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Heroine Netori 147

Heroine Netori 147

Chapter 147 – Romance Fantasy (32)

My mind went blank for a moment at the shocking words that the horny Misa unknowingly brought out. It’s Rize… ? Are you talking about Princess Elise? It was difficult to understand easily. No really?

“Does Princess Elise often touch this place?”

“Huh… Before I get sick… I touched you every day… Wow…”

Wow, that’s real. To put on such a dignified face and then pierce someone’s cunt from behind… After all, shouldn’t we judge people only by their appearance? It was a very desirable twist.

“Everyday… You mean?”

“It was strange at first, but the more I got the better… But because of the wounds, ha… I haven’t touched him at all lately… So sad.”

“But there is. Your touch makes me feel so much better! Haang! Strange… It’s a man touching it, so why is it like this? It’s different from what Rize said… Hyaaaaang… It’s so good!”

Indeed… I got it now I wondered why he got into heat so easily. However, the switch was turned on at once because a stimulus that was much more pleasant than usual came in.

“Hahm… ! My fingers are much thicker too… Whew, ha… I feel like my insides are being filled…”

Besides, from the looks of it, it seems that his body has already been developed, so he must have wanted it even more. I mean scratching the inside of her pussy like this. This is so… It was a good thing for me in many ways.

“Hyaang! Hot, ah…! Hey what! Aaaaang!”


An escort knight developed for a lesbian princess and the princess… Umm, if you do this well, you might be able to touch the princess, right? It is a world without smartphones or SNS, but isn’t there a saying that words without feet go a thousand miles? I thought it would be fun to threaten to spread rumors based on facts.

But in order to do that, we must first capture the mass.

“Hehe… Are you better than you thought? It felt great! Why don’t you go somewhere else and stay as our doctor and touch us every day?”

Well, it seems that it has already passed.

“Don’t get me wrong, Mistress. What I did is therapy. Not for any other purpose. Are you kidding me right now?”

I told her that she still felt inadequate even after she had gone. She pushed until now, so now it’s time to pull.


“I am a body with a daughter of Misa-nim’s age. Do you think I look like a pervert who gets aroused by touching Misa’s genitals? In order to neutralize the curse spreading all over the lower abdomen, I also risked embarrassment and received treatment. Please stop misunderstanding.”

“Uh… Yes… How…. Mi, I’m sorry! I was bad… !”

Mass, whose heat was released and her intellect her returned, must have felt ashamed of my words, so her face her blushed and she didn’t know what to do. Whoops, yes, be ashamed. Because the more emotions fluctuate, the easier it is to capture.

“But, it was great! It’s my first time doing this… I know it’s therapy, but… I want you to keep touching me… Ooh, sorry! Am I weird?”

Oh, did I feel good enough to overcome my shame? It was really admirable to see him speak to the end even though he was shy. And the way he flapped his ears her was really cute. I need to stop pulling to the prize and push again.

“Miss. Is this your first time being touched by a man?”

“Yes… In the first place, other than Rize, you are the first person to touch my body.”

“Indeed. So you didn’t know. Mr. Mass. Originally, women feel good when they are touched by men. It’s an extremely normal physiological phenomenon. And especially when touched by a man with the right match, it makes me feel dizzy .So, the Mass is not strange.”

“That… Are you running?”

“That’s right. Since I’m a man and Misa is a woman, if I touch Misa’s here like this, it’s bound to make her feel better. It is basic common sense.”

“Wow! Under… Ugh, that’s right… Really… Ha ha…”

During the conversation, when I gently tickled Misa’s pussy again, Misa gasped for breath and agreed with me. It was sophistry that no matter who she heard it, but she did n’t suspect it at all because she was experiencing it with her own body.

“And here too. Well, as expected, the nipples are standing. Does the princess touch me here too?”

“Hyaaaaang! … Yes”

“Did you touch me like this?”

“Hey! Much soft… Hot, ha… I didn’t pinch that hard!”

“But would it be better for me to touch it?”


“Now, are you sure? Misa’s body her likes me as a man more than the princess as a woman. And looking at it now, Misa and I seem to have a pretty good compatibility. Seeing them get excited this much, easily.”

– Sizzling
– Sizzling

Haha!, Now, wait… Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!”

As she finished speaking, she thrust her two fingers into her cramped cunt and mercilessly poked at the walls of her vagina, moistened with her love juice her. Maybe it was because she only enjoyed softly with the princess, but it seemed that she couldn’t easily withstand the stimulation I gave her.

This, first of all, I have to train slowly until I get used to it…

I calmed down and played with her ears and tail her until she got up. It seemed that I was addicted to the soft touch more than I thought.


“Hey… Why did Rize lie like that? It’s completely wrong to say that it’s unpleasant to be touched by a man, that’s…”

As I declared to her that she had come to her senses her, her treatment her was over, her mass her hesitated, and she questioned me. He seemed quite confused at the thought of being cheated on by the person he loved. The truth is that it is self-deception. It’s cute.

I replied by pretending to comfort her for the purpose of selling her a trap for her future her. It was because he needed Misa’s help to spend time with the princess.

“It won’t be a lie.”

“What? But you are wrong!”

“The princess must have said it knowing that it was true. Like Misa, she hasn’t experienced being touched by a man yet, so it’s highly likely.”

“Ah… I see Hehe, yes Rize is the same as me!”

“Miss. But don’t tell the princess. You will probably be very disappointed. If I get a chance, I will personally give the princess a proper education, so Misa, please stay still.”

“Yes! That’s right! Because I was too shy… Lize will be too. Hehe, but I still want to see Rize embarrassed. It will be very lovely.”

Misa, imagining her princess figure, covered her mouth with her hands and she started giggling. She was so cute that I stroked her hair and she was startled, but she didn’t resist my touch her. As I went away a few times, it seemed that the wariness of me had disappeared.

It’s like having a real pet.

Excited, I asked Misa a question while caring her ear her.

“By the way, is Misa dating the princess? That’s what I touched for treatment, but usually, unless we are in love, we don’t touch or allow our genitals to be touched.”

“Um… Well? I love Rize, but… Is that dating? I don’t know hehe Still, Lize is the most precious thing in the world. Rize loves me just as much! …… Oh! Rize told me not to tell anyone about this…”

“Haha. Don’t worry. I am a person with a heavier mouth than I look.”

“Really? Phew… Thank god. I almost got scolded by Rize!”

It’s not like the princess was playing with it one-sidedly. She was just in case, but she wasn’t that bad. Sorry for doubting you. We just love each other normally… So, in the end, it’s like dating…

Actually, thinking about it made me laugh. The twin brother is gay and the twin brother is a lesbian, this is not shit. Since princes and princesses looked like this, the future of the kingdom was bleak.

I heard that they fought each other over the succession right, but isn’t this going to ruin whoever becomes the successor? I’d rather…

Phew, what else am I thinking?

I had the illusion that the world was laughing at me when the room shook back and forth, perhaps because of my absurd imagination.

– The Kwagwagaga River!
– Wow!

“Oh, you know! What must have happened out there!”

It was not an illusion, it was reality.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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