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Heroine Netori 153

Heroine Netori 153

Chapter 153 – Romance Fantasy (38)

“Haaang! Rize! Are you watching Ha ha, this is ha ha! It’s sex… Ha… Aah, it feels so good to have a pussy full of Asil’s cock!”

“The penis was rubbed in a pleasant place, haaaaa! Keep going away! Asil’s cock is poking around where Rize’s fingers can’t reach!”

“Waist, mandible, move freely, hauu… I can’t stop! Ha… The sex is so good that it drives me crazy!”

Misa, who jumped on top of the man’s cock and started having sex by shaking her waist, explained everything to me one by one and meticulously told me how much she was feeling and how good the sex was.

I didn’t even want to at all.

“Ahhhhh… Haang! Especially when the cock is poked at the inner end here,haha… Haaaaang! You’re going to keep going like this!”

“More than a kiss, ha ha, good! Rize! I love Asil’s cock so much!”

Why do you keep calling me after abandoning me? I was annoyed by Mass ‘attitude that I could n’t understand. But Misa didn’t care if I was annoyed or not, and she continued to call my name her and engage in sex.

“Ha ha, hyaaaaang! Lizena, I’m leaving again! Aaaaa!”

Eventually, fed up with the sight, I closed my eyes and lowered my head. I didn’t want to see the vulgar mass any more. I just wished this time would pass.

“Sir! Lize, haang! Look! Raise your head and look at me! Hot, ha… Watch me go away again with Asil’s cock!Haha!”

But Misa didn’t tolerate me like that. She called out to me with a gasping voice and yelled at me to watch her till the end. I twisted my back desperately to feel the man’s cock even a little bit more.

What… What do you want… That look is no different from a complete prostitute… Did you want to show your low self?

I couldn’t find the woman I loved in Misa, who belonged to a man. The woman in front of me now was not the Mass I knew. She was just a bitch, no bitch. She was a bitch with nothing but sex on her mind, who kept shaking her waist even after she was gone again and again.


That’s why I ended up hating Mass. I could no longer love Massa, who had lost herself and became a slave to the pleasures of her cock. Misa, it’s over with you…

“Ha… Mass…”

I thought… What is the year I am really doing? Why am I so excited when I see Mass that belongs to someone else… Why…

Seeing Misa’s face more lewd than usual, her breath her sounding more bizarre than usual, and her gestures her becoming more intense than usual, I lusted after Misa.

Soaked in her uncontrollable pleasure her, she could n’t stop, she could n’t stop calling my name with her distant voice her and howling her climax her was so lovely that I wanted to jump right in and hug her.

“Haaaaang! It’s packed inside!! Haaa! Asil’s Agi-san is filling up her pussy!!”

But all I could do now, tied to the chair, was to watch the mass go away due to the man’s circumstances.

“Ha… Rize… Saw? Asil wrapped it up… Hehe… I feel so good about this… Wow… “

After countless climaxes, Mass eventually fell into her man’s arms and lost her consciousness. I didn’t have the spirit left to hold out any longer.


“Chuup, Chuu, haa… Gulp, ha… Tasty. Hehe. It’s delicious even if you suck it, but it’s even better because it’s covered with semen. Churrup, haang… Can’t you wrap it again?”

You’re still doing it… ? Ugh, ha… It was another stress that woke me up from fainting due to the pouring stress. When I opened my eyes with difficulty, I saw Misa licking the man’s large cock.

“Oh! Rize! Woke up! Hehe.”

Remove some of the cock hair from the corners of your mouth and say … I tried to point it out, but her patience I turned her head and ignored her. Why are you laughing so brightly after betraying me… My fever rose when I saw Misa smiling at me and saying hello.

“You finally woke up. Then Miss. After this, we will do it again next time.”

“What? Hee… Okay. I can’t help it.”

“Thank you for your understanding. From now on, it’s the princess’s turn.”

“What, what?”

But at the man’s next words, I had to turn my head back to normal. It’s my turn? I can’t understand… What do you mean by turn? I wondered why they had to leave me here, but I thought they were going to do something to me. To do something very bad…

“No! Ha, don’t! I don’t know what it is, but I just let it go! If you two like it, that’s it. Why are you trying to involve me too!”

