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Heroine Netori 150

Heroine Netori 150

Chapter 150 – Romance Fantasy (35)

“Miss. As I said yesterday, we usually don’t allow you to touch your genitals unless you’re in love. Touching and giving like this is something that is usually done between lovers.”

“Hot, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!”

She lowered her Misa’s pants and her panties down to her knees and thrusted her tight inside her cute cunt her, causing Misa to gasp and vomit her weirdness her. Then, as she rubbed her clit with her other hand, she started to thump her back with her. Perhaps because she was in heat, her body became more sensitive, and Misa could not stand the stimulation I gave her.

“Didn’t Misa love the princess? But is it okay to allow me her body her like this?”

“Yeah, but… Haha… I feel good…”

“Are you betraying someone you love just because you feel good?”

“Huh, how, Rize did the betrayal first!”

“Is that so?”

“You hid the fact that I love being touched by men! Rize, you liar!”

“Didn’t I tell you that there’s a high possibility that even the princess doesn’t know about that?”

“Huh… I don’t know, I just know that’s the case! Say you feel good! Hehe, I love Rize, but I like it when you touch me… Can’t you do that?”

To be coerced. Perhaps in order to somehow rationalize being touched by me, Misa was coquettish and flirtatious with me. Whether it was instinct or something she learned from the princess, she touched my chest with her soft hand her.

This lewd bitch… Being a lover in front of pleasure and not caring about anything. This seems to require a bit of training.

“Usually it is. Imagine a princess being touched by me. Are you okay though? Imagine flirting with something that sounds more pleasant than being touched by Mass.”

“That… You might hate it a little.”

“That’s it. So even if it feels better to be touched by someone else, you reject or avoid it out of consideration for your lover.”

“Not that! It’s because I’m jealous of Rize. Can’t you just touch me instead of Rize? It’s the first time I’ve experienced anything like this… It’s embarrassing to live without knowing this. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with the half pleasure Rize gave me…”

No, did you mean that? I guess it was really nice to touch him. Now he reaches inside his clothes his and touches my nipples, and it seems like he’s begging me to touch him more quickly, since that’s such a boring thing to say.

This is not just education, but true education, right?

I need to make sure that this requested handicap never feels in someone else’s hand again. With that thought in mind, I took off all of her half-dressed clothes for her. Then she revealed the nakedness of a very attractive woman, pleasing my eyes.

Cuteness and ugliness can coexist.

Compared to Louisa Aubert, she was relatively small, but perhaps because she was developed for a long time by the princess, Misa’s body and her was definitely a ‘female’ body. I was a little moved by her curvaceous body her that knew how to seduce her partner her just by looking at it.

Her naked mass covered her small breasts in shame, and when she felt my heated gaze, she opened her hands to seduce me.

“And… If that’s the case, I just need to love you. Then there is no problem? If you love someone, you say it’s okay. So… Because I Love You… Come quickly.”

With a shy confession.

I rushed without saying anything at her words that made me feel full of energy. Then I heard a creak from the bed she was lying on at the sudden added weight of her.


Haha… So, ha, good… Our match… Have a good go… Ha… “

Misa, who had gone without stopping due to my sincere caress, let out a rough breath after being held in my arms and told me her impressions of her. She seemed to be very happy now as she saw her tail her wagging her tail her.

I hadn’t even entered the room yet, but after purifying the soggy bed with sweat and her love juice her, I played with her small breasts her. Misa seemed to be concerned about the small breasts being compared to the princess, but I also liked the small breasts. After all, small breasts are also a woman’s breasts. Her breasts were always right.

“So, how did that happen? I didn’t know that you would confess. Was Misa a promiscuous woman to confess her love to her to a man she had only met one day?”

“What, what a mess! It’s not like that… Can’t I like you!”

Are you serious? I thought it was just a made-up comment for immediate pleasure, but seeing her her tail her swaying like a stock graph behind her with her blushing face buried in my chest, it really didn’t seem like a lie.

“It’s not… That’s a bit surprising. I’m just an old man.”

“It’s only your age, but your face hasn’t aged at all! The vice-captain would be angry if I said I was old with a face like this… Side.”

When I gave her an excuse for her age, she raised her head and made eye contact with me, and she lightly kissed her on the lips before hiding her face again. What is this cute creature? After all, people have to look good. It is another moment to thank ‘Heroine Netori’.

“But to fall in love in one day… Did you like it when I touched you like that? Contrary to her first impression of her, Miss Misa was a lewd person.”

“It’s not obscene! That… It was nice to touch you, but… Oh really! There are other reasons!”

“Then can you tell me what the reason is?”

The reaction is so funny that you keep making fun of it. But if I do it one more time, I’ll get angry, so I’ll have to endure it. To soothe her, I gently caressed her ear and asked her questions. Let’s hear the cause of the golden age.

“When I am with you… I mean, it’s fun. Oh! Being touched isn’t fun! No, of course that’s nice too, but it’s not boring, but that’s…”

“Now. Calm down. I’m not going anywhere, so please speak slowly.”

“Ugh… So… I’ve been with Rize since I realized I existed. Did Rize give the name Misa? Lize was my parent, brother, teacher and friend. And she’s my lover now. That’s why Rise is an indispensable presence in my life.”

“Thanks to Rize, I have always been happy. Because Rize loved me, and I loved Rize that way. Laughter came out every day. Maybe he lived with Rize like that until he died.”

“But I met you and got to know you. If I’m only next to Rize, I can’t look at the world properly for the rest of my life. All the knowledge I know was learned through Rize, right? That’s why I thought that if this is the case, I’ll live with my everything being restrained by Rize.”

“But you are different. Tell me everything one by one without lying about things I didn’t know or misunderstood. It feels like the world is expanding thanks to you. Would you like to learn something new every time? So funny. If I’m with you, I think I’ll enjoy every day.”

“So I love you. Umm… Is it true that this feeling is also love? Because I always want to be by your side I want you to expand my world little by little by my side.”

What is this sincere confession? My heart was pounding for no reason when I saw Misa proudly making eye contact with me without showing any shyness and smiling beautifully. Am I being worked on right now? Misa used to look cute, but now something seems different.

“Therefore… How about you? As you said, this is something you do with people you love.”

Mass, which had risen in momentum, put me on the bed and climbed on top of me. Then, as she lowered her posture, she whispered in my ear while stroking my collarbone with both hands.

“Love me?”


This… What does Misa look like? I thought it was a cute puppy, but it turned out to be a hunting dog. She was biting my earlobe as if she wouldn’t let go of her prey.

She can’t be suffering. I reached out to her to fight back and grabbed her tail which was tickling me.

“Kyaang! Wait, she said no to her tail!”

Then she said Misa went back to puppy mode.

Seizing her chance of her, I swapped positions with her before Mass caught her momentum again. And I showed my sincerity by taking off her panties that she was wearing.

“I will answer with my body.”

Then Misa’s puppy ears pricked up.


Below is the character graffiti.

This is Princess Elise.

It’s Mass.

This is Louisa.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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