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Heroine Netori 159

Heroine Netori 159

Chapter 159 – Cecilia

In fact, waking Hyun-ah didn’t solve the problem right away. Hyuna, you were pretty angry right? She might refuse to talk unless I gave her a proper explanation. So, I guess I should explain my abilities of her and Cecilia to some extent … I was worried about how far to reveal it. ‘Heroine Netori’ is a really special ability, so I was cautious about bringing it up.

However… I also thought it would be a good idea to reveal everything at this opportunity. You and Hyuna signed a manager contract, right? She She’s not someone he can’t trust, and She’s someone he’ll always be with, and it would n’t be nice if She’s she had something to hide. So she just made up her mind her and she decided to talk it all out.

“Indeed… So you’re saying that she secretly spyed on her father using her camera and wiretapping device?”

“Yes. Right.”

I did… I never thought things would turn out like this… No, this is real cheating. He said he controlled his mind her with magic…? Hyuna woke up and was hypnotized by Cecilia’s clap her. She began to answer truthfully the questions Cecilia asked.

Really… I was in a situation that made me feel like an idiot while thinking about how to open Hyuna’s mouth her.

“I really don’t like it. A woman other than me spying on her father her… Bring them all right now.”

“Yes. I know.”

This… Didn’t you keep hypnotizing the people around you like this? Seeing Cecilia manipulating Hyuna so naturally, I couldn’t help but think that way. And she was worried about what she was doing with that hypnosis…

“Actually, in this way she hinted at Miss Meltz and other schoolgirls and sent them to her father her. She says she go to therapy. Because I can’t handle her father’s lust her all by myself… Whoops. Did I do well?”

Oh, was it like that? Also Cecilia … Even if you use her hypnosis her, you use it like that, is she really a filial daughter? I stroked the hair of my good daughter, who also cares about her father’s sexual desire her, praised her for doing well and hugged her heartily.


-Tuk, tuuk, tuk
– Tuk, tok, touk, thump
-Kooung, Touk, Tuk

This is true… Wasn’t it just one or two? Even though she knew what Hyuna said was the truth, she was struggling to deny it, but thanks to the countless cameras and the sound of wiretapping devices pouring over her table, she admitted that she could no longer deny it.

Yes it’s real, you really were monitoring this house, so you knew Cecilia’s name, ha… I asked Hyuna, who was in a state of unconsciousness, a question while trying to sort through her complicated mind her.

“Hyunah. Why did you install this?”

“I was anxious. It’s because my brother didn’t accept my heart. So I wanted to confirm my brother’s feelings his with this. And I wanted to keep an eye on my brother to see if he had other women or if he had other women.”

That’s right… Perhaps because Hyuna had experienced being betrayed once, it seems that she was afraid that she would be abandoned this time as well. Too bad… I had no intention of doing that, so she signed a manager contract, but she guessed it, so the frightened Hyuna didn’t collapse.

“I am surprised. It seems you weren’t even in a relationship with this person.”

“Yes? Uh… Well, that’s how it is.”

“That’s not like a father… Wasn’t he the one who stopped the women from coming? This person looks and looks like a person who suits my father.”

“Yes? No, that’s…”

Hyuna doesn’t give a damn. However, this is not the world of ‘Heroine Netori’, but reality, and it was a little like ignorance to eat it out of ignorance. It was impossible to feed a mentally unstable child, and it was a burden to take responsibility.

“What were you so hesitant about? I don’t think my father doesn’t have feelings for this person either… Then he has no reason to hesitate.”

By the way… Cecilia’s words were not wrong. Isn’t it over if you like each other? What were you stocking up on? With the ability of ‘Heroine Netori’, you can become infinitely strong, so even though you are in a situation where you can handle Hyuna enough as a hunter, you wonder if you have acted too passively towards Hyuna.

And rather, it made me think that Hyuna became obsessed with her to that extent because I clenched my teeth and hit the iron wall. After all, it’s like managing a fishery. So, it was right to assume that I had some share in this voyeur and wiretapping case.

