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Heroine Netori 156

Heroine Netori 156

Chapter 156 – Romance Fantasy (41)

Capturing the princess was easier than I thought. Because Misa, who was already the only support her, was attacked by me, I was able to break her mental her very easily.

“Ha… You know, Churup, ha… Please stroke me more… Please stroke Rize’s hair to your heart’s content… Haha… Churup, Chuu, whooo…”

It was only natural that the princess, who had lost her place of support her, wandered about and eventually succumbed to my cock. No matter how traumatic she was, she couldn’t resist the pleasure I gave her as long as she was also a ‘woman’.

“Ha ha… Asil’s hand, I’m so relieved… Ha… Chuu, Chuu… Kiss… Be happy…”

“Princess, when we are alone, there is no need to show respect. Please use short language like before.”

“It can be… Ha ha, no I’m the female of Asil… Talking inappropriately to the master, I myself can’t tolerate it. Ha… Chuup, Chuup… But, is it okay to call you Asil? What do you call master… It’s so desolate.”

“… Of course. Anytime the princess wants.”

“Ha… You know… Please call me Rize. The princess feels a sense of distance. And speak comfortably. I am your bitch…”

By the way… To be honest, I didn’t expect it to fall this far. No, how lewd are you to declare yourself a bitch because you fucked me a few times and wrapped it inside? Even Misa, the dog’s owner, didn’t do that… If she did this, let alone a wife, she would be treated as a pet rather than a concubine.

… So, how about a little service?

“Rize, don’t belittle yourself. I consider you a woman, not a female. Like Misa, Rize is a precious person to me. Even though treatment is the goal… The reason I used such a passionate method was because I developed feelings for Rize-nim.”

“Then… Alas, is it really? You know… I’m satisfied with Asil’s sexual desire treatment… Such a precious heart to me…”

“Really! You know, you’re a total flirt! Are you confessing to Rize while sucking my dick? Chureup, whoa… Too much really… Gulp, even though you didn’t say anything to me… “

Umm… But then, this time, the mass went wild. Up until now, he excitedly shakes her waist with the princess, saying that the three of them are now one, and complains that he only expressed affection for the princess now. It’s cute. I tried to soothe her dog by petting her ear her, then pressing her head to pour the semen over Massa’s uvula her.

“Still, are n’t you expressing yourself to Misa with your body her? I have already begged Mass three times in a row. Twice in the pussy, once in the mouth.”

“Cough, Cough, How… Honey… Wow… I like that, but… Hehe. Even if you like Rize with your mouth, isn’t your cock honest? Great. I’ll clean it up again and then please you with my pussy.”

“For a moment! Now it’s my turn! Ugh… ! You know! Too much… Is my pussy not good? I was pushing hard… After all, is a trained knight’s pussy better?”

No, are you like that this time? Ha, this is annoying. Maybe it was because the two of them were dating, so I didn’t get mad at them for crossing their legs, but it was nice to see them jealous of each other in this way, but I didn’t like it. If we leave this as it is, will we continue to see this kind of fight…

It seems that an iron fist rule is needed to control the situation.

“Each pussy has its own taste. It’s not about who is better. But sleeping is different. I’m sure there will be no better cock than mine in the lives of the two of you. So, you two, stop fighting and open your pussy to accept my cock. Do you understand?”

“Huh… Ugh…”

“Yes…You know…”

Well, I’m just listening to you. When I lowered my voice and spoke with a straight face, the two of them stopped arguing and laid down on the bed, opening their pussies with their own hands. Thanks to that, two beautiful pussy flowers bloomed right in front of my eyes.

“I love you two, but the initiative is mine. So stay calm. After all, the nights are long and my energy is limitless.”

“Yes… I’m sorry, you know. I’ll keep my pussy wide open with Rize… Ha… I’ll wet your pussy so you can get fucked anytime and I’ll be waiting for you!”

“I know. You know… You mean to be an Asil woman during the day and an Asil woman at night? I will follow… Ha… As long as I can receive Asil’s love and cock, I’ll follow you !”

Ok, that’s how it should be Ruina and Cecilia will be added later, so it’s easier to set discipline in advance. If I say too much, but then fight with each other later, I’m the only one who gets in trouble. So it’s good to see the end clearly at this opportunity.

