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Heroine Netori 201

Heroine Netori 201

Chapter 201 – Corrupting Magical Girl (24)

[When is Rose airing? Then come… ]
[CㅣㅣㅣGive me Val Rose]
[Rose Broadcasting Origin – Day 3]
[This is so damn good, so when do you say yas!]

One day, two days, and a week… No matter how long I waited, Sera’s broadcast did not turn on, and of course, various communities became hot again.

What happened to St. Rose, everyone was curious about.

Rumors such as saying that he had already been rescued, that he was eaten like a dog and became a sex slave, that he eventually abandoned his friend and escaped, that he couldn’t turn on the broadcast because he was twisted, and so on , various rumors spread, and people argued that their thoughts were correct and hit each other. Got it and started fighting.

[Trot! Article moxibustion!]

However, news appeared that would make the hot fire even hotter, the first of which was an article about the association’s rescue attempt and failure.

[Explosion of an insider! Regarding the whereabouts of the missing Saint Rose]
[Association that ended up losing everything after being late]
[Who is responsible for the failed operation?]

Did you come and try? No, but you even failed? It was a natural reaction for people to be angry, and the association had to be harassed by numerous malicious comments.

[It’s like a fucking dog, you’re fucking ignorant Lㅇ]
[AmihahaI prepared everything so that it is good to eat, but chew this right before the show haha]
[If you’re going to save me, save me a long time ago, what is this, really.]
[The one that failed is a legendhahaThey said they even negotiated with Darkest Chain. But how can it fail lol Can’t catch a villain abandoned by the organization?]
[I have to watch Rose get eaten, but ah]

Reasonable people who do not watch the broadcast and rational people who have fallen in love with the broadcast all attacked the association with one mind, and the association tried to escape from the public eye by canceling all official schedules while remaining silent.

However, the attitude of the association made people even more angry, and the association’s image fell to the ground day by day.

[Fuck! A big hit happened!]

But there was a floor under the floor… When the second follow-up news spread to the public, the association suffered a major blow to the point of not being able to function properly.

[The S-class magical girl disappeared again! Where is the invisible rapier?]
[The connection between the disappearance of the rapier and the ‘operation’, did the association abandon the rapier too!]
[Another magical girl kidnapped by Dirk Bae… The public is trembling.]

The disappearance of an S-class magical girl, Rapier, was such a shocking event.

As Saint Rose only showed her disappointing side of her, many people of her opposite sex came to cheer for her her rapier instead of her her, and a month after the broadcast began, rapier had become a national magical girl.

But since the rapier was kidnapped by that villain, will the public stay still?

[Kkkk That year that was innocent was also kidnapped, right? Lol]
[Is the rapier coming off now? Haha I start criticizing right away.]
[So, are you coming out of Double Fella now? ㅗㅜㅑ]
[Fuck, but you have to watch the broadcast to see something or not]
[I will believe, Dirk Bae will believe.]
[The masses of 3P orgieshaharapier shit also looked so lascivious.
[Is it possible to see Rose and Rapier biting and sucking? Please… !]

Various communities began to tease the rapier, saying that it was the second Saint Rose, and many fans who were hurt by her attacked the association and vented their anger at her.

So it was natural for the association to be paralyzed.

… But surprisingly, the shocking news did not end here.

[… ] … What is that Isn’t it Rose?]
[Eh. Is Rose on TV right now?]
[Uh… They look the same, but what is that?]
[I can’t believe I’m a Rose Villain… ?]
[Where did the pink hair go?]
[No shit, hair color isn’t important, you’ve become a villain!]
[That terror… Did Rose cause it?]

‘Saint Rose became the villain.’ This news was confusing enough to bury the previous two incidents. A magical girl became a villain? People were greatly taken aback by the unprecedented incident. It was something I hadn’t even thought of.

People who never imagined that they would meet Rose in this way tried to deny the reality in front of them, and tried to get past this by saying that it was a simple illusion, or someone who looked like them, or the work of a villain .

However, Rose’s appearance she did not stop there, and people eventually had to admit it as a villain presumed to be Aquamarine appeared together. Saint Rose became the villain. That was unmistakably true.

“Ah… Sorry… Ahhh! Sorry, black, haaaaa! Because of me… Ahhh…”

And because of that, Siu had no choice but to fall into despair.


Shiu, who became a dead man after checking the video in the USB… There was an incident to raise such Siwoo up again, so it was a meaningless chatter that came up in the community.

[Actually, wasn’t it all deepfakes? ㅋㅋ No, I can’t say anything~]

The author just posted it for a laugh, but the word’deepfake’came to Siwoo very loudly, and Siwoo, who came to his senses his belatedly, checked the video once again.

‘Everything is different… This isn’t Sera…’
‘Here, here… Subtly different no way really… ?’

And he found out he had been tricked by the villain.

‘Ah, sorry… Sarah, oh! I… You… ‘

Siu was frustrated by her guilt her toward Sera for believing in her and her sense of shame her at herself for abandoning her. He fell into a trap and betrayed Sera, but he could not forgive himself.

