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Heroine Netori 146

Heroine Netori 146

Chapter 146 – Romance Fantasy (31)

I used the Lich’s curse as an excuse to kick the princess out of the room and left the room alone with a dog named Misa. Of course, in the process, there was resistance from her princess her, who tried to remain on her own her, but thanks to the dissuade of her mass her, she was able to send her out her safely.

‘It’s okay! This person is weaker than me hee hee And the curse might spread! Rize quietly goes out and waits!’

I was worried about what to do if I didn’t listen, but luckily that didn’t happen. It seemed that the trust between the two was strong. Thankfully.

“Then… Oh, can I call you Miss Misa?”


“Missa, then can you show me the affected area?”

Left alone with her as she wanted, I pretended to be her doctor her, seated her in her doctor’s chair, and demanded to see her her insides her. Then, the proud dog Soo-in seemed to feel ashamed now, blushing and carefully pulling up her clothes her.

“Ugh, you wrapped the bandages too roughly. Let’s get this out of the way first.”

“Hyaa?! My, can I do it?”

“No. This is the doctor’s job.”

Unexpectedly, the body of a beastman was not very different from that of a human, but when the bandage was removed a little, there was no animal hair found on Misa’s abdomen. Apparently, the beastman in this worldview was set up with only ears or a tail attached to a human body. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of furry, so it was a very satisfying Mass.

“Aww, you’re so close… Because I do it.”

“Keep calm. If you don’t do it, the wound will become worse.”

“Hey! Don’t talk right next to the ear!”

It’s really not a decoration. Pretending nothing was wrong, she made a small noise near her ear, and her dog’s ears trembled. This is kinda cute I felt like I knew something about Suin’s charm to her.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t even pay attention.”

“Be careful… And how long do you have to stay like this! Take it off quickly!”

“It takes a while to remove the bandages while neutralizing the spread of the curse. It’s embarrassing, but please wait a little bit.”

“Ha, aren’t you embarrassed at all? It’s just that my arm is numb…”

To pretend to be strong. It’s a bunch of cuteness, boy. Even if I speak harshly with my mouth, every time my hand touches my body, it trembles, and whenever that happens, the dog’s ears also prick up, so it’s very funny. This… I think you know why there are so many slaves in the fantasy world? It’s definitely fun to play with.

“Um… It’s more serious than you think. The lich’s curse is preventing the wound from regenerating and corrupting it. I wouldn’t have been able to hold on like this if I didn’t have enough vitality… It’s amazing that you don’t even look sick. You are indeed the princess’s escort knight.”

“Huh, heh. It only stings like this, but it doesn’t hurt at all.”

“Also! You are amazing!”

“It’s nothing! Hehe…”

Look at this. You say it’s not a big deal, but your ears are flapping proudly. Are you really cute? I want to raise one too. If I talk to Cecilia and we get married, I think it would be okay to raise a beast.

“Then, let’s start treatment in earnest.”

“… Yes.”

Her injuries were obviously serious. The beastman’s unique regenerative power intertwined with the curse of corruption, and the affected area was bubbling, which was really terrible. My words of greatness were never empty words. If it were me, I wouldn’t have said anything and just moaned… It was a little respectable.

But that didn’t mean it couldn’t be cured. The heal skill obtained from the Royal Road Hero is invincible. It’s a skill that can cure a curse given by God, but can’t it cure a curse like this? I laid back the chair where Misa was sitting and reached out to caress her wound her.


Then a cute, sharp high-pitched sound erupted from below, hurting my ears.

“Mistress! Are you okay?”

“…… You were surprised! Talk and touch!”

It must have been that I was careless, perhaps not thinking that I would touch the wound right away. Showing her shame, she covered her blushing face with her hands, but couldn’t hide her ears her, her two drooping puppies her. She was very shy I laughed silently and removed her hand her from her stomach her.

