Wanting to give the villain her virginity?



Siwoo, paralyzed by the intense anger, threw everything in sight and screamed. It was a stupid act, but if he didn’t let go of his anger like this, Siwoo might lose his mind.

To be notified of a breakup like this, what could be worse?

Sera must have been unaware that she was filming, but because of that, Siwoo, who was able to know her inner thoughts of her, couldn’t help but be frustrated. Sera, who said let’s break up while sucking the villain’s cock, was more sincere than anyone else.

“Shit… Ugh, ugh…!”



But struggling like this didn’t change anything.

Siu’s trust her was betrayed, and even her heart her belonged to the villain, so it’s okay for her to stop being a magical girl… It was really time to let go of her, as Sera said. After all, there’s no way she’ll change her mind her.

“Sera… Ha, are you still a magical girl?”

“Ah… Yes, so you asked me to give up.”

“Because you don’t deserve it… Right? Shit, I should have known from the start… How can a bitch who sucks a villain’s cock be a magical girl…”

Siu, who vomited everything and regained his sanity her, accepted Sera’s request her. Recalling her deeds as she wished, she denounced St. Rose like the rest of the community.

Since Siwoo, who was the last bastion, turned around…
It was clear that Sera would soon become an ordinary person, not a magical girl.

“Whoa… Yes, this is correct bitch… A bitch like you can’t be a magical girl.”

But she didn’t feel particularly guilty. Sera, who betrayed him, was no longer the woman Siu loved… There was no need for Shiu to think of her anymore.


“Huuuuu! Villain-sama, black, heuh… I was abandoned… Even for Shiu, whimper, black… I was abandoned… Aaaaa!”

“That’s what I said. Don’t get your hopes up.”

“But, hehe, Siwoo… I thought it would be different… Ugh, I thought you would trust me until the end… Whoa, whoa…”

“In the end, Siwoo was also a bad person who couldn’t understand you.”

“Huh, huh… Too bad… I really couldn’t help it… Heck, why do I have to be abandoned by everyone… Hee hee…”

“Don’t worry. You said I won’t abandon you no matter what I need a good boy like you.”

“…… Heueueeng, Mr. Villain… Heck,hehe… Really? Villain made me… Aren’t you throwing it away? Can I trust you?”

When I silently caressed the crying Sarah in my arms, Sarah was delighted and buried her face in my chest. Now that everyone she could rely on was gone, the only person she could rely on was me.

[You have achieved Grade A.]

Whoa… Did you achieve your minimum goal with this?

It pricks my conscience a little, but isn’t a good thing a good thing? Anyway, Siu gave up on Sera, and since Sera was captured by me, all that was left was to enjoy it comfortably.

…… But deepfakes are really interesting. It’s obvious that Jinhee acted. Even my boyfriend cheated on this.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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