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Heroine Netori 152

Heroine Netori 152

Chapter 152 – Romance Fantasy (37)

Elise could not accept what the man said. No matter how much you think about it, it makes no sense that Misa, who had promised to be with her for the rest of her life, abandoned herself she loved and chose the first man she met yesterday. It was clear that it was a low-quality joke or a lie caused by a man’s threat. She thought so, and Elise raised her voice and tried to rage at the man.

However… Seeing Misa’s face, Elise realized that the man’s words were true.

Misa made the expression of a woman, the expression of a woman who gave up all of herself in order to receive a man’s love and swore to become a man’s possession, the expression of a woman who lost her subjectivity that Elise and Misa hated the most and gave herself to a man. There was

Shocked by that fact, Elise stopped what she was saying and stared blankly at the two of them.

I hope that the reality in front of you will be a terrible nightmare.

“Well, you can’t believe this. Miss Misa, I think we will have to prove our love directly.”

“Hehe, that’s a good idea. Then… Shall we kiss you?”

But what came to her was a horrific sight that was even more difficult to accept.

“Ha-am, ha-ha… Churup, puhe… Chun, chuu… Gulp, ha… Asil’s saliva is delicious…”

Mass, consumed by her lust her, clung to the man and, bearing all of her own weight her, sucked up the man’s saliva and kissed her sticky, not caring whether or not saliva flowed down her chin her. Will be.


Elise bit her lip, feeling a great sense of discord at the lewd appearance of the mass she was seeing for the first time.


Misa, completely lost in kissing a man, unknowingly shook her waist and asked for the man’s love her. It was a very different look from the Misa I knew. With me every time, as if it was a nuisance, it was obligatory… As if she would not let go of the current mass, she clung to the man and kissed her passionately.

Nonsense… Can it be that different? It was a change in Mass that I could not easily accept. It was hard for her to believe that Misa, who did n’t really like kissing, climaxed with her kissing her alone.

Haha… You know, ha ha! You know! Don’t just kiss, chu-up, ha… Touch me more, haaang! Make me feel a little more knowing!”

The Misa I knew was never such an obscene child… Mass, which belonged to men, was completely enslaved to desire. That fact made me feel extremely defeated.

Did I not satisfy the Mass properly?
Actually, is that Misa’s true form?

Painful thoughts kept coming back to me, and my heart ached. Her chest her felt tight as if she had sunk to the bottom of the sea. It was so hard that she couldn’t breathe well.

“Ah! Good! I like Asil’s hand! Touching while kissing! Haang… I love it!”

But Misa, unaware of my feelings, gasped at the man’s touch her and groaned in pleasure. That fact made me even more depressed.

“Stop it now… I get it… Tell me to stop…”

Eventually I had to admit that the mass had become a man’s thing.

“Um… You seem to be pretending to accept… I can’t help it. I have to show you a darker side of me.”

“Hi-Hi. Then let’s do it! I’ll suck you again!”

However, the two did not stop even after listening to me.

“What, what… ? Don’t do it, Misa! No… Poetry, I hate it!!”

Misa, kneeling in front of the man, took off the man’s pants and lowered his panties. Then the man’s genitals appeared. As a result, a terrible memory came to my mind and I screamed involuntarily.

But Misa didn’t care about my screams and put her face on his genitals her.


That… Cock? The man’s penis was much larger and more ugly than I remember. Compared to the man’s, the one in my memory was cute. I was afraid of something small and filthy, and I was afraid of that moment until now…

The impact of the male genitals was so great that the trauma that had been bothering me became absurd. I felt like I was being raped by a man’s genitals just by looking at the smell of lewd cocks that paralyzed my brain and the hot cocks heat that I could feel even from afar.

“Ha… Churup, pheuuuuu… Gulp, ha… Smell… I think I’m addicted… Asil’s cock… Ha ha.”

However, Misa seemed to have already gotten used to the pressure that that cock gave her, so she casually held the cock in her mouth her and licked his genitals as hard as if she were sucking on sweet candy.

“Miss you… Why… How can you change like that!”

When I saw that, I couldn’t stand it and shed tears. My heart felt as if my heart would be torn apart by the sense of betrayal of Mass that had changed so much and the lack of myself for failing to satisfy her desire her.

“Why are you showing me like that… “

I muttered helplessly as I watched the mass that had now completely left me.

“Haha. That’s because of the princess.”

But when the man heard me, he smiled a little and gave me an unexpected answer. The absurd answer that it was because of me. When I raised my head and glared at him, the man stroked Misa’s ear and continued speaking in a slow but distinct voice.

“I heard you really like having your genitals licked by Misa like this? I heard everything. That I asked Misa to lick my genitals whenever something nice happened.”


Surprisingly, the man’s words were undeniably true. Could it be that Misa talked about all of that? My mind went blank when I learned of the unexpected revelation of Misa.

“Thanks to that, Misa thinks it is natural to lick the genitals of the person you love. That’s why you’re licking my cock like this to prove your love.”

“Huh… Besides, Asil’s cock is different from Rize’s pussy, and it’s so delicious… Haa, chureup, hauuu… If it’s Asil’s cock, I can suck it all day!”

It’s a lie… There’s no way that vicious cock could be delicious… Unbelievable information poured in one after another. Because of that, I couldn’t think anymore. My whole body lost strength, and I just blankly watched Misa sucking his cock her.

“Hey, sleep… Chew, Chu, Chu, ha… Gulp, haaang… I like to sleep… Asil’s cock… So lovely. Aaaaah!”

Mass continued to serve the man, making sounds even more filthy than when kissing. Then, she brought her hands to his pussy and enjoyed the man’s cock while masturbating her. Naturally, Mass was in heat now.

“Ah… Only the princess was getting this good thing… That’s too much. Misa’s slender fingers, small mouth, and soft tongue… Everything is perfect It is hard to find a greater pleasure than this.”

And the man admired Misa’s tongue her and looked down at me with a mocking expression. He dared to explain to me the caress of Misa, who she must know better than anyone else in the world.

Annoying… I gave up everything and lowered my head.

“By the way, Princess. Actually I know how to feel a lot better here. Princess, do you know what it is? The hint is that a princess could never do that.”

But even after seeing me like that, the man didn’t stop making fun of me.

“That, stop… No way, no?”

“Haha. No way it catches people.”

With the words that he would show it himself, the man who pulled the cock out of Misa’s mouth her calmly lay down on the floor. Then, the man’s cock, stained with the spittle of the mass, towered toward the sky right in front of me. As he was distracted by his shocking appearance of her and couldn’t take his eyes off him, Misa, who had become naked before she knew it, approached and brought her pussy to the man’s cock of her.

“Ah… Oh, no. Misa, stop… Please… Please!”

“Hehe… Rize. Look Carefully. I’m going to have sex with Asil from now on. I don’t know Rize, but actually, sex is very pleasant… Don’t miss me and watch me go away.”

Embarrassed by that appearance, I begged Misa to stop, but Misa did not listen to me. Instead, she asked Massa to watch her fuck herself, and before hearing my answer her, she lowered her waist and swallowed her man’s cock her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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