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Heroine Netori 155

Heroine Netori 155

Chapter 155 – Romance Fantasy (40)

“Oooooh…… Yes?”

When I regained my senses from the tremendous sense of discomfort I felt in my lower body and struggled to open my eyes, I could see the sweat-soaked Misa rushing at me. Even naked.

“Rise! You woke up!”

In my hazy consciousness, I heard the gurgling sound of the mass stuck in my cock… Looking at Mass now, it was not a dream, but a reality. Mass… Did you make such a dirty sound with such a cute face? This stupid bitch…

Wait, if that’s the case, I’m saying that being touched by that man is also real…

“I was very surprised that he kept passing out after leaving!”

Aha, that’s how it happened too. It seems that she fainted after being distracted by the pleasure of a man she felt for the first time. Ugh… I’m embarrassed. He disappeared as soon as he was touched, and he continued to show his ugly side of her. I don’t want you to misunderstand me as a naughty woman… Seriously, the princess’s decency is out of the question.

“I see… But do you know?”

“Here I am. Princess.”

“Oh… You know, that look…”

As Misa moved away from my words to find Asil, I saw Asil riding on top of me. In the state of being naked like Mass. What is this… The body is very nice… This was the second time since I was born that I had seen a man naked, but unlike the terrible garbage in my memory, Asil’s body was so beautiful.

I couldn’t help but blush at the man’s large shoulders, which gave me a sense of well-balanced muscles and confidence. So I lowered my head to hide my blushing face his, and this time Asil’s hugely erect cock filled my eyes.


Cock… Wet… Is that the saliva of Mass? I also heard a squeak… After sex, you sucked like before… Haha… They said the mass was delicious, but is it really… ?

It was a man’s cock that I felt very afraid of until Asil touched it, but strangely, it was not scary now. Rather… Are you cute? I had a strange crush on the throbbing and pulsating cock.

“The cock… I have an erection…”

That something big like that would come inside the pussy…? I’m sure you’ll feel great You can’t even compare it with your fingers. It’s enough to turn Misa into a horny bitch…

I want to feel it too…

“Haha. Would you like to touch it? Coincidentally, I was also touching the princess’ cunt, so it seems like we can communicate.”

“… What is it… Awesome! Hot, ha…”

Did you feel my gaze? Asil reached out and took my hand and made it squeeze his cock. And before I could react, he thrust his fingers into my cunt again and began fondling my vagina even more vigorously than before.

The true nature of the sense of incongruity was this… Like this… I can’t stand it… It kept going even when I touched it softly, but if I touch it like this… Ha…

“Before I put it in, I’m going to release it a little bit like this. It’s probably because it’s my first time being a princess.”

Haha… Haaaaang! That means… No way! Haha…!”

“That guess is correct. My cock that the princess is touching right now is an injection that cures trauma. One shot of this will make you no longer hate men. How is it? Do you like it?”

“This… Haaa… Into me?Haha… Ahhh!”

Ah, I’m thinking of doing it after all. It’s so hot… You’re thinking of completely capturing me by inserting it into my man-hating cunt. You’re thinking of turning me into a female like Misa, so that I can fall for a man’s cock and not be satisfied with anything else…

“Haha. Seeing that you nod, you seem to like it.”

However… Are you okay. Because now I know Because I came to know that women have no choice but to give in to the pleasures of men, that it is a woman’s instinct… So if you know that, I can trust you and offer you my pussy.. .

“Ugh… Please. Ha… Treat me with your dick To be able to gasp for the pleasure of a man, not a woman! Make me a real woman… Educate me!”

“I will do as you command.”

As I walked away and screamed, Asil leaned over and took off my sweat-stained top. So, for the first time, I showed my naked body to a man.

“Thank you, you know… “

I’m ready to become a female.


“Kyaaah! Hot, ha… Came in…”

“Princess. Are you okay?”

“Oh, it doesn’t hurt more than I thought. It was so big… Interesting.”

“I guess the princess and I have good compatibility.”

“… Is that so?”

I thought it would hurt… I didn’t feel any pain at all. Is it because Asil released the inside of her pussy before inserting it? Or really… Is it because they like each other? I was a little surprised by the movement of his cock, forced into the narrow entrance, but what followed was not pain but pleasure.

“But just in case, I’ll give you some time to adapt.”

“Huh… Thanks Actually, it’s a bit awkward. There’s something strange about feeling your cock in her in her pussy her… It feels great, but… I mean, it really feels like being eaten by a cock… “

“By the way, I’ve only put half of it in yet.”

“What? Half?! …… Really?”

Seeing it and feeling it are two different things. I thought I had already entered everything, but that was my own misunderstanding. More coming in here? … Can I hold out Even now, it seems like she’ll leave if she’s a little careless, but if Asil’s cock scratches the inside of her pussy that she hasn’t experienced yet… Aah, just imagining it made me so excited that I tightened my insides.

“Huh! Haha… Ah… “

“Hoo… By tightening it up like this, does that mean that you want to put it all in right away?”

“Oh, no, not that… Whoa! … He said he would give me time… Haaang!”

Stupid you know… I was careless, is this what it is? If you stick your dick in like this and kiss my womb, you’ll have no choice but to go away… I was barely holding on…

Still being subdued like this… Good mood. The inside of her pussy is full of Asil’s cock… It’s not unpleasant at all, and on the contrary, it feels like it’s filled with know-it-all to the inside, so it’s very cozy and happy… It really is a woman’s instinct…

“Sorry. The inside of the princess is so good…”

“Ha, ah… Okay? Really? Ha… I see… “

You know… Did my pussy make you feel better? Happy… To think he liked the pussy of an ugly bitch who would leave as soon as he got stuck in his cock her… You’re so sweet… I’m just a female… Aang, I think I’ m mistaken…Ha…

Moved by Asil’s words, I stretched out my hand and hugged him, and Asil put his body on top of mine and began to move his waist her little by little.

“Hot, ha… You know… Ha… “

“Princess. If it hurts, tell me.”

“It doesn’t hurt at all, it doesn’t hurt… Haha… I just did something good… Asil’s cock… Good mood.”

“Are you that good?”

Every time Asil’s big cock came out of the vagina, the vaginal walls were stimulated and moaning came out naturally, and every time his cock came in and touched the cervix, crazy pleasure poured out and my back was shaking without even realizing it .

“Very good! Every time I get fucked by Asil, I can’t think of anything other than Asil… Hot, haaang! If you do this, you will become an idiot who only knows Asil’s cock!”

Then, as I climaxed again and walked away, Asil slowly rubbed his still hard prick inside my cunt, clutching my face and giving me a hot kiss.

“Hayeot, Chu, ugh… Ha… Mandible… You know, hw, churueup, haa… Gulp, ha… Asil…”

Thanks to that, I, who became one with Asil both above and below, was able to feel the utmost happiness as a woman. To the point where I wish this moment would last forever.

“Okay, you know… Keep making me a woman, make me a woman… Haaa… Churup, ha… Make me yours like Mass…!”

So I decided to become Asil’s.

“Good. Then can I fuck you until I’m satisfied, Princess?”

“Anytime… Ha… Use me as you like… Haha… Because I’m your bitch…”

“Good job. Princess. You’re done. As a gift, I will fill the innermost part of the princess with my thick semen.”

Ah… How could such a wonderful gift be…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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