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Heroine Netori 157

Heroine Netori 157

Chapter 157 – Romance Fantasy (42)

You look weak… I discovered a weakness that I hadn’t even thought of. A person who wants to become a king must not have the force. That is, a person who wants to rebel against an existing successor.

Even if I had my back supported by two mighty forces and a strong military force, if I looked down on people, the chances of success in rebellion would be extremely low.

At the same time as criticizing the gay prince, I was planning to get public support by making the princess my woman and showing strong masculinity, but if I only showed a weak side and escort, it was clear that I would only be criticized.

Therefore… Don’t look weak, you have to show a force befitting a monarch.

I have to show a dignified appearance so that I can dispel people’s distrust with a powerful figure like a tyrant and have power in every word I say.

Only then will she be able to announce her love for Cecilia in front of everyone without paying attention to others. In fact, that’s the real purpose of becoming a king.

Therefore… I have to be strong.

In order to confidently become a king, as well as not to hear absurd remarks like ‘You’re weaker than me (laughs)’ from a woman who has even declared herself a female like now.

“There… You know? You’re not angry, are you? Why are you suddenly frowning…”

“I am not angry.”

“You look angry? Let go of your expression, you know…”

“Because I’m not angry.”

No, this is Ropan. But why are there only strong kids like this? If you want to be a little named, you won’t be able to observe. Rather, is the power balance messed up because it’s a romance novel? How can you be stronger than me with a body that hasn’t been trained like this…

I’m still a C-class hunter… I’m not one to be told I’m weak anywhere… Whoa… In the world view where I only did tutorials, I was completely flying around, but here I am just a jerk.

“It’s okay, you know! You don’t have to be strong! If you decorate it with various artifacts, you will be able to reveal a fearsome intimidation!”

“Rize… You can’t even comfort me. I can become strong in no time.”

However… Don’t worry too much. The reason why I’m being treated like a weakling right now is because I’m in a situation where my abilities are limited. Even if you solve this, you will be at the level of a B-class hunter, so being weak right now is not a big problem.

In addition, if you go to the martial arts world, you can also develop daggers, right? A few steps at once will make you stronger. So there was no reason to feel impatient now.

“Then… Don’t be so escapist! Even if you are weaker than me, you will always be my master. So accept reality!”

“No, I’m not lying…”

“Don’t worry, you know! I will do everything in my power to help you… I’m going to make sure that Asil succeeds in his father’s footsteps his… So have hope!”

No, this bitch doesn’t believe me. Is it really possible? If you give it a lot of time, what is an A-class, you can become an S-class hunter, or even stronger…

Ha, what are you talking about I have to show you. Even if I don’t want to continue to be misunderstood like this, I have to go back to reality once in the middle and build up my strength.

“Now, relax, you know! I’ll suck your cock! Or should I do it for you?”

Well… But being misunderstood isn’t necessarily a bad thing…


The stat restrictions I had, the problem had already been resolved a long time ago. Maybe if I go back to reality now, it will disappear right away? As soon as I returned to the romance world, I was connected to Cecilia… The condition for removing the constraint that the system said had already been satisfied a long time ago.

Therefore, if you want to become strong right now, you can go back to reality. Then the restrictions will be removed and the stats will go up, and based on those stats, you can go through stronger dungeons or move on to the world of martial arts to learn martial arts and improve your combat skills.

“Secret… What? You want to reveal a secret you’ve been hiding?”

However… Instead of going back right away, I chose to meet Cecilia.

“Yes… Lia, I’m really sorry I hid it until now…”

If I leave without saying anything like this and come back stronger, Cecilia will see me completely changed overnight. I didn’t like that.


Cecilia is not an idiot, and of course she will know that I have changed, so I won’t have any doubts. It was never a problem that could be solved by just feeling like it. It was an act of ignoring her to just trust her system and move on.

“Actually I… “

So I decided to explain everything to Cecilia. Because Cecilia truly loves me… She didn’t want to make her hide any more.

“Whoops. You’ve finally revealed it! Ah… Does that mean you love me that much? I’m glad Dad… If my father was hiding it, I would’ve tried not to bring it up until the end… How can you tell the truth like this! I am so excited to think that I will get to know you even more!”

I did… What is this reaction?

As if you knew everything…

“To be able to know the true face of my father… “

What is this reaction…


“I see. So you’ve been guessing since then? That I am a different person.”

