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Heroine Netori 200

Heroine Netori 200

Chapter 200 – Corrupting a Magical Girl (23)

Since you have achieved A rank, you can receive a reward if you finish Netori like this. However… You can’t end it without picking a virgin. Even the table is set up so that you can eat well, but it is not polite to go out like this.

“Heh, hehe… Villain-nim… I’m anxious…”

“That I’m a good kid… Please prove…”

“Using my pussy… Black, please prove that you need me… Yes?”

“Villain… Please use me… Please…”

I beg you to eat it like this, but shouldn’t a man listen to this kind of request? Cancer, no way.


“… Hate! Call me Sara… I’m not a magical girl anymore. Her hair her has also turned black… Her clothes her were all taken off too, leaving her naked… Alas! Stand, please… Am I useless as a normal person? Because I’m not a magical girl… Can’t I give my virgin to Villain? I hate that…”

“No, it is not. As long as you’re a good kid, it doesn’t matter much whether you’re a magical girl or not.”

“Really? Ah… What a relief…”

“But Sarah, I can’t do it right now. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and it’s such a waste. Forcibly offering a virgin is the most perfect proof that you are kind.”

“…… Offering a virgin… Proof that you are good?”

“Okay. A woman’s most precious and noble virginity, she has no choice but to give to a villain to protect her friends her. If you’re not very nice, you can’t even imagine it. But Sarah can give. Right?”

“…… Right. Because I’m good… Right! I can give!”

But I have no intention of taking it now. Making Sera her non-virgin like this? That’s the worst of the worst. As long as she was aiming for S rank, it was better to create a more dramatic scene.

For example, ‘St. Rose’s first experience live broadcast’.

“Then should we tell people about it?”

“… What about people?”

“Yes. Let’s show that you’re really nice, so that those who ignored and laughed at you will regret it. Wouldn’t that be the best revenge you can have for being abandoned?”

“To the people who abandoned me, to Siwoo who abandoned me… Revenge?”

“What do you think? Aren’t you okay?”

“… Ahhh… ! …… I want to! I… I want to show it to people and Siwoo! The image of me forcibly losing my virginity to the villain! My pussy being driven by the villain’s cock!”

OK, can you make a masterpiece out of this?

Actor in good condition
Good actor motivation
Actor virgin good

All that remains now is to wait for the broadcast time.


Well… But, is it true? Can we just wait for the real airing time?

“Ah… Ha, uh… Villain… Ha… “

Everything is going smoothly… I felt like I had forgotten something. What… Oh, it’s embarrassing not to remember like this… What did you forget?

“Just don’t touch the chest… Ha ha, I didn’t even see it… Please touch…”

I thought that if I touched Sera, I would remember it, so even though I caressed her to my heart’s content her, it still felt stuffy. It was the same whether he ordered fellatio or paizuri.

So I’m thinking about whether I should try something a little higher level… I could feel Jinhee’s gaze staring at me from the side with a disapproving expression. Why is he…

Oh right.

I decided to sleep with you as a reward for filming that video.

But I didn’t feel bad for forgetting this. Something a little more important and momentous…

-Quagagaga River

“Ah! What, what!”
“Both hide behind me!”

… What’s this. Was there an earthquake? Or maybe… Assault of the Association? Just in case, I hurriedly took out my weapon, and the opposite wall collapsed, revealing dozens of magical girls.

No shit… Is this a true story? You’re coming to get this when the training is over?

As I was panicking because I was dumbfounded, someone ran up to me at high speed and quickly swung a sword.

– Kaang!
– Kang!

It’s a surprise, I almost died. Fortunately, observation prevented the surprise attack, but there was no time to mount a counterattack.

“Darkest Chain executive, Dirk Bae! You are done! Be polite and be judged with justice!”

But thanks to him, I was able to remember what I had forgotten.

Hee-eun, why are you here?


What’s up? Are you not interested in children?