“Good. I like it. They are also two of my favorites. … Then, since I did it with Misa earlier, I’ll have sex with Rize-sama this time. Miss Mass masturbates next to you and waits for your turn. “

“… How… Okay. I’ll masturbate with Asil’s semen inside my pussy and wait for you to wrap me inside again!”

“Ah! It’s my turn… Whoops. Come, you know! Please insert Asil’s cock into the pussy of Elise van Ludwig, the princess of the kingdom of Kihilan. Fill the womb of her noble lineage with Asil’s semen Oh!”

Whoa, really… I did a good job raising my stamina stat. Tight, tight.


Late at dawn, with Mass passed out from the frenzy of sex next to me, I had a deep conversation with Elise, who was still whispering to me in her arms her on the other side. With her body and mind captured as planned, it was finally time to proceed with the final step.

“You know… I… You said you had three things to tell me today, right? But I haven’t heard the last story yet… Is it okay if I ask what it is?”

“You mean the last story… Actually, it’s meaningless now, but if Rize-sama wants it, I’ll tell you. It was a request to be my woman.”

“Oh, that… ! Really? Happy… You know, from the beginning she wanted me.”

“That’s right. To be precise, she wanted Rize-sama, the princess of the kingdom.”

“…… Yes? That word…”

It’s my turn to enlist the help of the princess to become the king of this country. All of the attacks up to this point were for now … There was no way Elise, who had even declared herself female, would refuse my request, no, her order her.

“When you are at the academy, you cannot know. The fact that Prince Elric is gay, and the fact that he is a descendant of the kingdom, but he covets sodomy without thinking about succession. As a subject of the kingdom, it is truly exhilarating.”

“…… So?”

“So I started thinking. I wondered if it would be better for me to follow in His Majesty’s footsteps. Isn’t there a saying that men are judged by the size of their dreams?”

“Bah, that’s treason, that’s it!”

“That’s why I tried to make Rize-sama my woman. If you get the princess’s support, it won’t be a simple rebellion.”

“Then… It was for that reason… The one who seduced Misa and made me into Asil’s female…”

“That’s right. She found out that Rize-sama was also gay, so she was disappointed in Rize. So I thought that since the future of the kingdom was gone, I had to step in.”

… However, if I give an order like that, Elise’s complete loyalty cannot be expected. Forced to give up her ambitions her by others, it is possible for her to grow seeds of resistance in a corner of her heart her.

“Well, that was when I was still gripped by trauma! With Asil’s help, you’re cured now!”

“You’re right. So now I have changed my mind. As I said before, my affection for Rize-nim was engraved in the middle. The desire to use it has already disappeared, and now I am sincerely thinking about Rize-nim’s future. So, as I promised a few days ago, I will stand behind you and stand by your side.”

“You know… “

So my operation is like this.

“No. I’ll be on your side. I’m a woman and a female of Asil, right? Fufu, I can’t follow in my father’s footsteps. I’m sure you don’t even think about state affairs, but you’ll think about Asil’s chair, right?”

Just like now, Elise has to give up her dreams and yield to me.

“Rize… “

“In the first place, I was trying to become a queen… It was to get revenge on my annoying older brother and the men who gave me ugly eyes. But now all that is meaningless. Because I have a clue! As long as there is Asil and Asil’s cock… That position is no longer needed. But I can’t give it to my ugly brother. So… I’ll be on your side As you know, you are my master. My master needs to be the king of this country to save face! Whoops.”

Just like this.

She gave Elise, who could n’t even refuse my order anyway, her made-up options of her, and made me feel like she made a decision for me, so now she will be my perfect side of her.

Her word her, devoting her body, mind and even her own dreams her.

“… Thank you Rize-sama, I will cherish that heart.”

Whoa, good. Now, with this, we are ready to meet the head of the Auvers family. From a nursery teacher who had nothing, he became a powerful person who gained Cecilia’s arms and Elise’s power over her. Now that you’ve come this far, even if you’re the head of the Auvers family… You won’t take my words lightly.

“But there is. The current Asilo is not enough… As a man, as a master, he is perfect, but as a king… Are you a little sad? Can Asil, who seems weaker than me, get people’s support? Hmm…”

Umm… ? Uh… Are you still lacking?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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