“Whoops. Right. Are you a family? I can’t help but know.”

“… Mmm, then I’ll take your father… Did you know that you made it disappear?”

“It’s okay! He was someone who wasn’t interested in me anyway. If it wasn’t for my father, I might have been abandoned by him. My father saved me… Ah, father… So, you are my real father.”

“Leah… “

It is said that Cecilia noticed that her father had become a different person from then on, thanks to the sense of incongruity that occurred when I possessed the body of her ‘Deokbae Asil’. But she didn’t bother revealing that fact, but she said that she liked me more than the former ‘Deokbae Asil’.

It contains only essential memories and is empty in places, so I didn’t know he was an ugly father, but that bastard… It’s really embarrassing to be so indifferent to such a cute daughter.

– Warak

“And the person I love is not him, but my father. Whoops. So rest assured. My heart was only with you and will always be with you.”

Look at this Didn’t the daughter who rushed in and hugged her like this didn’t even pay attention to what she hated? I understand that it was difficult for her wife to die, but the living must live…

After internally criticizing the man who was the owner of my body, I hugged Cecilia who came into her arms and responded to her affection.

“But I didn’t know that my father was actually from another world. I was surprised that he suddenly changed in an instant, but that was when he returned to his original world his… Cool.”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“Whoops. Not at all. Your father is your father.”

By the way, Cecilia didn’t know everything either, but she didn’t know that I came from another world. I thought it was strange, but I didn’t expect it until that point.

So I was worried about what to do if the reaction wasn’t good, but fortunately that didn’t happen. Cecilia told me the wonderful thing that as long as she had her love, she didn’t care where I came from. Really… She is a very good filial daughter.

“And even better. He said he could become stronger there! The current father is also handsome enough, but if it is a father full of outstanding magical power… I might fall in love with you even more.”

And that. Hyo-nyeo cheered me on when I said that I would come back stronger. She seemed to like the way I looked at her, taking serious steps to become her king her for her sake.

“Leah… Thanks for talking like that. I can come back safely.”

“Whoops. Don’t worry about me and go. I will be waiting patiently.”

So I was able to shake off the secrets I had been hiding and return to reality with a sense of relief.


[Use of the right to suspend]

[Achievement Achievement: ‘Forbidden Love – Father and Daughter (Level 3)’]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Teaching Assistant (Level 3)’]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Supporting Actor’s Favorability Level Exceeded 100’]
[Supporting character ‘Cecilia Asil’s affinity has exceeded 100, so you can use her skills her. (Proficiency is reset.) (Due to the difference in stats with ‘Cecilia Asil’, only some of the skills can be used.)]
[Basic Telekinesis Lv.1 – Telekinesis can be used.]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Supporting Character’s Favorability Breakthrough 200’]
[As the favorability of the supporting character ‘Cecilia Asil’ has exceeded 200, you can enter the world where ‘Cecilia Asil’ belongs without any cost. (You can enter even if the world view is completed.)]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Supporting Character’s Favorability Level Exceeded 300’]
[The favorability of the supporting character ‘Cecilia Asil’ exceeds 300…… ]
[… ] ]

-Ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong
– Bang bang bang bang!
“Mister! Please open the door! Mister!”

-Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Dong
– Bang bang bang bang bang!
“Uncle! I have something to tell you, so please open the door quickly!”

Umm… What the hell is this?

As soon as I returned to reality, I was struggling to read through the notification windows one by one, receiving a barrage of translucent windows that filled my eyes, when I heard someone violently knocking on the front door.

Hyuna… ? Didn’t Hyuna go back home? Why did she come all of a sudden she came.

Thinking that something big had happened, I put off reading the notification window and rushed to Hyuna who was looking for me. And when I opened the thumping front door, Hyuna glared at me with red eyes and urged me on.

“Mister! Who the hell is Cecilia? She Said she ain’t no uncle woman! Explain straight!”

Ugh… How the hell did this happen?
I couldn’t comprehend the situation in front of me.

How does he know Cecilia? And why are you mad at me for that? What the hell happened?

“Mister! Explain it to me please! Hurry!”

She returned with a happy heart, but I didn’t expect this reality to be waiting… Her stomach hurt when her head was spinning.

“Oh? Does she know my name her… How amazing. The only person in this world who knows me is my father.”

However, a more incomprehensible voice came from behind him.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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