When I thought about it, my body trembled. The things I’ve done so far have been very unpleasant, but I really couldn’t allow it any more. It was clear that his mind could not break down, so it would break. So I looked at Misa to ask for help, but Misa didn’t seem to want to stop me at all. Lie… Even knowing my trauma, why… Why! Mass that betrayed me until the end was so disappointing.

“Didn’t I tell you that I have three things to tell you? Now it’s time to talk about the second one.”

But even if I was disappointed, nothing changed. Having no choice, I couldn’t stop what the man was saying.

“So that! Can’t you just not do it? I hate it, I hate it!”

“No. There is something absolutely necessary for the princess. That’s right sex education.”

“…… Sex Education?”

“Actually, I heard a lot of stories from Misa. The worst accident that happened to the princess, the resulting trauma, and the distorted view of humanity and things like that.”

“…… “

I said all of that… ? When I looked at Misa, who was flustered, Misa approached me and hugged me, soothing me kindly.

“As you know, even trauma can be treated. Awesome isn’t it? So I asked for your help. Because I don’t want to see Rize suffer… I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier, Rize.”

I almost lost my mind for a moment at Misa’s warm body temperature that I thought I would never feel again, but then I finally regained consciousness. Reflecting on it again, I managed my expression as if nothing was wrong and then told the two of them.

“Therefore… Are you going to do sex education? In what way… I mean…”

“It’s simple. It will make the princess feel with her body that men are not unpleasant at all. Just like I did for Mass.”

“What… What! After all, that means you’re going to touch it!”

“It’s a treatment anyway. I will cover those terrible moments in your memory with pleasant pleasure.”

“What nonsense is that… Oh, don’t come… Ah, ah! I hate it!”

After all, you’re no different from that bastard! You’re trying to use treatment as an excuse to touch me. You’re thinking of touching me like that… No… I hate it…

Tremord with fear, I cried and struggled to escape. But Misa, who was holding me, gave full strength to her arms and did not let me go. Mass… Are you devoting me to the subject of being a man’s bitch? Angry at her, I opened her mouth and tried to shout at her, but Misa grabbed my face and kissed me.

“Hah, huh? Ha, chu, chung, uh uh… Ha… Mass? How… Hot, chewy, haaaaa…”

“Don’t be afraid, Rize. I’ll be there to help. Asil will really heal Rize. If Asil is hard to believe, believe in me who believes in Asil. Huh? I came to love Asil, but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you… Chueup, Haljjak, ha… You are still precious to me.”

You didn’t abandon me…? I could instinctively feel that the Mass was sincere. She still loved me That fact broke my heart. Can this man really heal my trauma?

A long time ago, when I was young… I was kidnapped by my uncle after being tricked by my older brother who was seduced by the glittering treasure. There was only an empty bed without a window in the villa where there was a fun toy.

Ugh… Thinking back on it, it’s a truly horrifying moment. Fortunately, thanks to Misa’s medicine that remembered my smell, I was able to be rescued safely without touching a single hair from the garbage, but because of that human being who enjoyed being scared and trembling, I had to suffer from nightmares for a while.

And that memory became a trauma to me, and from that day on, I stopped trusting men and, furthermore, hated men. I was in the position of a princess, so I couldn’t show it off the outside… Whenever I met a man, I had to suffer from pain like bugs crawling on the inside of my skin.

Really… Without Mass, I wouldn’t have survived. It was only when I embraced Mass that I was able to escape from that suffering. And thanks to Misa, I was able to overcome that trauma little by little. Of course, it’s still not complete, though.

But now the mass, the mass that had always saved me, brought a man with the words that he would help me again. I… Should I believe this?

“Don’t worry. I’m with you.”

After the kiss, Misa went behind me and hugged me from behind. And seeing that, the man walked towards me.

“Princess. Then, I will start treatment from now on.”

The man’s hand came to my face where Misa was caring it. Then, slowly, he started stroking my cheeks as Misa would do for me.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t too bad.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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