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Heroine Netori 165

Heroine Netori 165

Chapter 165 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (6)

I was ashamed of the lord’s gaze looking down at me, but… I didn’t cover myself with my hands. It was because I was really satisfied with the reaction of the young lord who admired my body and said it was beautiful. Perhaps it was a compliment he couldn’t hear from Agon, so he might have been more like that.

But even so, the genitals… No, showing her pussy her was something that required a lot of determination. So, as soon as the lord took off my panties, I hurriedly covered my pussy with both hands.

“Rosina… Are you thinking of disappointing me?”

“Ha… But lord… Yes… I know…”

However, the lord was willing to force me to do something, so I had to withdraw my hand in the end. Because of that, I showed the lord my wet pussy her.

“Indeed… Is this your pussy… You are so pure and innocent.”

“Now… It’s also a pussy that won’t become pure soon…”

Haha! Yes, I am well aware of it.”

I don’t like it when I smile… When I frowned and looked at the lord, the lord laughed soundlessly, pretending to cover his mouth. You’re cute… You are different from what you really look like.

“Kuhm! Then, will you open it yourself?”

“Yes?! That… Shi, I don’t like… ! Even now, it is already my limit.”

“Then I can’t help it. I have no choice but to open it myself.”

When I was frightened by the request of the lord who asked for too much, the lord leaned down and took my cunt with his own hands… You widened Then, before I was even ashamed of it, she reached in and started licking my cunt.

“Aaaaang! What, what, ha! What you’re doing, yeah! Haaang!”

Surprised, I stretched out my hand and tried to push the lord’s head away. But my thin arms couldn’t overcome the lord. In the end, I had to watch my cunt get licked…

“Yes! Oh, no, no! Aang! Weird… Haaang! This is strange!”

But strangely… Getting her pussy licked was more pleasant than I could have imagined. Of course, when comparing the pleasure itself, it was much better to touch the inside of the pussy…

“Lord, haa! This, ha ha, ugh!”

Now, I feel like I am being served by the lord… I was very satisfied with the thought that the lord loved me enough to lick my urine.


So, not long after experiencing the first peak of my life, I went away again. This time with the lord’s tongue.


“My lord… Ha… “

“Are you coming to your senses now?”

When I reached the climax and was unconscious, the lord climbed on top of me and stroked my cheek until I calmed down. Thanks to you, my heart, which was a little angry, was relieved at once.

“I don’t know…”

But for some reason, I’m face to face with the lord… My pussy her became empty. Maybe it was because my pussy, which had been hot from being touched and licked over and over again, had cooled down, so I rubbed my thighs involuntarily, feeling an unknown feeling of emptiness.

“Ugh. Looks like you’re ready now.”

“Yes? … Haang!”

“Suffice it to say that the pussy has been loosened. Enough to put my cock in.”

And as if the lord saw it, he laughed silently this time and took off his panties in front of me. Then, the lord’s cock, which was bigger than expected… It showed up.

“Hey, my lord… Too… It’s big…”

I knew it was big enough to rub my belly, but… I was afraid because I didn’t know it would grow this big. I was determined not to be scared, but the thought of this huge cock coming inside my virgin cunt made me terrified. I was already in tears because I thought it would be painful.

“Don’t worry. If you believe in me, it won’t hurt at all.”


“Okay. Will you believe me?”

“…… I’ll believe it. Lord…”

However, such fear disappeared with just one word from the lord. It was hard to believe, but I was able to believe it because it was the words of the lord. It was certain that the cock would feel good too.

“Well. That’s a good attitude.”

“Kyaaaaa… It’s hot… Uh huh…”

So, as I looked at my lord with full confidence, he changed his posture and put his cock into my cunt. Thanks to that, even at the end, I felt the lord’s cock and my heart trembled.

“My lord… “

…… Now is the time to lose your true virginity.

Ah, agon… Now, to a man other than me… You have to give first But will you understand? It’s a choice for you… So please don’t be angry… Please don’t be sad, and… Forgive me for going with the lord’s cock instead of yours…


“Yes, lord… “

“Again, trust me. I will never hurt you.”

“… Yes. I believe…”

At the last moment, when I was about to send a letter from my heart to Agon, I met the eyes of the lord looking at me. And feeling the love for me in the lord’s eyes, I showed a happy smile to the lord, forgetting the letter.


“Hey! Ha, aaaaang!”

And after a while, I felt the lord’s cock tearing my hymen and coming into my pussy. Of course, as the lord said, there was no pain.


“Rosina, are you okay?”

“Ha ha… Ugh… It’s okay, it’s okay… Haang… It’s okay, lord…”

After the lord thrust his cock her all the way into her pussy her, he leaned over and hugged me. Thanks to that, I was able to hear the lord’s heart pounding as much as mine. I wasn’t the only one nervous… Feeling that, I also hugged the lord. Then, I felt strange because I felt like I had become one with the lord.

“Your pussy is perfect too.”

“That line… Haang… It’s so bad…”

“Hmm. Is that so… Hmm… I am truly happy to be one with you.”

“That… Hehe… I’m fine…”

“That’s because it contains sincerity, so it has to be!Haha!”

“Really! Laughing is not good!”

And it was amazing that the lord had the same thoughts as me. Happy to be able to become one with me… I felt better and kissed the lord on the cheek. Then the lord gave me a kiss and started to move my waist little by little, saying that I seem to be used to it now.

“Huh, haang… Yes! Just a little slower…”

“To this extent?”

“This… It’s too slow.”

“Then how about this?”

“Ugh! Good! I can feel the young lord’s cock very well… Very nice…”

Every time the cock moved back and forth, the rubbing of my vagina was so dizzying, so when I asked to adjust the speed, the lord moved my waist at a speed that was just right for me. Thanks to that, I was able to feel a pleasure that was incomparable to before.

“How about sex? Do you like it?”

“Yes! Very, ha… I like it, haha! Ha… It was nice to have my breasts touched and my pussy touched, but… Hehe, sex that touches all the erogenous zones inside the pussy is the best, ha. .. I love it…! Ugh!”

“Great. That’s the answer you were looking for.”

“But… I’m a little sorry… Whoa, ha… Kiss, it was so nice…”

“Well? I can kiss you even now.”

“Hmm?! Ha, chuu, haang… Gulp, ha… That’s right, huh… ! Ughhh!”

And when I kissed the lord in this state, I became so happy that I fell in love with the lord to the point where I even thought that the world would stop at this moment.

“Haaang! This is good… Kissing while having sex… Uh huh… Haang!”

“Yes! Like this for the rest of my life, ha… I want to stick with the lord… Whoa, ha, ha ha…”

“I can’t think of anything else now. ! Aaaaa!”

I’m sorry about Agon… I’m the lord’s woman just for today… Hugging the lord in order to feel the lord even a little more like this, shaking the waist in line with the lord’s movements, whispering love to the lord instead of Agon… I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Anyway, today’s work is for Agon…

“Ah! Lord! Please love me more!”

So I’m sure you’ll understand me.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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