“Sorry. Stop because you want to treat quickly…”

“Thank you for that, but… But let’s talk first…”

“Haha. Okay. I will be careful in the future.”

But there’s nothing wrong with touching it, right? No matter how much it was for treatment, I touched the woman’s inner skin, and neither the princess nor the mass that was being touched now had no resistance to my treatment method. Is it because you are so desperate? If it wasn’t for me, he would have had to suffer without being treated for the rest of his life.

Umm… So, if you enjoy it like this, there will be no big problem, right?

After activating erogenous stimulation, I carefully touched her lower abdomen to her.


To be honest, while I was at the academy, I had no particular intention of touching other girls. There was Cecilia, and there was Aria Meltz, who was always giving her money, and now there was Louisa Aubert, whom she could fuck whenever she wanted, but she didn’t have to touch women who looked lower than them.

But the present case is an exception. I shouldn’t have missed this opportunity. He’s a beastman and an escort knight for the princess, so it’s hard to meet him easily. It’s rare to find a situation where you can do something like this. So, it is right to enjoy it while you can.

“Hey… Ha… Uh, this is being treated right…?”

“You’re right. Little by little, but surely, it is being cured. Now it doesn’t hurt to touch here and here.”

“Hyaang! …… Talk and touch!”

It’s just a question of whether you can go to the end… That would depend on what I’m trying to do. It doesn’t seem easy to eat and break up cleanly without any problems, but it seems possible because there is sexual stimulation. Are you already panting like this? After spending a few times with a little more intense touching, you might be able to fuck.

“Oh, sorry. Then I’ll tell you first. So far, we have stopped the curses from flowing out of the wounds, so from now on, we plan to heal the curses that have already flowed out. So, you have to touch the areas around the wound, but since the area is a part, you have to touch a slightly embarrassing place, so please be careful.”

“Huh… Okay… “

“Then I will start the treatment from the inside of the thigh first.”

“Wait a minute! Did the curse spread that far?”

“That’s right. You can think that the area around the lower abdomen has already spread. That’s why I said it took a long time.”

“I can’t help it, then…… Hyaaaaang! What are you doing! You pervert!”

“You said that. It touches the inside of your thigh.”

“That said, clothes, ha ha… Putting your hand inside… Wow! Where are you!!”

Where is it here I got permission, but you can’t touch it over your clothes. When her mass reached her hand her into her baggy shorts that she was wearing, she got very angry. Were you a little hasty? Still, it didn’t seem like a big deal, seeing as she just said that and did n’t refuse her treatment of her.

Reassured by her, I asked her calmly while touching her thigh her as gently as possible.

“There is nothing I can do about treatment. If not this way, Misa will have to take off her pants, would that be better?”

“What?! That, that… How… But…”

“Then I will continue treatment.”

After all, being a doctor is a cheat. Misa finally could n’t resist and took my hand that was raging inside her pants her. Raising her head, she glanced at her ear, and she flinched at my touch. I enjoyed the sight and slowly put my hand inside her.

“There… Ha… There…”

“Didn’t you say that the area around the lower abdomen was spread out? Of course, it should be treated here too.”

“But… There… I can’t…”

“… Mistress?”

“Hyaaaaang… I can’t… Ha… “

However, Misa’s expression became strange. My hand her, finally reaching her panties her, caressed between her thighs and panties her, then subtly slipped under them. Misa’s brown eyes turned red and her pupils her dilated.

Surprised, let me check her condition through observation,

[Status Abnormality: Estrus]

A translucent window containing information that Mass was in heat appeared.

No, I didn’t even touch you properly, already? Is it because it’s a handicraft? Perhaps it was in heat, but the speed at which it fell was no joke. Can you go straight from the first day to the end?

Excited at the thought of her beat her, I dared to put her hand her inside her panties her, and she bounced on her waist and screamed strangely.

“Hyaaaaang! … It’s much better than Rize’s touching…!”

… No, what is this again?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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