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Heroine Netori 162

Heroine Netori 162

Chapter 162 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (3)

The lord really hated him, but dinner with him… It wasn’t as bad a time as Rosina had thought. It is because the taste of the dishes I have never seen in my life is so outstanding. At the feast of flavors that seemed to ridicule the concept of ‘delicious’she had known so far, Rosina could n’t hide the admiration that exploded involuntarily and was happy as she savored her cooking her.

“Hamm, mumble… Gulp. … Hmmm!”

Haha! It looks good in your mouth.”

“…… Yes.”

It was really embarrassing to show that to others, especially to the lord, but I have to show him a much more embarrassing side anyway … Rosie I decided not to tremble at her meaningless ostracism of her.

“Seeing you eat deliciously makes me feel good. Alex would really like it. Isn’t that so, Sarah? I think we should give Alex a reward for this.”

However, the lord did not show any sign of dislike or disappointment even after seeing her like that, but instead praised the cook who prepared the food and was very happy.

Because of that, Rosina, who thought that she was a lowly commoner who did not know table manners and that she would be laughed at, was dumbfounded.

She said, ‘I heard she looks down on commoners a lot… Was that also a rumor?’

It was because the appearance of the lord was completely opposite to the rumors about him on the streets.

“It seems that a trade route has opened, and they will be happy if we give them ingredients that only come from Horn. Alex is really into the fun of cooking these days.”

Haha! That’s a good idea. Also Sarah. Then can I trust you?”

“Yes, I will prepare it with my reward.”

“Why is your reward?!”


Of course, there was a possibility that her appearance was a lie she made up to deceive her … Looking at the head maid who calmly jokes around like that and the other servants watching over them with a warm expression, the possibility of that seemed very low.

So, unlike her first time, Rosie changed her mind.

Lord… She might not be such a bad person, she said.


But that didn’t mean Rosina had completely let her go. Even if she looked like a person, he was a wicked person who resurrected the super-opposition to the unbelievers who criticized the church, because she was still not a person to be easily trusted.

Haha! Was the meal okay?”

“Yes… It was delicious.”

“That’s good. Then, why don’t you go for a walk with me to digest? The gardens of my castle are quite beautiful.”

So when he brought her up to go for a walk together, Rosie, I thought she was finally here. She expected that if she was left alone without servants, she would reveal his sinister nature of her.

“Wow… Really… It’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful scenery…”

However… Her prediction her was wrong again.

The lord’s words her leading her was friendly. Although her harsh tone and rough touch were the taint of her jade her, the lord was every moment gentlemanly until she reached the middle of the garden.

‘It’s like reading a storybook… ‘

There was a big tree in the middle of the garden on top of the hill, and a cute swing was hanging from that tree. And around the tree, flowers that matched the season were showing off their beauty.

“Would you like to get on this swing? Sitting here and watching the scenery at this time of day is also art.”

“Then… Excuse me.”

Haha! You are too polite. You don’t have to excuse me, so sit down.”

As Rosina climbed onto the swing as the man said, the sunset-colored garden created by the setting sun was captured in her large eyes. As Rosina let out a small gasp of amazement at the enchanting sight of her, the lord standing beside her spoke to her in an excited voice of her own.

“Actually, a wind spirit lives on this swing.”

“A wind spirit?”

“Okay. However, this guy is quite a woman, and if only a beautiful woman sits, the wind blows and rides the swing. Isn’t it fun?”

“Ahaha… How amazing… “

“I can’t believe this. Don’t do that, just trust me. If you just stay still, the spirit will come.”

Rosina laughed inwardly, saying that the lord was doing something childish, and she reluctantly waited for the spirit on the swing as he ordered. She pretended the man was a spirit and he was obviously thinking of pushing the swing, but she wasn’t in a position to say no.

“Uh… Uh huh really?”

By the way… As if his words were not false, at some point a small wind started to blow from behind her.

Haha! You appeared!”

“Really? The spirit… Wow! Go, tickle!”

Then, as if playing a joke, he stroked her hair and moved around, tickling her body her. It seemed that the spirit of the wind had indeed appeared.

“It looks like you’re angry because you don’t believe me. You better apologize quickly.”

“Uh… I’m sorry. Spirit!”

When Rosina, who had lost her mind over such a fairytale-like incident, belatedly apologized to her, she stroked her cheek in the sense that she would finally know about the wind that had stopped her momentum in her.

-Kiik, kiik

“Wow! How… Such a wonderful thing…!”

Then, as her man had told her, he gave her a magical moment by pushing her on the swing she climbed on.


Her lord her, who praised her so much to the point of embarrassing Rosina, saying that she was also her beauty her, said to see her in a while and left her. He took her back to her large room in her. Then she called the other maids, took off her make-up her and undressed her, and took her to her luxurious bath and washed her.

“Ha ha… “

Because of that, Rosina, who allowed her body her to others to be naked without any chance to resist, struggled with shame.

“Oh… Look at the skin It is very pretty.”

“Your breasts are really big too… Are you really a commoner?”

But her maids her, ignoring her reaction her, made her even more embarrassing by evaluating her figure her right in front of her. And he made a fuss about her while touching her body her with her envy her.

“There… I can wash myself. So… Heck, can you please stop it?”

Thanks to her, her entire body was so red that Rosie was completely red.

“No. This is our job.”

“You’ll be touched in a little while anyway, so why are you so shy?”

“Oh my gosh, that’s what I mean.”

“…… “

However, the maids refused to do her favor her, and in the end Rosina had to give up her resistance her.

“By the way… What do you all think of the lord? That’s because it’s so different from the rumors on the street…”

Instead, she took this opportunity to ask what she had been curious about. It was because she wanted to know whether or not the impression of the lord she felt today was her own illusion of her.

“Don’t you know that the original rumors were all lies? Rumors spread that there is no other person as good as the lord… Whew.”

“It’s because you look so rough. You are really warm inside.”

“That’s right. This time, you gave me a present for my wedding anniversary. Because you are really kind.”

By the way… I could feel that everyone sincerely respected and loved the lord. Thanks to that, she was relieved to realize that she was not mistaken in her changed thoughts of her.

“Then… What do you think of the first night? This is a bad habit… How can you steal the bride’s first night…”

But even so, the first night rights were still unforgivable. So, to get her consent her, she questioned them again.

“Oh! It would be great if I could spend my first night with the lord. How good he is!”

“You even give me money, right? What do you hate? Rather, it is a reward.”

“What is the importance of money? It’s more important to be able to spend a day with that person like a lover. Ah… I was really envious when I saw it today.”

However, no one in the bath refused the right to start the night. Rather, the maids defended the lord, joking that they would have married for the first night.

Because of that, Rosina, who was swept away by the atmosphere, even mistakenly thought that she had overreacted.

In the end, after taking a bath with only her confusion added, Rosina went to her lord’s room wearing the contradictory, see-through lingerie that her head maid had given her.

There, her lord was also waiting for her in her underwear her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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