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Heroine Netori 158

Heroine Netori 158

Chapter 158 – Cecilia

“… Leah?”

Somehow incomprehensible things happened one after another. Are you dreaming right now? The fact that Hyuna brought up Cecilia’s name, the fact that Cecilia’s voice was heard in real life, all of these things were understandable if this was a dream. Haha, what are you dreaming about?

“Whoops. Right. This is her father’s daughter her, Cecilia. Hmmm, this is the world your father lives in, right?”

…… I tried to escape from reality, but the warm body temperature of Cecilia hugging me from behind her back and the sweet scent emanating from her reminded me that this moment was real.

Is this a real story It’s all real… ?

The fact that the character in ‘Heroine Netori’ appeared in reality, and that Hyuna, who is a completely third person, knows about that person, are all real? …… Does this make sense?

Faced with such an embarrassing moment, I gave up thinking.

“Is this Cecilia?! What. You are a foreigner… Huh? But what… ? Father? Oppa, did you have a child?!”

“Hyungah, wait a minute… “

“Wait a minute, answer quickly! Was your brother Dolsing? How old were you when you made a child! This… Uh huh What is it really…!”

No, it’s Hyuna… I’m confused enough right now, so can you stay still? In the situation where the accident couldn’t keep up with reality and the brain stopped, Hyuna, who seemed to be more shocked than I, ran at me without taking off her shoes, so I was completely surrounded by Cecilia from behind and Hyuna from the front.

Guys, give me some time to think. I still haven’t figured out the situation. I mean, this is the first time this has happened. My head hurts.

“Hmm… He’s a pretty noisy person. Father, can we handle it? I knew there would be women in this world, but … If she is a woman who is rude to her father her, she cannot forgive.”

“Lia, wait a minute… “

“What, what? Hey you! … Not… Ah, what should I call you at a time like this… Whoa, that, Cecilia? Would you like to go out for a minute? Should I talk to your father?”

“Whoops… I guess you’re the one who should be out? Are you going to unknowingly interrupt father and daughter’s time?”

No no, why is the atmosphere like this again? I’m going to die of dizziness, but if I do this, I’m in trouble. It would be a big deal if we had to fight here… Ugh, I need to somehow hold on to my mentality and organize the situation before something happens.

“Come on, both of you! Let’s talk calmly. Huh? Everyone is so excited right now.”

“You don’t look excited?! He said he didn’t have a girlfriend! I heard there wasn’t! But what is he…!”

“Oh, do you have any memory? You must have heard that I am my father’s daughter, Cecilia… Pitifully.”

“You, you! You recklessly say that you are my brother’s daughter, but if you say that to the person who will become your new mother, you will have to suffer!”

“…… Father, what is this man talking about? Are you a stepmom? Whoop, whoop, whoop whoop… Could it be that he was a paranoid patient?”

Guys… Didn’t you hear me telling you to stay calm…? My efforts to calm them down somehow went to waste at once, and I almost fainted thanks to the two fighting each other over me.

It’s Cecilia. Who taught you to be so sarcastic? Dad never taught me that. And Hyuna. You’re so excited that you’re speechless. Stepmom, who? You? We’re not even dating yet. Please calm down…

…… I wanted to say it, but I couldn’t bring it out of my mouth. To be honest, I was a little scared. It was dizzy to think that the offensive against each other was focused on me.

“Even if you both calm down… Hyuna, I’ll tell you everything, so let’s take off our shoes first. Huh? Then I’ll tell you everything. And hey Lia, Hyuna is an acquaintance of her dad her, so you should n’t be so rude. Huh? Don’t even think of me.”

Still, I couldn’t stay still, so I took turns holding the shoulders of the two of them, looking into their eyes, and talking calmly. I mean, be quiet.

“Brother, stay still! We’re talking… Oh uh… ? Ha ha…”


Umm… But why is he suddenly doing this? I told you to stay calm, I didn’t say to collapse… After hugging Hyuna who collapsed suddenly, I looked back to ask why, and Cecilia blushed and hugged me once again.

