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Heroine Netori 164

Heroine Netori 164

Chapter 164 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (5)

I have to stop… I have to leave… Clinging to the lord, I stopped resisting and accepted the lord’s tongue even though I knew I had to stop. The ecstatic pleasure of kissing for the first time was so addictive.

“Ha… It’s Yeong-joon, ha ha… Chureut, Chueuup… Ha… Nope, haha…”

With his mouth his begging him to stop, like a baby bird looking for food, I sucked the lord’s tongue in my mouth and coveted his saliva.

“Gulp, fugh…Haha… Lord, stop… Uh huh… Aang!”

The shoulder straps of the thin slip dress had come off a long time ago, exposing my breasts, but I couldn’t stop kissing her. It was very embarrassing to rub my nipples against the lord, but I continued to suck the lord’s saliva.

“Haaa… Youngju, Chu-eup, Ha… Kiss ha ha… Chew up…”

“Ha ha… Gulp, ha…”

Even thinking about it myself, it was really filthy and vulgar, but it seemed like if I didn’t escape into pleasure like this, I would collapse into the painful and miserable feelings of this moment, so it was a choice I had no choice but to make.

Haha! Did you like kissing me like that?”

“… Alas! No, no. This… “

However, the lord did not allow that either.

Knowing that I clung to you with a feeling of desperation… He laughed at me with that strange laugh, and then brought me back to this bittersweet reality.

“Me too. I’ve kissed many women, but I’ve never had one as satisfying as you. It’s to the point where I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

“Hahm… Ahhh… Lord…”

No, it was my mistake. I wasn’t laughing….

The lord took me into his arms and whispered softly to me as he kissed me on the cheek. Because of that, my heart was pounding and racing wildly, and I was able to fall into the dreamy world again.

“Then stop going in now.”

“…… Yes.”

It really annoyed me that you boasted about your experience as a woman in front of me, but I thought that maybe the lord really loves me… And for some reason, I really like it… Until I reached the bed, I had to hide my blushing face by holding myself in the lord’s arms.


“Ha… Uh huh… Ha… I’m ashamed… Haang…”

“Do you have anything to be ashamed of now?”

“By the way, ha… Being touched… It’s my first time, Ha! Ha… Shera…”

I thought we would start having sex right away… The lord sat down on the bed, put me on his lap and started touching me. On my way to bed, my dress was all taken off and my body became half-naked…

“First? Don’t you have a husband?”

“Ha, ah… This kind of thing… I will do it when I get married… Whew, haaang!”

Haha! That’s right! Then I need to soften this.”

It was my first time being touched by someone else, so I was very nervous… Thanks to the young lord who was considerate of me, I was able to relax a little. The gentleness of the lord as he slowly caresses me with his large, dependable hands His… And I feel so good… It was reassuring.

“Ha ha… This, huh, ha ha… My heart, ha…”

“Are you feeling good?”

“Yes… Ha, good…… Alas! Now, hold on… Haha! The penis, ha… Stop!”

But touching the genitals was another story.

“Do you want to see?”

“Yes… Not see… Haaang! Stop…! Please stop… Ahhh…!”

The lord’s big, fat fingers are in my pussy… As soon as I touched it, fear came over me at once. She realized once again that she had to devote her chastity to this man, whom she had barely been able to forget in her pleasure her.

“No… Ah! Please… Lord… Heck, sorry!”

I was definitely determined… It was my choice, so I even decided to take responsibility… I got scared when I came here. After all, I was afraid that my body was the only purpose. Being such a weak human being, I was terrified of the upcoming horror and trembled.

“Oh dear… Mmm?! Ah… Lord…”

But the lord… Instead of getting angry, he hugged me and stroked my cheek. And as he soothed me, he calmed my fearful heart. Unlike before, in a very friendly voice…

“What are you so afraid of? Did I do anything to scare you today? Then you may be afraid of me. But if not, please do not scare me.”

“…… “

“I know I am doing you a disservice. But I don’t want to make you sad. I don’t want to see a beautiful woman like you cry. This is not a lie.”


“I know that my words are sophistry, but… Ha, damn it. I don’t know what I’m talking about either. You made a fool of me So take responsibility.”

I wonder if this is what the man who will take my virgin will say… I honestly didn’t understand. It was the lord who brought the bride to the ceremony today, but I’m going to take responsibility for it…

“My lord… “

But funny… I didn’t hate such a lord. It’s because I’m convinced now that the lord has always been sincere with me since the moment we first met. A funny person… To say such a ridiculous confession to a married woman… The clumsy young lord, who does n’t even understand a woman’s heart Her, looked cute.

“I’m sorry…”

Lord… Come to think of it, you could have used your power to play with me at will… It didn’t. Even though you could have violated me again and again as soon as we met, without presenting you with an expensive dress, without serving you delicious food, and without giving you a tour of the beautiful garden… You treated me as a woman.

Contrary to what I was worried about, I was able to spend a really happy time… Thank you. I still can’t forgive you for reviving the first night, but I won’t blame you.

But I can’t give you my heart I have someone I love. He still can’t sleep and must be worried about me. So I can’t be your woman just for the sake of him.

However… I can promise you this one. As you said, I won’t be afraid of you anymore. Because I know now that you’ll be kind to me until the very end…

“And thank you… “


I sent a long letter to the lord in my heart, and with a lighter heart, I lifted my head and kissed the lord. Then the lord was delighted and opened his mouth to kiss me once more.

“Ha, Chuuuuu… Whoop, Chuup, Haa… Lord… Uh huh…”

Then he lowered his hand again and started touching my cunt again.

“Haaang! Ha ha! Yes… It’s Youngjoon… Chew, look, ha… Ugh!”

But this time it wasn’t scary. Whether it was because I was confirming the lord’s heart, or because I was kissing the lord, it felt so good that the lord’s pussy was being touched so that strange sounds came out of my mouth spontaneously, even to the extent that I was surprised to hear it.

Haha! You are much more beautiful when you smile.”

“My lord… Ha, uh… Youngjoo doesn’t like it when he smiles… Haang!”

“Hoo? Then you’re saying it’s okay when you’re not smiling.”

“Yes! Ha, Aang! That… Ha… Right…”

– Sizzling

“Haaaaang! Chew, Chu, ha! Yes! Ha… Gulp… “

And the lord’s finger his getting into my pussy… It was more than that. To the point where I couldn’t stand it and eventually had to lean on the lord.

“Yes! This, ha! So good… Haaang! Aang!”

Hearing the sound of my soggy cunt, my panting moaning, and the creaking bed harmonize, I ended up passing into the hands of the lord.

Then the lord laid me down on the bed and praised me for doing a good job.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
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[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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