Anyone can see that I’m completely lost! Hugging, biting, sucking and fussing! I just love it so much I want to die! Are you still not interested? You have to lie to deceive! Who knows?

Annoying… Revenge wasn’t the point after all. He just kidnapped Rose because he liked her. The purpose was to eat. So what? Believe me? Funny really…

I didn’t even know that, and I got all the information called information as I was told…

The old man is just chatting with Rose… I won’t even contact you if you don’t need it… And then, he flirts with Rose again… Chewing up all my good-byes… And then he and Rose flirted with each other again…

Ugh, can’t you just hang out with me?! Is it not enough for me? I’m pretty enough, I have big breasts, and I’m popular! I’m a virgin too! I’m also Mosul Oh!

Ha… Really…

Uncle, you know what? I… I masturbate thinking about you every day… Masturbating while imagining getting stuck in the uncle’s cock! Plus, I don’t skip day-to-day fella practice, and lately I’m practicing to make cute moaning sounds. And you know, I’m studying various positions as well.

I want to have sex with you! I’m going to make a baby with you!

…… But it all seems to be in vain.

Even if I try hard to send a signal, the man doesn’t recognize me, so there’s no way. Since he’s only looking at Rose, there’s no way I can do anything!

‘I made a deal with Darkest Chain. It seems that the villain doesn’t like her either. But… You should know in moderation. Tsk, now that we’ve figured out the location, let’s be vigilant and rescue them this time.’

So… I’ll make him look only at me. I’m going to tell you directly with my body so that I can’t ignore my signal. If I offer a virgin, even the most insensitive man will understand my heart, right?

“White… Reh, a rapier?! What the hell is this place!”

“Does the association look stupid! Eight!”

Haha, the embarrassed man is cute. Did you know you could make a face like that? See you first. … You never showed it to Rose, did you? I’m new. It’s a look that only I know!

– Kaang!
– Kang! Kang!

“Ugh! Calm down!”

“Oh? I am calm enough!”


“Stand there! I mean calmly arrested!”

But this isn’t enough. I want to see more, cuter expressions. I want to see a man who is at a loss because of me! Because of me, not Rose!


“Stand there!”

-Kwaang, Bang

“Rapier! No, Hee-eun! Why are you doing this! Revenge is not over yet!”

“Huh! Revenge doesn’t matter anymore! You don’t understand my feelings, what’s the point of revenge!”

“… What?”

– Kagaga River!
– Kagang!

“What kind of revenge are you talking about when you don’t even know how much I love you!”

“… Is that a lie?”

Ah… Doesn’t it work even if you say it openly like this? But it doesn’t matter… Let your body tell you. So that you don’t pretend you didn’t understand anymore, you just have to let your body know.

Because that’s what I stole.


“Ouch! Hee-eun, Hee-eun. This… Let’s do it in our own words. Don’t do this…”

“What did you say. I’m doing this because I can’t communicate with words. Silly… A capture rope for anti-S-class villains. Now it’s your turn to be kidnapped. Oh, but don’t worry. I have no intention of handing it over to the Association.”

“Hee-eun… Please…”

“With this, you are mine now.”

Huhu, are you the only one looking at me now? It would be like this a long time ago. I was just waiting Love is about winning. Whoa… Now I just need to take my uncle to a place where no one is. You can start a new life happily there.

In a two-story house with a yard, giving birth to a daughter and a son, every night…


…… What? I’m sure I won’t get into a fight… Huh? Who…

“Found…! Villain too! What if you leave me and go? I think I’ll be a bad kid if I stay like this… Make me a good boy by having sex with me soon! Yes?”

“…… Are you, Saint Rose?”

“Yes? Wow, it’s rapier sister! By the way… What are you doing to Villain? If you’re stuck like that… Can’t have sex? Also my sister… Are you disturbing me because you are a disgusting magical girl?”

“You, that figure… What?”

“Yes? Well… I do not know? Ahaha, I haven’t decided on a villain name yet. Shall we ask the villain?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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