“I calmed him down. Whoops. Did you do well?”

Cecilia makes people faint just because she doesn’t like her…

Enfant terrible…


[Achievement Achievement: ‘Supporting Character’s Favorability Level Exceeded 300’]
[Supporting character ‘Cecilia Asil’s favorability rating has exceeded 300, making it possible to summon ‘Cecilia Asyl’ in real life. (Can be summoned up to 1 hour per day, consumes 1000 points per minute) (If the world view is completed, the time limit disappears and the points consumed are reduced by 1/100.)]

Did this affect… After reading the notification window that I hadn’t checked before, I finally understood what Cecilia had said.

“The soul continued?”

“Ha… Really? After her father left the word that he would come back… In that fleeting moment, I could feel the connection between my father and my soul.”

When I asked how she had found her, she brought up the story of her soul her, so I asked what she was talking about. As she was able to summon Cecilia with the ability of ‘Heroine Netori’, it seemed that she and her soul her were bound. And thanks to that, Cecilia was able to check my coordinates and move to this place.

“Ha… Father…”

It would have been impossible if it had been someone else, but I think it was possible because Cecilia was such a genius. She’s really great whose daughter she is. Her shoulders her trembled.

“Then how long can you stay?”

“Yes… I can hold on like this until morning. Whooping…”

However, that didn’t mean they could stay here forever, but because of the world’s deterrence or whatever, they had to pour magic into it to remain in reality, so they said that they had to return when they used up the magic they currently possessed.

“Sorry. I wanted to show you around.”

“Whoops. Isn’t this the end? Ha… They say that even with her father’s ability to her, she can call me… When you’re done with what you’re trying to do, be sure to call me.”

“Yeah… Sure.”

But if I’m right, if Cecilia goes back to the Ropan world this time, she won’t be able to come back on her own like now. As long as I’m gone, the world will stop, so I won’t be able to refill her magic her.

So, if I want to see Cecilia in real life, I’ll have to use points to bring her back from now on… This, I have a reason to see the end of the romance world. An hour a day is too little. How can I endure the tantalizing taste…

After I get as strong as I thought, I’ll go back to the romance world and see the ending. It’s good even if it’s a B grade, so it’s more important to see the ending first.

“By the way, Leah. Do you like your face now?”

“Ha… Sure… A young father, that’s great… I really liked the dignified charm, but this wild charm… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I thought I wasn’t a snob looking at faces. .. My father is cheating now…”

Even for the sake of my daughter, Cecilia, who clings to me now, even more agitated than usual, and then caresses my face, breathing heavily.


Okay, now that the biggest question has been answered, it’s time to address the next one… Hyuna, who was knocked down by Cecilia, showed no signs of getting up. This is not a big deal, is it?

“Whoops, don’t worry. I just made him sleep for a while because he seemed restless. You can forcefully wake him up, but… Ha, I want to stick with my father like this for a little while longer. … Can’t we?”

She tried to ask Cecilia just in case, but she answered before she could and looked up at me with her teary eyes. No, this is a foul play. If that’s the case, you can’t refuse.

“Leah… Are you nice? If you finish this job, I will love you until morning, so please get up and help me.”

“I do not like it… I don’t want to waste even a minute and a second of this time…”

She climbed on me and then she fell into my arms. Cecilia was really cute, but I was worried about my daughter who was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to me. Is she a teenager? Was she belatedly rebellious? I’ve never been like this before…

But fortunately, after hearing my words her, Cecilia returned to her good filial daughter and woke her up with a broad smile.

“She is the one who will be your sister while Leah is in her reality her, but her sister her has to give it up. Is not it? That’s her sister’s responsibility to her. So, listen to Dad. Yes?”

Cecilia likes her because she treats her like a sister…

Cute child…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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