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Heroine Netori 202

Heroine Netori 202

Chapter 202 – Corrupt a Magical Girl (25)

Bleached hair, eyes that seem to have gone sour somewhere, a black one-piece sheer and a seductive garter belt … The pure appearance was gone, and a completely different Saint Rose appeared in front of her eyes.

– Kaga River
– Kaang!

What is this, is it a real villain?
This is kinda… You’re too rude

It’s a see-through, but there’s no bra, so her large breasts and pink nipples are showing through, and the thongs, which are too small to be called panties, are draped precariously as if they would come off at any moment.

– Kagang!
– Kaaang!

Are you wearing this to fight? Even if I move a little, I think I’ll be naked…

“Me, you crazy bitch!”

“I mean stay calm!”

However, unlike its appearance her, the durability was strong, and despite fighting so hard, the clothes were surprisingly fine.

The one-piece dress is torn and the chest sticks out through the clothes, or the string on one of the panties comes loose and the pussy is visible… I was expecting something like this

The outfits are sexy, but the service spirit is a little lacking compared to how they look.



“Wait, wait! Let’s do it in our own words! Yes?”

“Hehe… I will send my sister to them too!”

“No dear!”

Oh wait, is this true? It’s not the time to be thinking about things like this. What is it really to be this strong Is the main heroine the main heroine?

“Sera, stop!”


“…… Uh? Me… You’re alive…?”

After I finished watching, I stopped Sera and sorted things out.


“So, Hee-eun… Do you like me?”

“Oooooh… No. It’s not like… I love you! To the point where I can give my all.”

“Um… I see.”

Ha, this is true. Could you be this lucky? She used to be Hee-eun, who was acting like a cheat-key, but now she even tries to treat her pussy to her. It seems that I fell in love with this character before being possessed, but it was a very desirable situation for me.

I wanted to eat too.

But she couldn’t come out with an angle to touch because of four tori… That way, there was no reason not to eat it. They give it away for free, but how can you give it up?

I approached her kneeling Hee-eun and hugged her with her utmost caring expression.

“Sorry. For not knowing your heart I didn’t know that we were of the same mind.”

“…… Yes? To? … Eh eh?”

“I was going to confess to you once this job was over. From sometime ago, I only saw you as a woman. Sorry… And I love you, Hee-eun.”

“… Eh, eh… Eh? Me, me, me, me? Really? Uncle me… ? To? Eh?!”

“……… Wow. Oh oh well. That’s it. Yes. Yo. This.”

I’m going to give you a service like this. I actually like it. On top of that, after hearing my confession, he blushed and didn’t know what to do.

“How… With the uncle, black, whimper… I can have sex with you… Whoa… You can make a baby with you man…. Aaaaang!”

This, this is what happened. Shall we delay getting an S grade? Since the things to enjoy have increased, it seemed okay to postpone it for a while.

“……… Axis. Under. Sun. Yo. This.”

Then it’s time to talk to Rose, no, Sarah… Why is she suddenly straight? I let go of her tear-stained Hee-eun and spoke to Sarah, who looked down at us with her hardened face.

“Sarah… How did this happen? Has she become a villain?”

“Yes, whoops… Thanks to the people who came to visit us, we were able to awaken as villains. How dare you try to separate me from Villain. I have to be by Villain’s side to be a good kid… So I made up my mind to stop them, and like this, I became a villain.”

“Uh… Then what happened to those magical girls and Jinhee?”

“All of them… I made it so that you don’t do bad things anymore. And Jinhee… Surprisingly, he has awakened as a villain like me! I guess Jinhee couldn’t forgive bad people either.”

“I see… Um, are you okay?”

Sera and Jinhee became the villains… Well, it was a big deal, but it wasn’t that big either. No matter what you do, you can get an S grade as long as you start broadcasting about eating Sera’s virgins. So, nothing changed much when she became a villain.

Umm… Wait, but do you really need to broadcast? There’s no problem playing the recording. If not, you can just send the USB to Siwoo again.

“I… By the way…. I was awakened as a villain like this, but… He’s still a good kid, right? Yes? I’m anxious… Although I defeated the bad guys… I want to be proved to be a good kid by Villain… Huh? Soon my girl… Can’t you take it with you?”

