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Heroine Netori 154

Heroine Netori 154

Chapter 154 – Romance Fantasy (39)

“Is stroking like this real therapy? I can’t understand…”

When I stroked the princess’s cheek under the pretext of her treatment of her, she hesitated for a long time before she spoke to me. He seemed to wonder if this act would cure him.

Uhm, but what? I didn’t think much of it, I just touched it because I wanted to look soft… I couldn’t even speak frankly, so I reworded whatever came to my mind.

“Haha. It’s not really a treatment, it’s a treatment. Wouldn’t it be necessary to seek treatment before treatment?”

“Therefore… What are you treating?”

“It’s to see how much the princess truly hates men. By the way… It seems that nothing is more than I thought. I thought you would resist… I didn’t expect you to stay still even if I touch you like this.”

“Chi, they say it’s treatment, so you’re forcing yourself to endure it. Don’t make hasty misunderstandings!”

“Is that so? However, the fact that he even dyed his face red and let out a rough breath… Rather than forcibly enduring it, you seem to be enjoying it, no, excited?”

But it seems to have worked better than I thought. Even so, I had to check if the princess was excited, because if I threw her ground food first and she denied it, the process going forward would be much more natural.

“Forcing is what you do! Absolutely not? What are you excited about seeing? Are you really a doctor? Very rude and obnoxious. It’s the worst, really.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Yes, if you deny it like this.

“Again, I never got excited. I just felt bad. Really… What kind of treatment would you do without knowing this… Wow! What, what are you doing!”

Appreciating the princess’s attitude of pretending not to grit her teeth as she wanted, I threw away my coat that was covering her lower body her. Then, of course, the princess’s clear and clean pussy her, which was already wet, was revealed.

“But it is strange. Why is the princess’ pussy wet when she is not excited?”

“Uh… Uh? Uhh………… Kyaaaaa!”

I must have seen Mass going away with my cock several times right in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t have been excited. Satisfied with the condition of my pussy as expected, I approached the princess, who was blushing with shame, and caressed her face again, whispering in a sinister voice.

“I know you were excited to see the sex between me and Misa. Can you not know Even the princess started to smell like a woman. Watching Misa leave me, did you imagine how pleasant sex with a man would be? And did you imagine projecting yourself onto Misa and doing it with me? Isn’t that why she stayed still even when I stroked the princess like this? With her blushing like now.”

“Oh, no… I’ve never…”

“But the pussy is wet. Didn’t you imagine having sex with me? Oh, if not, are you incontinent?”

“Not even that! Not really… Black, no… Not everything…. Whoa…”

The princess, who was unable to do this or that at my direct questioning and fell into a dilemma, finally repeated the words that it was not, with her tears welling up. Due to her repeated mental attacks of her, it seems that her mentality of her has been greatly damaged.

“Haha. Princess. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The excitement at seeing me as a man is that there is a possibility that trauma can be cured, which is rather good news. So why don’t you just admit that you’re excited and move on to the next step?”

So I used this opportunity to inject my thoughts into the princess. To think of nothing else and to accept what I have to say.

“That’s right. Rize, you looked at me as if you were jealous. I mean shaking your waist without you even knowing. Hi-Hi. Are you excited to see me getting even more raunchy than usual? And you wanted to feel that good too, right? I know everything. We love each other!”

And at this time, I wanted to send a signal to Misa and even received her support for her. This time, I was determined to put an end to it.

“Mass… Wow! For a moment… Whoops, haaang… Don’t touch…”

“Look at this! After all, even the nipples are hardened. Aren’t you excited about this? Eight! Liars should be scolded!”

“Haaang! Poetry, Sherrer… Hey, why are you doing this… Haha…”

No, I didn’t want that far … After Misa reached into her princess’ clothes from behind her back her and informed her that her nipples were erect, she continued teasing her princess’s nipples her and playing with her.

As a result, the panting princess couldn’t stand it and surrendered to me while weeping. From the look on her face her, she seemed to have given up everything in a sense of desperation.

