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Heroine Netori 149

Heroine Netori 149

Chapter 149 – Romance Fantasy (34)

Please, if you have any plans, it would be nice if you could tell me first … I demanded an explanation from Cecilia, who brought up the story of her engagement her, with a puzzled face.

“Engagement, what do you mean?”

“Don’t your father have feelings for Miss Aubert too? That’s why you touched him under the pretext of treatment.”


“Whoops. Miss Auvers also loves her father her. But right now, it’s a bit awkward with each other because of that, right? So I thought I would make room for the two of you. We are going to visit the Aubert family’s mansion this vacation!”

“You want to go play?”

“Yes! There, the love between the two was confirmed, and the family head gave permission to get engaged! How is it? Is that a good idea after all? It’s a little bit embarrassing to go through all this trouble just for the sake of your second wife, but… Still, it’s an annoyance I can endure enough to gain the power of the Auvers family!”

Mmm, it’s an engagement… Isn’t it bad? Engagement was a pretty decent option in a situation where you had to keep Louis or Aubert by your side anyway.

Until he marries Cecilia, he can deal with the flying flies that approach Louis or Aubert, or, as Cecilia said, get the support of the Aubert family through her engagement her. It was a business where there was nothing to lose.

Then, the only question left is whether this is possible…

“Did you talk to Miss Ruina? What is the second wife talking about?”

“Whoops. Of course, I am saying this after I have finished talking with Miss Aubert. Miss Aubert is already infatuated with her father. So he will go ahead and convince the head of the household.”

“That, is it?”

“And of course, since I am the first wife, Miss Aubert becomes her second wife her.”

“But will the head of the family accept that? You’re making your own daughter the second wife of her grieving uncle her. I feel like I’m going to go crazy as soon as I mention it… Her first wife will be angry with whom she intends to leave it empty…”

“Fufufu, it’s okay. You’re the father Go and show the lord. What a wonderful man your father is. If he had eyes and ears, he would admit it. With this man, he could trust Miss Aubert!”

When I hesitantly expressed my concern and question, Cecilia lifted me up with a kind smile. It was a face full of trust, not having any doubt that I would be rejected.

“I see…”

So, her conscience her was honestly pricked. Slightly… It was a ‘do it’ mindset. I thought it would not be easy, so it was a word of concern that I brought out in the sense of asking for help.

No, the patriarch of the Auvers family is famous in the royal capital for being a daughter-in-law. Also, a person who is familiar with ‘Deokbae Asil’ before possessing. So think about it. An old friend of hers suddenly visits and promises to marry his daughter her, but can you put up with it? And not the first wife, but the second wife? Wow, just imagining it is terrifying.

…… However, making excuses like that and running away was something I couldn’t do.

Cecilia trusts and loves me this much, but how long does she intend to live like that? Stop showing off your ugly side.

If you think about it, it was me who always cursed Siwoo, and acted like Siwoo every time at the decisive moment. Timid, arrogant, and only relying on others… This isn’t much

Now it has to change

I got the ability to do that, and I got the leeway.
There was no reason not to change.


It was right that I was responsible for this time as well. In the end, wasn’t it me who decided to have two or more at once? So I have to step in Entrusting it to someone else, especially Cecilia, was really disrespectful.

“Lea, I’ll show you and come back.”

“Whoops, I’ll believe you!”

After answering, I embraced the smiling Cecilia in my arms. My lovely daughter is cheering me on, so I can’t disappoint her. Even for her sake her, I decided that I would continue to show her a different side of her in the future.


That’s what he said, but to be honest, I didn’t have the confidence to convince the head of the Auvers family right now. I don’t have anything In a situation where his abilities were limited, he couldn’t show off his strength, and he had some connections, but in the end, he was a fallen aristocrat, and his rank was too low to be associated with the daughter of the famous Aubert family.

But that didn’t mean there was no way.

As Cecilia also said, if her princess was captured, everything was resolved.