But the person who must have been hurt the most is Sarai… Siwoo overcame the frustration and decided to be different. Even though he knew all the facts, he couldn’t waste time like a crippled person again. He somehow had to move for Sera.

[Breaking News] St. Rose Became a Villain?! What is her identity that appeared today?]

But…. Unfortunately, it was a decision too late, and when Siwoo came to his senses his, Sera had already become a villain.

“Ah… Sorry… Ahhh! Sorry, black, haaaaa! Because of me… Ahhh…”

So, it was only natural for Siu to fall into despair again. He himself… If it hadn’t been for Sarah, this would never have happened.

However, Siu did not give up. He was in despair, but Siu stood up once more. It was clear that if he gave up even here, he would never get Sera back. That’s why Siu couldn’t give up.

Because Sera is more righteous than anyone Siu knows… If she sincerely apologized to her, so she could change her mind of her, she was sure everything would be back to normal.

So Siwoo tried to find Sera, who became the villain, and meet her.

However, Siu never met Sera… Some familiar links started popping up in the community. Along with the words, ‘The (former) St. Rose video that gets eaten in the end. Link’.

It seemed that Siwoo shouldn’t have clicked on the link. But he clicked the link as if he was possessed by something. Then, a new window opened and a non-broadcast video was played.

[Hello. Is this your first time saying hello in person? Hehe… My name is Hansera, who used to be St. Rose. Nice to meet you.]

In the video, Sera, whom Siu wanted to meet so much, was smiling widely.


[Well… It’s not different, but I had a few things to tell you, so I filmed this video. First of all… ]


[The villain who brings love and peace, White Rose! Etc. Chapter. Complete!]
[Hehe… Do you see In fact, I became a villain.]
[The color of her hair has also turned white… The clothes her have become very sexy too!]
[Thanks to all of you who hate me so much… ]

[But don’t be too surprised. Even though I became a villain, what I do will not change.]
[You will probably know by the time this video is released… ]
[There are too many bad people in this world who frame good people like me.]
[So, while I became a villain, I plan to purify those people hehe… ]
[That way, good people like me won’t suffer less. Yes?]

[Hmmm! So now for the second news… Right away!]
[I’m still with Villain!]
[Villain-nim is a really bad person like a villain… He’s the one who’s trusted me all this time…. Hehe, isn’t it cool?]

[And… In fact, my friend also became a villain like me.]
[But, how could it be! Did you become a direct subordinate of Villain? So my friend’s life depended on a word from Villain.]
[He became a villain, but he’s a really close friend… There’s no way I, a good kid, would abandon my friends!]
[That’s why I’m staying with Villain like this for my friend!]

[Kuhm! And now, the last news… That… ]
[Ooh… This is a bit embarrassing.]
[Villains! Stop staring at me and help me… Yes?]
[Yes? You want me to do it alone? Too bad… Oh okay… ]

[That… Everyone! I became a villain, but I’m still kind, right?]
[But you might not believe me, right?]
[So I’m going to prove that I’m good here.]
[From now on, forced, compelled, threatened, forced… I’m going to offer my virginity to Villain.]
[Because if I refuse, my friend will die… The good me doesn’t have a choice.]

[So… Take a good look at how I lose my virginity to Villain… ]
[Please accept now that I am a good child. Got it?]

[Mmm… Can’t I just stop for a while? It’s so embarrassing that I’m already wet… ]
[Yes? Should I show you that? Eh…]
[For a moment! What is that! Are you thinking of doing a close-up?]
[Ahhh… Hee… I know. Because he’s a good kid… I can’t help it.]

[Tada, voila… As I became a villain, my clothes became very erotic… ]
[If you take off just a little like this, you can see all your panties… ]
[If you do this, you can see all of your pussy… Hehe… ]
[Love liquid… That, it came out a lot, right? Because I’m thinking of hugging the villain… It has become like this. Cadet… ]
[Ha, but definitely a virgin! Here we go. If you open it like this… Um, is Villain looking right over there?]
[Ah, I’m glad… Now, this is my hymen. Am I right? Are you a virgin? It won’t be soon… ]

[Then now… Certainly, naked… Next… ]
[Everything is ready. Now, only Villain needs to come.]
[Ah… Hehe… ]
[Zaji-sama… Have you already had an erection? Happy… Are you excited about taking my virgin? Until the Cooper liquid… ]

[Um, but don’t you see it well if you do it this way? I think I need to change the angle]
[Yes? Are you going to pick it up and take a picture? Uh… I see.]
[No, that… I thought it would be hard to kiss… ]
[Ah… I see You can edit it later, so there is no need to keep filming.]
[I know. Then… Oh, hello?]

[I… Everyone, it’s time for proof.]
[See? With my virgin pussy… This is the villain’s cock that will pierce my hymen.]
[Now I… You will be eaten by the villain. Hi-Hi… ]
[I became a villain, but I… Are you really nice?]
[Now… Let’s start!]

[How… び]
[Ahhh… ]

[Achieved S rank.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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