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Heroine Netori 160

Heroine Netori 160

Chapter 160 – The Lord Who Exercised the Power of the First Night (1)

– Tak Tak Tak Tak
– Bubbling bubbling
-Sizzle Sizzle


Is this telekinesis… ? Awesome. Really. I used the psychokinesis I had gained thanks to Cecilia to cook hangover soup, but it felt like I had a few more hands, so I was able to cook much more conveniently.

I made the marinade while cutting the radish and trimmed the bean sprouts at the same time, and thanks to my cooking skill, I was able to perfect the multitasking, so I was able to finish the hangover soup neatly. Can I hit the hunter and open a restaurant? If advertised as a hunter cook who cooks with telekinesis, it seemed like it could attract quite a bit of aggro.

I don’t think so, but whatever.

“Nice… This is it.”

After watching the liver for the last time, I set the table on the table and went to wake Hyuna. Although it was a suggestion, he was still drunk and asleep, so he thought of serving hangover soup to Hyun-ah.

“Hmm, brother… Hehe… I love you too…”

However, no matter how many times I woke up, Hyuna did not think of waking up.

“Hyeon-ah, what time is it and she is still sleeping. Wake up and eat.”

“Hey… Brother, pervert… What do you want to eat…”

“Since I cooked hangover soup, can you wake up?”

“Because I’m your brother… I’ll eat you… Hamm… Tasty…”

While talking about this strange sleep.

I cooked hangover soup, but why do I have to listen to perverted sounds… Out of embarrassment, I gave him a bean slap on the head and returned to the table. I could have forced him to wake him up and feed him, but since he said he suffered a lot mentally because of me, it seemed good to let him sleep well this time.


I simply solved this problem and opened the status window while drinking a cup of coffee, and the stat restrictions were already released. Hey, are these my stats? Seeing the stats that were stronger than most B-class hunters at once made me feel quite good.

While whistling, I checked the genre selection with ‘Heroine Netori’, and the martial arts restriction was also lifted. Hey, it’s finally here Now I can go see Wi Ji-hye again. I checked the points I had now, feeling my heart pounding.

“135,570 points… “

You need 200,000 points to return to the world of Wisdom, from which you were forcibly kicked out. So she should have earned roughly 65,000 points from now on. It didn’t look easy, but it didn’t look difficult either. It was just a matter of completing the challenge.

This… You may be able to see Wi Ji-hye sooner than you think.


I was thinking about which challenge to choose, and decided to try to hit the jackpot at once. It was the 1 million point, ‘achieve the mission without knowing who the heroine is’.

It was a task that seemed difficult at first glance as the reward was great, but I was confident. Because this challenge had its pitfalls. So, it wasn’t just a joke.

In addition, I planned to invest all my points this time. If you succeed, you can earn 1 million points, but it was not a situation to save only 135,570 points.

So I chose the medieval economic fantasy genre and the malevolent lord character with careful judgment. It was a considerable expenditure of 2000 points and 130,000 points each, but I had no regrets because it was the best way to reduce the risk.

That’s how I started ‘Heroine Netori’ aiming for a jackpot.

[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[I am challenging the task of ‘Achieve the mission without knowing who the heroine is.]
[The genre is ‘medieval economic fantasy’.]
[You are the ‘evil lord’.]

[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[Tip: The main heroine is about to marry the main character.]
[(A grade or higher is required to complete the challenge.)]


This time, the character I possessed was Hendrick van Drich, the lord of the city of Freha, who had a rather dirty personality, but breaking the earthenware pot of his subordinates was like watching a one-eyed swordsman. It is said that he is a really ‘evil’ guy.

But even so, the subordinates could n’t rebel against this guy, because unlike his vicious appearance his, he had noble blood and was powerful enough to rival Freha’s Knight Commander, so they could n’t go against him.

Haha! From today, we will revive the early night rights that were only in name! Make all the young girls of this city who are about to get married come to me on their wedding day!”


“””Boo, I will do as you command!””

Therefore, there was no problem even if it was declared that the first night rights, which had been such an old bad habit, would be revived. He was honestly a little worried, but no one resisted, probably because he had such a strong rule.

Thankfully, he was able to overcome a major hurdle.

No, of course I thought the main character’s name would be Siwoo this time too, right? That’s why he made use of the ‘evil lord’, cheated on Siwoo, made a debt, and made a plan to get a heroine instead of debt. Saying that it’s a million points.

“Lord! I checked the names of all the territories, but there was no yeongjimin with the name ‘Siwoo’! The same goes for Young Ji-min, who has’Siwoo’in his name!”

But I never thought the main character’s name wasn’t Siwoo… I watched ‘Heroine Netori’ too easily.

So, while thinking about what to do now, I saw the tip and thought of the first night ticket, and it passed safely. Even though in this world, the beginning of the night was such a bad habit that even Hendrick skipped it. It was fortunate that he was a character worth points.

“Lord! Preparations for launch are complete!”

Haha! Good! Then I’ll take the lead. The monsters of the Northern Forest will all disappear from Freha today!Haha!”

For reference, the point value did n’t end there, but as he befits his status as a lord, Hendrick could lead his troops and go out to subdue monsters like this. So, with this opportunity, he could have time to adapt to the instantly increased stats and train the newly created skill, Telekinesis.

Really… He was a perfect character in many ways.


Except for laughing like this.

High-tier characters were originally like this, but some characteristics were constantly forced, and because of that, I laughedhaha. But this was the perfect villain’s laugh, so I honestly hated hearing it even though it was my own voice his. I didn’t like being forced to act.

It would have been great if it wasn’t for this, but I was very disappointed.


Oh, that’s really annoying…


Rosina went to look at her poster to see for herself what the rumors were spreading in the city.

‘It’s the first night… What should I do, Agon… ‘

The super-opposition was such a disaster for Rosina, who was due to get married next week. How did you keep your chastity… I couldn’t give it to the tyrant like this. Even thinking of her parents her, the Goddess, and Agon, such a thing should never have happened.

“Oh my gosh? Still, the lord has a conscience. They say they give you 100 Luwin as a reward? That’s almost three years of living expenses.”

“It’s a pity~ If I were a virgin, I would have run to the lord right away.”

“Oh! Sister! What about Mr. Brooke!”

“Why bring up the story of the nobleman who can’t even set it up properly? And that person would rather have told me to come and go? Huh!”

“Ho-ho-ho, that’s right. Our outside yangban must have been the same. They said that for 100 Luwin, you can sleep 10 more times.”

It is said that she could receive as much as 100 luwins as a reward for the super-opposition, but for that reason, she had to sacrifice her body to be no different from her prostitute. Rosina really resented the lord for trying to ruin the most sacred moment of her life her, her marriage her.

‘Agon… Marriage… Should I give up? You don’t necessarily have to have a ceremony right now… ‘

So Rosina made her think that she’d better put off getting married before she’d give her body her to that villainous bastard. She really loved Agon and wanted to be with him all her life, but… It was because she was not in a hurry to get married to the extent that she wanted to give up the chastity she had promised to the goddess.

“Agon! I have something to say to Agon…”

So Rosina decided to persuade Agon. Rosina, hoping that the man she loved would understand her, Rosina went to him and raised her voice.

“Rosina! I’m screwed… Ruined! This caravan job is completely ruined! All plans were ruined when the northern forest was breached…”

But her voice was drowned out by Agon’s shrieking cry. Agon’s face her, reflected in her clear and transparent eyes her, harbored more despair than himself looking at the poster.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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