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Heroine Netori 163

Heroine Netori 163

Chapter 163 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (4)

Today was a really happy day.

I swore to spend the rest of my life with Agon, whom I had loved for a long time, was given a really beautiful expensive dress, and was able to eat delicious food that I wouldn’t normally see. And I was able to experience the fairy tale moment that I have longed for my whole life.

So today is going to be a wonderful day that you will remember until the day you die.

Unless it’s the terrible moment that will come when you open the door…

“Haaa… “

To a man other than Agon, to the first man I met today, to the man I hated……
Unless it’s the moment I give up my virginity.

“Rosina, you have to go in now.”

“Wait a moment…Give yourself time to prepare your heart…”

Ah, lord… ! Why did you resurrect this vice?

I really appreciate the kind and warm side you showed me today, but I don’t want to give you my first time. You are not my loving husband. So can you please stop this nonsense… ?

“Rosina. The weather is cold. Please go in now.”

“Finally… Please give me time to pray to the goddess.”

“… Ha ha, finish it quickly.”

Ah, Goddess…! Please save me!

Help us keep our promise to you. Take care of me so that the purity of the lamb that loves you will not be defiled by the unbeliever who does not believe in you. Please show me a miracle…

“It’s done…”

“Then I will open the door and go. I hope you have a good time.”

“…… Thank you”

In front of the thick-looking lord’s visit, I begged and begged inwardly. Please stop this, please get me out of here. Because something too difficult for me to bear was waiting for me…

– Clap
-Kikii Iik

But… What I hoped for did not happen until the very end. In the end I had to walk forward on my own two feet, to offer my first. I had no choice but to go that route.

-Turbuck, tuck, buck

However… I couldn’t blame anyone. I hated the lord and resented the goddess, but in fact, it was me who chose money over chastity.

I had to take responsibility for my choices.

“Haaa… “

Goosebumps ran through my body as the cool late-night air brushed through my see-through translucent slip dress. But I didn’t stop and kept moving forward.

“Are you here?”

And after a while, I arrived at the lord, who was waiting for me in underwear, just like me.


As soon as I saw the semi-nude lord, my face turned red. It wasn’t that I had a crush on the lord as a member of the opposite sex, but… Seeing a muscular body for the first time was a huge stimulus to me, who had no experience with men.

Because of the broad shoulders that look reliable, the muscles of the whole body that look firm, and the scars all over the place… My heart trembled greatly. In the body of a really wild and warrior-like lord, I felt the gene of a strong man who protects women. Even though it was the same man, I had never felt it before with Agon, so it felt strange.

Haha! My body is pretty ugly. But they are all wounds of glory. So don’t be too scared. All of this was created to protect Freha.”

It was because I was shy, but I wasn’t scared… Seeing my face, the lord seemed hurt. I’m sorry for that, and I didn’t know what to do, but the lord jumped up from his seat and approached me with rough steps.

“That is… Not…”

When I saw that, I was afraid and trembled and tried to run away, but there was no place I could escape from. So I had to look at the lord who was getting closer.

– Warak


“Do not tremble. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Ahh… Stir…”

“When I think of you, my body gets hot, so I had no choice but to take off my clothes like this. Ha ha! If you’re going to blame this because you’re so beautiful, blame it on your beauty.”


The lord approached me and before I could resist, he took me into his arms his, wrapped one hand around my waist, and stroked my face with the other. Because of that, I became close to the lord in an instant and closed my eyes in surprise.

But maybe with your eyes closed? My heart skipped a beat as I felt the strong body of the lord surrounding me and his scent his even better. It’s definitely an embarrassing moment… I didn’t hate being embraced by the lord, perhaps because I opened my heart to him without realizing it.

“Hmm? Does closing your eyes mean you want me to kiss you like this?”

“Oh no! Haha! Close…”

When I heard the word kiss, I hurriedly opened my eyes and saw the face of the lord right in front of me. Thanks to that, my face turned red even more. Isn’t the lord embarrassed? I could feel the lord’s breath as close as his lips his could touch.

“It looks even more beautiful up close. I am so lucky to be able to hold you today.”

“Hey, my lord… No… “

“Nothing is impossible today.”


“Ha ha… Ha… “

I screamed inwardly, “No kissing” And closed my eyes. Fortunately, I felt the lord’s lips on my cheek, not on my lips on his. Thanks to that, I was relieved and gently opened my eyes, and the lord petted my hair and cheeks and petted me.

Haha! What are you so sorry for? Don’t worry. Do you intend to do anything you want today?”

I wonder who he regretted it… Aside from being affectionate, the lord didn’t seem to know a woman’s heart her. So he’s not even a kid, but he’s stroking my hair like this. Of course, sometimes like this… Being treated like a kid isn’t bad either.

“How… Please stop it…

Whenever I was with Agon, I was always in a position to take care of him. I had to pay attention to everything from one to ten, as if I couldn’t help but care about it while giving it to the top. So there were times when I felt like I had become Agon’s mother instead of his lover.

“Oooooh… Stop, let’s go… Ha ha…”

But never in front of the lord… I’ve never felt anything like it.

When the lord listens to me kindly, when he escorts me reliably, when he affectionately hugs me like now… I was a ‘woman’ under the lord’s care, not a ‘mother’ who had to take care of the lord.

Unlike when I was with Agon…


When I complained to him to stop, the lord’s hand wrapped around my waist his climbed up my back his, grabbed me by the back of my neck, and pulled me. Because of that, my heart was pressed down by the lord’s hard chest his, and I was very embarrassed, but I couldn’t resist because I was weak.

Haha… My lord, ha… Yes… “

Even if something big and hot from the lord touches my stomach… It was the same. Even if that something gets through my thin clothes and makes my body hotter… All I could do was spit out harsh words asking me not to.

“Touched… Haha, there is… Oops, stop… I’m embarrassed… Please stop…”

Haha! You want me to stop?”

“Yes… Ha…”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. Because you are so cute.”

“What?! Ha, ha, chu-eup, ha… Ah, kiss, churuu… Chun, ha… I can’t… Chew up…”

However, the lord blocked my lips with your lips to prevent me from even doing that, and then slowly began to trample my mouth. And the hand that had been stroking his hair caressed my ear lobe, making me think of nothing else but my lord.

“Sir, ha… Churup, Churup… Chu, gulp… Ha… Stop my lord… Haha… Sorry!”

I struggled to resist, but the more I tried, the more my clothes peeled off and only the skin that touched the lord increased. As a result, when I came to my senses belatedly, I was almost naked and clinging to the lord.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
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[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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