“Okay… You can tell okay. I was excited. I was excited to see you and Misa having sex! Maybe that’s why, far from hating you touching me, it felt good! That’s it! …… Aaaaa”

“Good job. Princess.”

Phew, now we have crossed the ridgeline. Seeing the princess become more honest, I smiled broadly and stroked her hair as she was crying.

I’ve been bothering you until now, so now it’s time to appease you.


What the hell are you talking about… Ha…

I couldn’t remember what he said to me or what I answered, even though it was just before I was in a daze. There was only one thing left in my mind, saying nod your head if you feel good.

It’s so absurd.

Shame, shame, humiliation… After torturing me with your back, you want me to feel better now. I’m not a toy… You are the princess of this kingdom! I’m not the kind of person to treat you so carelessly… !

“Okay then, let’s begin.”

But I couldn’t get a word out of my mouth. No matter what I said, it was clear that the man in front of me would lightly ignore me. And rather, it was certain that he would torment me even more, saying that there was a problem with me.

So I just quietly followed the man’s orders. That was the best I could do…


So let me helplessly answer the man’s words,

“What’s wrong?!”

The man placed his hands on both my thighs.

“How are you? Are you in a good mood?”

Then he started caring me using only his fingertips.

“… Uh? Ha… Oops, hot, ha… This… Haaa…”

Because of that, my mind that had been clouded came to a light.


I felt goosebumps all over my body as I kept getting chills from the man’s fingers crawling gently across my thighs. The thought of wanting to stop and the thought of wanting to continue coexisted, and between them, I became a fool and nodded my head unconsciously. Then the man’s finger he went up one more level.

“Good. It’s much nicer to be honest. We will continue to do so.”

“Ha… Oops, ha… Weird this… Haha….”

Even though the place a man touches isn’t particularly my erogenous zone, and even though a ‘man’ I hate is touching my body, for some reason, I keep feeling better. The painful and difficult feelings gradually disappeared, and unknown warmth flowed through the man’s fingers and filled my empty chest.

“Ah… This why… Ha… Why…”

“All right. Then we will go higher.”

I should feel bad… It shouldn’t be like this… I couldn’t stop nodding my head. Addicted to the man’s fingers comforting me on a difficult day, I continued to allow him to climb.

“Huh, ha, ha ha… Ah, like that… Ha… “

Then, when the man’s hand finally reached the inside of my thigh, I felt so much pleasure that I went lightly without even realizing it. Then, as if the man had seen it, he stopped the caressing hand and stroked my heart with a friendly voice.

“Princess. How is it. You feel good.”

Great… I can’t deny it anymore I love being touched by you…

“Even if the pleasure given by Mass is good, in the end it cannot be compared to the pleasure given by a man. It is an unavoidable human nature. Living without knowing that, the princess has lost half of her life.”

I can’t… No… Why did you tell me only now? Half of life… I lost…

“By the way. I haven’t even touched a proper erogenous zone yet, but it’s this much pleasure. What would happen if I touched the princess’ cunt directly?”

Pussy… ? Ha… I’m sure it’ll go away just by touching it… You will feel great. Are you sure. It’s still so good… Ha… Pussy… Haha…

“I know very well that the princess is having a hard time because of her trauma to her. But wouldn’t it be too unfair if you didn’t feel that good for the rest of your life because of that damn guy?”

Right. It’s unfair. I hate that… I want to feel… What Misa felt… I don’t want to see it, I want to feel it with my body… I want to try too… Sex…

“So let me help you. To help the princess overcome her trauma, I will tell you the pleasures that men give. So, I will make sure that the princess does not lose money for the rest of her life.”

Ah… Really? Did you promise? Then please… Me more… Make me feel good!

“Will you trust me?”

I nodded as if possessed by the man’s words pouring down. Then, as if waiting, the man’s fingers her and entered her pussy her.

“Ha, ah, haaaaa!”

So, for the first time, I was left by a man. Trauma no longer existed.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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