No matter how strong the power of the Auvers family is, in the end it’s under the royal family, isn’t it? But what if the royal family is below me? Then you won’t be able to easily ignore me.

In addition, if I made the princess my third wife as Cecilia had said, Louisa Aubert, who would become her second wife her, would stand above the princess, and the head of the Aubert family could not dislike that.

Therefore, I had to unconditionally make the princess mine.

And in order to do that, first of all, the mass must be completely captured.

After finishing my daily routine, I was guided by the knight today and headed to the Crozet Mansion. Then, with a fluttering expression, I took Misa, who was waiting for me, into the secret room.

It was teaching assistant time.


I thought it would be a bit awkward because it happened yesterday, but it wasn’t at all. Misa, on the contrary, was more alert than yesterday. Maybe it was because I promised to stand on the same side as the princess, so she seemed to trust me very much.

“You know! I was waiting for you!”

Thanks to her her, her tail her wags here and there, which was really cute. Was this meant to be happy? Unknowingly, I reached out and touched her tail her, and Misa let out a cute sound.

“How! Her tail her… I can’t…”

“Oh, excuse me.”

She was startled by the sound and tried to remove her hand her, but she quickly caught Misa by the wrist of hers and spoke her cute words.

“I’ll let you touch Asil in a special way… You’re my doctor!”

I didn’t mean to be the primary care physician… Still, good is good, and I enjoyed the tail of the mass this time. It felt so good that I wanted to touch it all day long with moderately soft fur and a unique grip.

“Hyaang… A little harder… I can touch you… Whoops.”

However, it wasn’t long before the mass disappeared. Could her tail be one of her erogenous zones of her? I didn’t see it by observation…

“Ha… Asil’s hand… I ​​love it…”

Aha, it’s just that it was almost captured. Her body her seemed to remember that she had been in my hands when she was in heat. It seems that the first step until the fall of the princess can be broken today.


“The curse that spread in the lower abdomen did everything yesterday. So, starting today, I will focus on healing my wounds.”

“Uh…? Ugh, okay.”

Unlike yesterday, when I touched a lot, I focused only on treatment today. First of all, treatment was an urgent priority because the wound could be completely healed. If you hit her first because you’re not good enough and the wound gets worse, the work could become more troublesome.

“Ha ha… Hey, then, do you keep touching only here like this?”

“Because there is no need to treat another place now.”

“I see…”

And this had another effect, and that was teasing. After all, giving and taking away is the most effective method. It was clear that the more I didn’t give her the thrilling stimulation her body remembered her, the more Misa would want it from me.

“Um… But wouldn’t the curse spread again? It could have spread in a day.”

“Haha. Do not worry too much. I already checked everything earlier, but there was no place where the curse overflowed again.”

“Sorry, no, it’s fortunate… “

Like this.

When her expectations her collapsed, Misa’s expression her collapsed, and it was really cute that her puppy’s ears drooped together. Shouldn’t the fourth wife think about this? I mean, it’s like a mascot.

…… I thought about it for a while, but it doesn’t seem that bad.

“Could it be Miss…”

“Uh, huh? Why?”

“You don’t want me to touch that place like yesterday, do you? Obviously, even though I said it was a cure.”

“Oh no! Absolutely not!”

“Is that so? Hmm, then I get it. If he wanted to, he would have been willing to risk his embarrassment to her and touch it, but that wasn’t the case.”

“What?! It’s actually a lie!”

But, well, it had already been captured before it could even be bothered properly. Maybe it was because he was a prisoner, but he seemed to have a very strong sexual desire. Procrastinating here would be close to torture. I stopped teasing, healed the protracted wounds at once, and prepared for Misawa’s performance.

“Well? The truth is a lie It’s quite a philosophical story.”

“Not that! That is… Actually, I wish I could touch you… So…”

“Well? The voice was so low I couldn’t hear it. Could you speak a little louder?”

“So…! Touch me like yesterday!”

“You mean this?”

“Hyaaaaang! Right… Like that!”

Naturally, her cunt was already wet.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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