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Heroine Netori 166

Heroine Netori 166

Chapter 166 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (7)

Early in the morning, on the large bed, feeling her empty seat her, Rosina groaned, covering her face her with her hands. The more she thought about yesterday’s events, the more she felt a sense of shame and guilt.

She even vowed that even if she gave her her body her, she couldn’t give her heart her… At the end, she herself clung to the man and begged for his love her… Rosina could I can’t hold her head up because she felt sorry for Agon.

It was true that Yeongju was very attractive as a man, and it was also true that as a woman it was very happy to see such a man express his affection with her sincerity … Rosina should n’t have reciprocated the man ‘ s heart her. Isn’t she the wife of Agon, who has just become a new bride? So she should have rejected his heart his, even if she thought of Rosina and Agon as she was a goddess.

‘Aang! Ha… Lord! Haha kiss… Yes! Kiss me!’

‘Ha… Ugh, anti… More… Please hug me so that I can feel you… Ha… So that I can only think of the lord and not think of anything else… Haang! Fill me up with your lord!’

‘Ugh! Ha… Ah, i’m happy… Lord… Haha… ‘

But Rosina didn’t. Rather, instead of rejecting her, she was happy with his love her, and she used her whole body her to fawn on him, so that she could receive even a little more affection from him. As if she had become the man’s bride instead of Agon.

‘Sorry… Agon… I have committed an unforgivable sin against you… ‘

So, it was only natural that she, who had come to her senses her, was having a hard time regretting what happened yesterday. She said that happened, but she was still the one who loved Agon… She was fleeting, but she couldn’t forgive herself for cheating on her.

‘I’m sorry, Goddess… Not only the body, but also the mind… I got dirty… ‘

‘I’m sorry, Agon… I ended up being happy with the love of a man other than you… ‘

‘But it will never happen again… So please forgive me just this once… I will reflect and reflect again… Forgive me… ‘

So Rosina apologized to the goddess and Agon in her heart her. She then reflected on her own actions of her. While making a firm promise that I would never make the same mistake again, and that I would not be shaken by the man’s attack of affection any more.


Rosina, who was escorted to her room by her maid her, and headed to her bath, where she was tended to by her maids, just like yesterday. However, she did not have a noisy time as she did then, because she was not ashamed and had a straight face unlike yesterday.

‘I heard everything. Ho Ho. How loud you scream, the whole castle echoes. Lord, it’s okay, Lord, I think I’m going.’

‘I think my breasts got bigger in one day. Is it because the lord touched me a lot?’

‘Oh my gosh! Did the lord’s cock go in here? Envy you~ You must have been very nice~’

Because of that, the maids who were trying to make fun of Rosina with last night’s affairs in this way had to shut her mouth and swallow their regrets her. Because they were also aware, she couldn’t play a joke on Rosina, who seemed serious.

“By the way… Where has the lord gone?”

Fortunately for the maids, however, Rosina’s silence did not last forever. As her bath was about to end, she subtly brought up the story of the lord. Thanks to this, the maids were able to open their itchy mouths at this time.

“The lord went to the royal capital early in the morning. Suddenly something happened there.”

“Ah…! Because of that, the lord asked me to convey to Rosina that I am sorry for not being able to see you off in person.”

“Oh, Sarah! You should have said that beforehand! I feel sorry for Rosina-sama who she didn’t know!”

“Sorry. Miss Rosina. I forgot about it because I was not in a hurry.”

“No… If that happened, I might have forgotten… It’s okay if you don’t apologize!”

Was this the answer you were looking for? Hearing her maid’s words, Rosina loosened her stern expression and hummed her hum, softening her stiff aura. After a while, he asked about the lord once more, this time in a lighter voice.

“There you are… Did the lord treat others the same as I did?”

Thanks to that, Rosina’s maids, who finally learned the reason for her low pressure her, scrambled to tell her good stories to comfort her.

“It was always the case that the lord gave a dress as a gift. But this is the first time you’ve taken me to the garden. Whoops.”

“It was the first time he had such a bright expression like this.”

“In addition, he left a separate apology… Oh my gosh! How amazing. He was always cold to others.”

But not everything they said was true. The lord was kind to all the brides who came, took all the beautiful women out of them to the garden, and always gave them the best moments until the last minute.

“Aha… That’s right… ! Ahaha… Hehe… I’m new… !”

But Rosie I, who couldn’t figure it out, mistakenly thought again that it was true that the lord had completely fallen for her, and let go of all the sad feelings she had for him this morning.


After her bath, Rosina changed her clothes to prepare for her departure her, then she tidied up with one last look in the mirror.

And after a while she suddenly bowed her head in tears.

“Ah… Heh, ugh… Ha… Ah…”

Surely, until yesterday, there was a beautiful woman in the mirror who would not envy a noble lady… She removed her dignified make-up, took off her glittering jewelery, and put on an ordinary dress, and the woman was gone, and an all-too-common village girl appeared before her eyes.

“Ahhh… Again…”

If she hadn’t known, she wouldn’t have suffered so much… Rosina, who had known herself when she was dressed up, was saddened that she no longer had that look. She was given jewelry and a dress as gifts, but because she was not well off, she could not afford the luxury of redecorating her appearance her again.

“Huh… Ugh…”

And if you think about it, the reason why the lord fell in love with him was because he saw her dressed up. She was so plain she made it clear to her that she would n’t have given her heart to her if she were herself. Thinking so made Rosina’s heart her even more depressed.

Of course, Rosina, Agon’s wife, does n’t need his heart His, but she knows that too… Still, it was a pity that Rosina could not easily forget the hot and passionate love she had received for the first time in her life her.

Now that I think about it, it all makes no sense.

-Thump thump

Rosina smiled sadly, thinking that she would never be with her again, and she was about to turn around, but she suddenly heard a knock on the door behind her. Because of that, her heart skipped a beat. I expected it even though I knew it was n’t her.

“Rosina. May I come in?”

But she was too, and what she hoped for did not happen. It was the head maid who came for her, and in her hoarse voice she let Rosina know she was ready to leave.

“We are all ready. I’ll be waiting outside, so you can come out when it’s convenient for Rosina-sama. Oh, and this is a letter from the lord. I forgot this too. I’m really sorry.”

However, when she said that it was a letter from her lord her, Rosina’s heart her, which had calmed down, started beating again. He wondered what he would have said to himself. She would never accept it, but excitedly thinking what if he confessed to himself, Rosina opened her letter to confirm that the head of her maid had left.

[I want to see you again. This is my first time ever… It’s just that I keep thinking of you. Your body temperature, your scent, your voice, all of that keeps bothering me. So take responsibility. Please come find me again I’ll give you everything if you want money? Jewel? Anything is fine. Even just one day of entertainment is good. If only you can see it, it’s not worth it. So please come find me. I will be waiting for you every day.]

And Rosie I read and read the letter until her carriage arrived at her house her.

Contrary to her own delusion that she would not have liked her normal self, she was moved by the heart of a man who loved her everything… Forgetting your promise to never be shaken… She says again and again as she recalls the moment with him.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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