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Heroine Netori 151

Heroine Netori 151

Chapter 151 – Romance Fantasy (36)

After returning to the royal capital, Elise enjoyed every day. Misa’s wounds, which she was so worried about that she couldn’t sleep, were being treated as if nothing had happened, and the rumors of her older brother, which she had been dubious about, turned out to be true, so the smile couldn’t ‘t disappear from her face. . At this rate, depriving her of the successor position was not an impossible task.

It was a task that even she thought was difficult, but now it really seemed possible that her cosmic energy was helping her. Elise had a good chance if she could take this opportunity to seize the royal capital’s neutrals, who had already begun to be shaken by that rumor.

‘Finally… I can see the light…’

Elysee, imagining a future in which her ugly brother would kneel at her feet her and place the shining crown in her hand her, felt a pleasant goosebumps and lifted the teacup with her trembling hands. Elise’s confident face was reflected on the swaying surface of her black tea.

“Rise! I’m here!”

And then, when a sip of black tea passed over her throat,
Misa finished her treatment and returned to her room her.


“It’s already been cured…?”

“Yes! Awesome! Asil is really great! If you touch it gently like this, the pain will disappear at once!”

Another good news. It was the royal road she hated so much… After she came back somehow, I heard only good news every day. He was a man who had devoted himself to treating soldiers for almost half a day today, so of course I thought he wouldn’t have the energy to treat them properly today, but it was a really pleasant illusion that he was cured.

You’ve got someone with more abilities than you thought. I hugged Misa, who ran towards me with a wide smile, not hiding my joy. Then, as if it were natural, he put his hand on her inside Misa’s clothes on her and massaged her breasts on her.

“I know… Really great? You make Misa laugh like this. It makes me jealous.”

“Wow! Lee, Rize… Haha…”

“Then can we have a lot of fun now?”

It’s been a while since he touched Misa’s chest her, but nothing has changed. The small size that barely fits in my small hand and the nipple that hardens so quickly, everything was as it was in my memory.

“Ahhh… It’s too sudden… Wow…”

But there was one difference… It was Misa’s moaning her that became more bizarre. Was the mass piled up like me? My body heated up at the voice of Misa, who became even more demanding.

“Mass is bad. Are you complimenting another guy in front of me? Haam, Chureup… Ha… I need to properly tell you who Misa is.”

“Rizee… Hot, chewy, chewy, haaa… Gulp, ha…”

“Okay, the kiss ends here. Then do what you always do. If you do it right, I will reward you, so you have to do it well. Understand?”

“Huh… Okay… “

After a short sweet kiss, I took off my pants and panties one by one, enjoying Misa’s expression of regret. Then, after sitting on the chair again, he stretched out one leg toward Mass. Then Massa came up to me and knelt down and put her own mouth to my feet.

“Come, Misa. Hurry up.”

“Yes. Then let’s start. Jjook, Haljjak.”

Ah… Good mood. Misa’s sloppy tongue her, felt from the tips of her toes her, exhilarating pleasure rose up her spinal cord her and stimulated her brain her. Kissing was nice, but I liked being caressed like this even more. Receiving one-sided service from the beloved Mass has always given me a strange pleasure.

“Come up slowly now.”

“… Haljjak,haha… “

“Ha… You should also use your hands. That’s right. Like that. Softly. Tease me like you play with your fingers Don’t stop until Misa’s tongue gets inside my pussy! Haaaaang!”

Today, somehow, the more obedient attitude of Mass raised the atmosphere even more. When the non-stop approaching mass finally reached my thighs, I was groaning without even realizing it.

Could Mass have been waiting for this kind of service? Misa, who met my eyes, was smiling proudly. It seemed quite satisfying that he made me go.

“Sorry… I love it so much I can’t stand it… Misa, please come at once like this…”

Having lost in the end, I spread my legs wide and even opened my own pussy. Then I lowered my back and pressed my cunt against Misa. Instead of worrying further, he needed immediate pleasure.

“I’m sorry too, Rize!”

However, what Misa gave me was not the thrill of pleasure, but the magic suppression handcuffs she always carried. What the hell is this… ? In the moment of being caught off guard, I was caught by Misa. This was a really unexpected development.

“Mass? Come on? Did you ever want to play bondage?”

“…… Because Rize is bad!”

“Yes? What are you talking about…?”

Really, why are you doing that? Misa pulled out her incomprehensible words and walked away from me. And after adjusting her clothes her, he left her room her. It was a shock.

“Mass…? Mass! Come back! Misa!”

I alone can’t do anything about these handcuffs that bind my wrists behind my back. In addition, handcuffs are also tied to the chair, so you can’t even hide yourself at this rate. It is said that you should stay still until someone rescues you as you are.

Nonsense… Why did you do this … I never wanted to play idle like this … Fortunately, after a while, Misa returned to her room her.

“Mass! Really… I’m surprised! Stop kidding… Uh……?”

With the man who cured Misa.

Realizing this after a moment of silence, I screamed like a little girl.


“Mass! Release this right now! Let go! No matter how much you do, I will never forgive you for this! You’re kidding too much!”

“Hoo… Indeed, it is as Misa said. I really thought it would be possible. It’s amazing.”

“You know! What the hell is this! I don’t know what it is, but tell Misa to stop right now! I will not accept any more than this!”

“Whoops! Did I say it’s nothing. Rize also acts careless in front of me.”

“Really! Can’t you both hear me?!”

No matter how much I shouted, the two of them didn’t even pretend to hear me. Instead, they completely ignored me and started talking about things only they could understand. How dare you do this to the princess of the kingdom… It was the second most humiliating moment in my life.

“In that case, even if I tell you the truth, you will remain calm. …… But why are you taking off your clothes, Princess?”

“Yes? Ahaha. He was having fun with me for a while.”

“To be able to do such a thing in such a short amount of time… You two are great.”

“Can you stop talking and let me go?!”

They said he was famous for being kind and friendly, but it was all a lie. Even seeing me tied up, this man didn’t even seem to have any intention of saving me. Rather, looking down at my naked body… Naked? Ah, ah!

“Kyaaaaa Turn your eyes right now! This shit! It’s disrespect for royalty! The death penalty!”

That’s right, I was naked… I got angry and forgot about it for a moment, but now I was half naked. What to do It was the first time I had ever shown my body to a man, so my heart started racing like crazy. I was on the verge of tears with shame and anger.

“Excuse me. I didn’t mean to say something like this… First of all, cover it with this for a while.”

But the man seemed unconcerned. Are you familiar with a woman’s body… ? Maybe it’s because I’m a doctor, but the man wasn’t looking at me sexually. Instead, he saluted me as usual and took off his overcoat to cover my exposed body his.

“What, what the hell… I will never stand still unless you give me a proper explanation.”

Thanks to that, I was able to calm down my excitement a little and ask questions calmly. Whatever it was, I had to know the cause of this situation first, so it was urgent to hear the story first.

“Two things to the princess, no, three things. I made a seat by asking the Mass to say three things.”

However, I couldn’t help but get angry again at the man’s words that followed.

“First of all, Misa and I became lovers. He still loves the princess, but because he loves me even more, Misa chose me instead of the princess.”

“Ehehe… I’m sorry, Rize.”

“Dae, what the hell are you talking about!!”

Misa apologized lightly to me and went into the man’s arms of her. And she fawned over him, embracing one arm of the man. It was the appearance of Misa who had become a female that I had never seen before.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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