There were more than one or two things to enjoy, but I couldn’t leave Sarah alone. Aren’t you still struggling like this? Therefore, it was right to enjoy everything that Sera and I had to enjoy before getting an S grade.

“Villain… Look at this. My pussy is crying… Huh? Please eat me quickly, even for my pussy.”

Yes, even for Sera’s pussy.

…… No, but is Sera really that innocent? She untied the laces of her panties on her own and saw Sarah spreading her cunt, her lower legs stiffening at once.


“Hey, Rose… ? Do you really have to do this?”

“I have to. Unnie, just quietly obey my words.”

“Still… I’m so ashamed…”

“You should be ashamed. Because this is punishment. Anyway, it’s true that you attacked Villain. Besides, she even swung her sword.”

“No, that… “

If you say that, your sister has nothing to say…

But you calculated everything and attacked? I was planning on escaping with the old man after driving him down so he wouldn’t get hurt! This hideout was also prepared for that time!

…… Even if I say that, it won’t work.

Uh… It was great that she was able to be with Uncle, but… I never dreamed that there would be two intruders. According to the plan, you should have made a baby with the old man by now… Something went terribly wrong.

“So just stay still. Isn’t it better to be ashamed for a moment than to be scolded by the villain? And I mean, I prepared a lot for this. Please be patient with this. Yes?”

“… Yes.”

It’s better to be shy for a moment… Isn’t this a bit over the line?! Ugh… They told me to sit in front of the camera without transforming… I was already afraid of what to do here.

Rose, I think she has a grudge against me because of that. I’m sure you’ll do something very embarrassing! Maybe he’s trying to make me do what he used to do to his uncle.

“Hee-eun! I’ll look forward to it!”

“Yes, yes! Hehe… Please look forward to it!”

…… Hmm? But then it’s good, regardless of the camera or whatever, I was finally able to have hot skinship with the man, but when I thought about it, there was nothing bad at all. What is it, Rose? Was it like that? Were you laying the plate on your sister? Because you are really nice too.

“…… Let the small talk go there! We will be starting soon!”


“When filming starts, all I have to do is honestly answer my questions. Got it?”

What? She’s not what I thought… ?


“What is your name and how old are you?”

“Uh… Lee, her name is Lee Hee-eun… I am 22 years old.”

“You are 22 years old… So, did you have your first experience?”

“Yes? Oh no… Not yet.”

“Oh? Don’t you have a boyfriend? Mosol?”

“There is! … I made it some time ago. I’m not crazy anymore…”

“…… Hmmm, then how is your progress with your boyfriend?”

“Still, just a light hug… Both of you have been very busy!”

What is this? You’re more embarrassed than you think…! These are questions that are embarrassing to even answer… Why do you have to answer this in front of the camera! Ugh… I had no choice but to do it because it was punishment, but my face was already hot.

“Oh, that’s right. So, how do you usually deal with sexual desire? If you masturbate, how many times a week?”

“Uh… I think I do it twice or more every day.”

“Hey… Do you mainly watch porn?”

“… St. Rose… Watching the TA broadcast… I masturbate while imagining being victimized by the villain in that story…”

“…… Hehe, there were people who watched the broadcast that way.”

Ugh… I think I’m going to die of embarrassment… Look at Rose’s expression of her. You are completely disgusted. The old man is also staring at me in a puzzled way… Ha, but it’s a show featuring the uncle’s cock, so how can you just pass it on! I can’t help it… Can’t you masturbate with that?! Watching the broadcast… You can do some practice!

“Then, would you like to masturbate as if you were watching a broadcast?”

“…… Yes?!”

“Oh, I need to take off my clothes first.”

“Wait, wait, wait! Cut! Cut this! Just answer the questions!”

“Oh? Did I? I forgot. It’s a punishment, but I have to do this. Take it off quickly.”

Did you practice and come out like this? Car, in front of the camera… And to masturbate in front of the uncle? Are you crazy? … I’m ashamed, how can I do that! It’s still hard!

“Hee-eun, cheer up!”

Ha, but I think I can… Anyway, I’m going to make a baby with my uncle… Is it okay if I show you this much?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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