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Heroine Netori 161

Heroine Netori 161

Chapter 161 – The Lord Wielding the Right of Early Night (2)

One very warm and peaceful afternoon, a woman who was congratulated by the clergy and villagers in a magnificent church, miserably shed tears of sorrow in front of everyone. Even at the moment when she should be the happiest in the world, instead of smiling, she sobbed. But no one who was there could criticize her. Because everyone understood her situation.

“With this in mind, I will finish the wedding of Miss Rosina, the bride, and Agon, the groom.”


When the old priest bit his lip and barely spoke his last words his, today’s weeping priest collapsed from his seat his. The fact that she had to go to face her terrible moment her, which she now did not want to think about, drove her to despair.

“Rosina… ! It’s okay… ?”

The groom of the day, who was suffering from her sense of shame, tried to support her when she fell down, but when he saw her face her, which should have been smiling, he stopped on the spot like a broken doll .

Her innocent eyes were her, which were full of innocence, were unfortunately stained with tears, and her brown hair her, which was as smooth as a barley field at sunset, was tangled up, further emphasizing her tragedy her.

“Rosina… “

In addition, the elaborate costumes prepared just for today have already lost their beauty… The man couldn’t help but hang his head in guilt.

– Jump!

However, the man had to raise his head again in the miserable reality that immediately approached him. The lord’s soldiers, who had been waiting outside the church, entered the church to take his now wife.

“Wait for a moment! Give me a moment! There’s no way I’m going to take you right away like this!”

“Are you rebelling against the lord? We only follow the lord’s orders. If you don’t want to be a sinner, step back.”


Wanting to buy at least some time to say goodbye, the man stood in front of the woman and spread his arms and screamed, but when the soldier said that he would become a sinner, the man could not resist properly and had to hand over his his wife.

“Rosina… “

“Agon… Black, ugh… Agoon!”

In the end, on the day of his wedding his, before he could even spend his first night with his beloved wife, the man lost the bride he had sworn to be with him for the rest of his life.

It was only a day of farewell, but… It was clear that it was a cursed day that would be remembered for both him and her for the rest of her life.


Rosina hated the lord of Freha. Because she was Rosina, a devout believer, she openly denounced the church and she couldn’t like him. In addition, she even had evil rumors about him in the city, so it was only natural that Rosina, who had never seen the lord’s face before, hated the lord of Freha.


However… Nevertheless, as soon as Rosina finished her wedding with the man she loved, she had to board a carriage to his castle her, in order to dedicate her first time to the man she hated.

Ironically, for Agon, who is now his husband her.

‘Rosina! I’m screwed… Ruined! This caravan job is completely ruined! All plans were ruined when the northern forest was breached… ‘

Let’s start with the conclusion… Money was a problem.

As the northern forest of Freha was suddenly developed, a trade route with Hoorn was created, so the relay trade Agon had planned lost its value. Has become

That’s why money was needed to bring him and his caravan back to life. Not a penny or two, but a significant amount.

‘There is a way Agorn… ‘

‘No, I will never admit that. This is my job I’ll settle my debt.’

‘No… Agon’s guild is the guild that carries on the will of the deceased uncle… ! So it was also my job!’

‘Even so… I can’t send you to that person…’

‘I’m fine, Agon… It’s for the love of you, so I’m sure even the goddess will forgive it…! So don’t worry!’

So, in order to be rewarded for her super-opposition of her, Rosina changed her mind and decided to marry her. For Agon’s father, who cared for her orphan her as if she were her own child her, and for Agon, who has become her lover her and is more precious than anyone else in this world.

‘Goddess… Please forgive me for today’s deviation… ‘

—Kiki Iik

“Miss Rosina, we have arrived.”

“… I know.”

After praying to her Goddess for the last time, Rosina, with her hard face her, stepped into the Lord’s castle, larger and more majestic than the church in which she had been married.


Stepping into her castle, Rosina was unexpectedly surprised by the atmosphere of her bright mansion. It was because each of her servants she met her had a genuinely happy smile on her face. Rosina, who thought she would suffer every day under the evil lord, had no choice but to question. At first glance, she seemed to be proud of her work, which I could n’t understand.

“Wow… “

“This is a gift from the master to Miss Rosina.”

“Yes? …Is this a gift? Oh My God…”

However, those doubts disappeared in an instant as soon as she was guided into the room she arrived in. The elegant and dignified dress prepared there immediately captured her attention in her Rosina.

“It is so beautiful… “

The clothes she was wearing now were several times more expensive and pretty than her usual clothes her, but compared to the dress in front of her, it only made her laugh. That’s why Rosina was distracted by her first luxury item.

“Would you like to try it on right now?”

“… May I?”

“No problem.”

In addition, thanks to her shining jewelry that decorated her, saying that this was also her gift to her, and her elegant makeup to her that redecorated her, saying that it did not match her current appearance to her, Rosie I saw her for the first time since she was born. I learned the fun of decorating.

“Oh… Like this…”

She was a poor commoner, and she looked in the mirror like a dignified aristocratic lady, so she felt Rosina and I felt the thrill of her heart her beating like a girl who found out her first love her.

“You are really pretty. As expected of today’s bride.”

“Ah…… Thank you…”

But when Rosina realized that all of this was for her lord her, she cursed herself for laughing and blamed her lord for sending her a gift she did n’t want.

‘If you didn’t know… I wouldn’t have been so depressed…’

Rosina, belatedly aware of the woman’s instincts of her, which she had struggled to ignore because she was poor, realized that she would never enjoy this happiness again, and in despair she turned back. It seemed that she would be unhappy for the rest of her life if she adjusted to the way she was now.


After changing her clothes and dressing her body her, Rosina was escorted by her once again to the castle’s dining room. She said there she was going to meet the lord for her supper her. She is She Hani, she Rosina. She asked what she was like and why she had to eat with her.

However, the lord, who was waiting for her, saw her and greeted her with open arms, as if he knew how she felt.

Haha! Are you Rosina? How beautiful! She is more beautiful than any woman I have ever met! She can’t believe you, she’s a commoner. Hey, I’m really lucky today.Haha!”

‘Ugh… Strange laughter…’

Rosina was intimidated by the sight of the lord laughing loudly while making strange noises.

However, she was not as afraid of him as she thought, because she was less resistant to his rather attractive appearance his, contrary to rumors in the city.

The unbelievable rumors that said he looked like an orc, that he was uglier than a goblin, that he was as big as a troll, etc., All had one thing in common: that the lord was terrible looking, so Rosina thought he must be pretty ugly.

However, the lord she actually met was pleasant rather than mean, cheerful rather than ferocious, not ugly at all, but rather a reliable man with a wild charm, so she was likable because he was truly worthy of the position of lord.

Haha! Welcome to my castle!”

But Rosina soon realized that the man had resurrected the evil habit of super-opposition, and inwardly she cursed him. Don’t judge people by their appearance… Contrary to what he looked like, that man who committed cowardly acts hated Rosina.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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