“Leah… You’re right.”

Have to repent Hyuna told me to look forward to her because she will seduce me, but I think I will have to confess first. Before she’s ruined any more.

“Whoops. I’m glad you’ve changed your mind. Could you please move away then? There is something I want to say to Hyuna.”

“Yes? So?”

Well… What is it? What are you trying to say? When Cecilia, who had been smiling brightly at me, suddenly turned her face and faced Hyuna, I became nervous without realizing it. You’re not trying to get revenge for what happened now, are you?

“Ms. Hyuna? You’ve done a really big problem. That is, he was trying to monopolize his father. Whooping… Whether your father has other women or not is none of your business.”

… Oh, is that what you wanted to say? I’ve felt it for a long time, but Cecilia has a yandere disposition, but she was very generous in this way. To the point that she sent the girl directly to me with hints. Is it because you love me that much? ? Despite being a yandere, Cecilia, her filial daughter her, was very grateful and proud.

“No one can monopolize my father. But the father can monopolize everyone. Because my father deserves it. So don’t be dissatisfied with your father even if other women come into existence besides you. Girls like you just have to be content with being loved by a father. Do you understand?”

“… Yes, got it.”

This… Thanks to that, I think I can bring Sophia and Wi Ji-hye into reality with peace of mind. I was a little anxious that there would be a fight like today, but if you say that with your own mouth, there won’t be any trouble even if you bring it. Hyuna would not be dissatisfied if she was caught in this way.

Whoa, as the complicated problems were resolved because the ground hardened after the rain, I felt much lighter as things seemed to be going in a good direction.

“And I mean… The first of your father’s women is me, Cecilia? So from now on, when you call me, you should call me unnie. Do you understand?”

“…… Yes, sister.”

“Whoops. Like. That’s it.”

What the heck, really cute It seems she really wanted to be treated like her older sister her. If you can say it directly like that. I put my hands on her waist and gently hugged Cecilia from behind as she nodded in satisfaction.

“Well done. Leah.”


After talking and finishing things with Hyuna, we decided to put Hyuna back to sleep. She thought that now that Cecilia’s time was limited, she would not devote time to Hyuna.

Instead, we slightly manipulated Hyuna’s memories of her for the future, and she intends to confess to Hyuna when Cecilia goes back, so she decided to get rid of the fact that Hyuna did voyeur and eavesdropping on her. I think that would be better for everyone.

Therefore… With Cecilia’s help, Hyuna corrected her memory as she changed her mind while trying to install her camera and wiretapping device. And… She had a drinking party on the table just in case, and then hinted to Hyuna that Hyuna fell asleep drunk with her. She is trying to deceive Hyun-a by deceiving her feelings of incongruity in her memory when she wakes up with illusions caused by her drinking her. It was a really good idea in my opinion.

“Huh, ha ha… Dad… Bad… Even though I am there, another woman… Hehe…”

… Is my daughter really a puberty?

Before I could stop, Cecilia put her soju to her mouth her, saying she was curious. So, she asked if I would take this opportunity to teach her how to lead…

“I can’t…Hehe, uhhh… I need to make it so that no other woman can even think about it… Hehe… Come on, make your cock stand up quickly!”

When he became completely stunned, he naturally attacked me.

“Aang! Ha… This cock… It’s mine… Why do you keep trying to give it to another woman… Hee…”

“Lia. Wake… “

“Because you’re fine? Joy! Shake your back to her when you put it in her pussy to her!”

“Lia, please… “

“Haaang! Hot ha ha… This cock! Naughty cock! I mean, be satisfied with my pussy! Haaang, Aang!”

Thanks to that, in the morning, I couldn’t sleep until Cecilia was reverse summoned, and I was continuously picked by Cecilia. Ha… I should never drink it again. I never thought I’d become so stubborn when I was drunk.

Still, it was nice to be able to hear the honest story that I had been hiding. After all, you pretended not to be, but you were paying attention…

Still pretending to be okay until the end… Because you’re really nice

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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