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Heroine Netori 148

Heroine Netori 148

Chapter 148 – Romance Fantasy (33)

No way… Did a terrorist attack happen? The sound of buildings collapsing and people screaming made me have terrible imaginations. It was possible that her political opponent was playing tricks, aiming for the princess to enter the royal capital. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, I took Misa and quickly ran out of the building. The princess who was supposed to be waiting in the garden was in danger.

“Mistress! I’m fine, so go ahead and protect the princess!”

“Yes! Okay!”

Now, in this mansion, there are the princess’s personal escort knights and the Crozet family’s knights. In terms of force alone, this place was one of the safest places in the capital. However, the fact that he opened his eyes and allowed the attack as if he cut his nose clearly meant that it was not just one or two attackers.

Damn, I haven’t touched it yet… I can’t lose my princess like this. I just entered the build-up, but it’s too unfair to miss an opportunity like this.

So it must be blocked. We still don’t know what exactly happened, but we have to protect her so no one can touch her princess. So that she can eat her puck her.

– Clap!

I ran with all my might, determined to capture the princess.


Yes, it was good to run so hard… I did… Arriving at the scene, I realized that something was very wrong. No, what the hell happened? Surprisingly, there was only one intruder, someone I knew very well.

“Ah…! Father! You are safe!”

Why is Cecilia here, who should be attending classes at the academy? No matter how hard I tried, it was difficult to understand.

It wasn’t once or twice that he made a house visit outside the academy. As rumors of my becoming a doctor spread throughout the capital, more people were looking for me, so I had already made several business trips to gain connections and money. So, something like today was one of the normal things for me. It was never such a serious thing that Cecilia would come and make a fuss over her.

Cecilia must have known that all too well… I would have… Today she was a bit strange. Normally, she would have been in the infirmary or in my room waiting for me to come back, but today she went on a rampage as if I had been kidnapped.

Did something happen that I don’t know about? As I hugged Cecilia, who ran towards me with her tears in her eyes, I turned her head to see the horror she had created.

Pit formations in the yard, fragments of buildings scattered here and there, flowers and trees in the horribly ruined garden… The Crozet family, famous for being beautiful in the capital, was in complete disarray.

And starting with the knight named Rance who came to me that day and the handsome knight who came to the academy, each of the knights was bleeding and moaning. It’s like going through a war.

Because of that, Mrs. Crogett, who had been having tea time happily, was at a loss for what to do with a pale expression on her face her, and the princess, surrounded by knights escorting her, was staring at us with a straight face. And there she was, Massa by her side of her, looking around her with her bewildered face of her.

…… So you’re saying that Cecilia was the only one who made this scene? Naturally, she thought that a terrorist group had invaded…

It was more shocking that she had created this terrible situation by herself than Cecilia who came suddenly. Even the two knights of the kingdom, who claimed to be strong, were like children standing in front of her.

My daughter is very strong. I didn’t know her dad her was like this. You are all grown up now.

Should I be impressed, should I be angry, should I be praised… My head was dizzy. The situation was ridiculously complicated to the point where I wanted to give up and return to reality.

“Father… What a relief! I’m really glad you’re all right!”

Okay… It’s really fortunate to be unharmed. I don’t know why you were so worried, but anyway, thank you so much for worrying about me. But I guess I have to keep worrying about it. If you don’t care, you will be punished for treason on the pretext of aiming for the life of the princess.

Sensing that I’ve been fucked quite a bit, I was thinking about how to safely pass this over, but I heard someone’s voice behind me.

“Two minutes. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Was a princess


To start with the conclusion, I was really fortunate that it went through without any problems. Are you saying that’s nonsense? But it actually happened. As it turns out, it was a dramatic compromise because there was something wrong with each other, and there was nothing good about arguing with each other in the future.

To explain in more detail, the handsome knight who came to me was the culprit behind this incident. Why didn’t he talk about security? That was what Cecilia said as she broke the surveillance net. Hey rotten bastard

Thanks to that, Cecilia, who misunderstood that I had disappeared from her sight her and was kidnapped, came to rescue me. . The Knights of the Crozet family got caught up in trying to mediate the situation.

Anyway, since the princess’ subordinates made the mistake first, Cecilia’s runaway was somewhat extenuated.

Of course, in the process, the princess questioned how it was wrong and whether it was strange to set up a surveillance network where her father worked, but thanks to Mrs.

…… Is it normal? I don’t know, but I agreed by nodding my head beside him that good is good.

However, in a situation where it would still be annoying if the princess fell for treason, the princess asked us to be on her side instead of doing today’s work.

“Your older brother shouldn’t be the king of this country. Help. Please be my strength for the future of the country!”

Apparently, rumors that the prince was gay spread throughout the capital, and the opinion that the heir should be changed arose among the nobles. So she thought of taking this opportunity to increase her own power and take her place her as successor from her prince her.

Even though he is a lesbian. Is this completely out of my mind?

Anyway, so I figured I’d know. We must pass the crisis. After confirming each other’s thoughts and exchanging opinions to some extent, we were able to turn today’s incident into a simple happening.


“Sorry father… Was it a big deal because I misunderstood?”

“What do you have to be sorry about? It was because you were worried Rather, thank you.”

“But you became the princess’ subordinate because of me… Would I rather kill them all? I don’t like it when my father takes orders from others. Shall we just get rid of all the annoying things and leave?”

No that’s kinda … Cecilia became quite aggressive, perhaps because her hidden powers were revealed. It seemed that he was trying to love me with all his might. I replied calmly, as if telling her not to worry, while caring Cecilia’s soft cheek her, who was still lovely even after saying scary things.

“It’s okay. I can solve the princess problem.”

“… Also, father! You intend to conquer even the princess with that wonderful cock!”

Uh… ? How did you know. That’s right. It’s a little bit like that when you say it so openly. Seeing him proudly say that he was a good cock with a cute face made me feel strangely immoral.

“Wonderful! You’re going after the princess! Are you thinking of making the princess a slave to his cock her and using his powers her to rise to the highest position in the country? Also… Even if I don’t say it, my father knows. He wants the seat that suits him best!”


“So you’re going up to a position where no one can interfere with our love and announce our marriage? Ah… Be romantic! I don’t know what to do with my father’s love. I’m so happy…!”

No, what are you doing today? He had planned to capture the princess and make his subordinate work her disappear, but Cecilia said more than that. Rather, I want the help of a princess and become a king? …… Am I going to be king?

… Normally, I would have dismissed it as bullshit, but after seeing Cecilia’s powerlessness today, I realized that it wasn’t just bullshit. Is this really possible? As the princess said, in a situation where the succession has become a mess, isn’t it possible if you can get the support of the nobles?

If Cecilia absorbs the power of the princess and takes care of the opposing nobles… Oh, I feel something about this. My heart was pounding at the fact that it was worth doing more than I thought.

“Whoops. I was still promoting the engagement of my father and Miss Aubert, but it went well. If you hear about making the princess her third wife, the head of the Aubert family will agree to make Miss Aubert her second wife!”

No, but what is engagement?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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