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Heroine Netori 167

Heroine Netori 167

Chapter 167 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (8)

I thought that if I became a lord, I would be able to do everything on my own. A lord is like a king in a territory, isn’t it? So, of course, he believed that the lord would have unlimited freedom.

By the way… When I experienced it myself, it was different.

The lord, who was only an existence ‘like’ the king, was only in an unstable position in this world where the kingship was very strong, and if he made a mistake even once, he would leave. Therefore, even though he was a lord, he could not commit evil acts to his heart’s content without paying attention to others.

Somehow, the points were cheaper than I thought… It was like being completely hooked.

But again, you might ask what happened to him being famous as a vile lord before being possessed… Actually I was curious about that too. What on earth did this bastard believe in doing such a thing? Everything looks ruined because of you kid. He was called to the royal capital and said that his neck his was hanging!

“Freha’s debt is 20,000 luwins. Great. To be extravagant like this… I was honestly surprised. Can you repay this?”

“The dissatisfaction of the Knights and the servants was considerable. No one will defend you this way. It means you can’t even hope for a commutation.”

“Did you know that the church also demanded your punishment? I wonder personally if you can change their minds.”

“Three, three… ? What are you talking about?”

“The grace period is one month. If you can’t solve all the problems that have accumulated in Freha in the meantime, His Majesty won’t forgive you, even if you have royal blood.”

When I learned that the identity of the woman I believed to be the head maid was actually an inspector sent from the capital, and that I only had a month left, I felt quite fucked up.

“For a moment! You only have one month left?!”

“No. One month left.”

So even after resurrecting the first night, I couldn’t enjoy it properly, and I had to spend all my time dealing with the piles of shit my body had created before possessing it.


But really this… It wasn’t easy. There were too many things to worry about when I tried to settle down and work as a lord. Finance, diplomacy, military, etc… I didn’t even know the ‘g’ of management, so there were a lot of things that were too difficult for me to handle alone.

“Then I will hand over this work to you.”

So I just gave up. No, I really couldn’t. I came in to do netori, but when it comes to management, the genre is different. I thought that even if I used my brain even a little, I would get cramped, so I handed over all the work to my roughly smart subordinates.

“Mi, thank you for trusting me! I will definitely make Freja a city many times better than it is now!”

“Your lord’s infinite trust! I will definitely respond! Please believe and watch!”

By the way… This response was better than expected. Why is this? The subordinates who heard my orders shed tears and shouted hurray, but why are they so happy that I handed over the troublesome task… I honestly couldn’t understand.

But, well, it was a good thing for me, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was because I had more important things to do than domestic affairs, namely, to settle Freha’s debts of 20,000 Luwins.

“Oh, lord! Lord! Awesome!Haha! It’s great!”

“Hmm? Why are you making such a fuss?”

“The scouts found a mine! A gold mine, too!”

“What?! Ha ha! Heaven help me with this!Haha! We will be rich!”

But this is really… It was solved so easily like a lie. He found a gold mine in the northern forest where he went out to subjugate to relieve stress and raise his skill proficiency.

Thanks to this, I was able to earn 20,000 luwins, several tens of times that amount, and succeed in repaying debts that seemed impossible.

“This is a reward for everyone! I will double the wages of those who work in this castle!”

“…… Yes?!”

– Male voice
– Male voice

“Well? Poor response. Good night! It’s a mood! I’ll triple it, not double it!Haha!”

“Wow… Wow!”

“Lord! Hurray! Freha! Hurray!”

“Hurray, hurray, hurray!”

And at the same time, he was able to resolve the complaints of his subordinates at once. Is money the best? Intoxicated with joy, the knights and servants, whose annual salary tripled overnight, swore allegiance to me, and from that day on, I was no longer a vicious lord, at least within the castle.

“You… You dare to buy indulgences with money! How disrespectful! You still haven’t reflected!”

But not all problems have been solved yet. Church grievances remained. The owner of this useless body had openly criticized the church before possessing it, but it seems he didn’t like the church nagging him at every turn.

Thanks to that, I was the only one who had a hard time cleaning up. Sick bastard. How many wrongs did you commit because you were drunk with power that you didn’t have? These guys are priests, so they don’t reveal the money, so how can we solve this…

“That is too large a sum to refuse. I was well aware of your sincerity. Even the Goddess will forgive you for this.”

… This is how it works It must have been my own misunderstanding that the priest did not reveal the money. Well, unless you’re making money by digging, there’s no need for money. After all, money was the truth, and after realizing it, I was able to make friends with the church.

“By the way, brother. The first night… “

Haha… Actually. The first night, all of them were resurrected for doctrine.”

“That’s a lot of bullshit… “

“The Church continues to proclaim chastity… Aren’t all young people promiscuous these days? That’s why I took on the role of a villain in order to give tension to the loose Freha. If you have the first night right, won’t you keep your virginity at least until the wedding day?”

“Oh oh…! Indeed, this is brother-like sophistry.”

“And that. If we give a reward to a virgin who maintains her virginity and teach her proper sexual knowledge and increase her fertility rate, wouldn’t it be a good thing for a sister and a brother-in-law?”

“You are right. If that’s an excuse, the headmaster will understand.”

Haha! That’s good.”

At the same time, it also solves the problem of early night rights. That way, I was able to deal with all the issues brought up by the inspector less than half of the month I had promised, and thanks to that, I was able to carry out the operation for Netori as planned without worrying about anything.


So, now to the main topic, if you ask me if there were any achievements in the first night zone, which was revived after such hard work… There were definite results. During her love affair with Rosina last night, when she received a notification that her Tori rank her had risen, I knew that she was the heroine of this worldview. After only the fifth attempt, she found the heroine, so it was a real treat for me. So, all that was left for me was to raise Rosina’s netori grade to at least an A.


And it was really easy. I’ve already sown the seeds for sure. Since she was as sweet as she could be, it was clear that Rosie and I would come over on their own even if I stayed still. And even if she doesn’t come over, now that I know who the main character is… As a lord, I had no worries.

-Smart smart

“Younglord. This is Sarah. May I come in?”

“Come in.”


“I have delivered the lord’s letter as ordered.”

“Okay? What was the reaction Did Rosina shake as I thought?”

“Seeing her blush her while being sent off, it’s annoying, but it seems like she has a heart for the lord. … By the way, my lord. Are you really serious with her?”

“Well? Her face must be pretty, her breasts must be big, is there any reason not to be sincere? And if it’s Rosina, is n’t she enough to be trusted even if she’s a daughter of an an aristocratic family?”

“Chit. She speaks well in front of the man who gave her virginity.”

“No, why are you doing this again? We had such a good time since dawn.”

– Kwak!

“My lord… Retort?!”


What, all of a sudden… Sarah grabbed me by the collar with an angry face and glared at me. I thought Sara, who raised her toes to grab her collar of her, was cute, but she pretended to be frightened because her mood her seemed so serious. Then Sarah, who smiled slightly, leaned her small body against me while still holding on to my collar.

“Isn’t she looking for me because that woman isn’t enough for her? Then, what are you pretending to be patronizing? Do you want me to go to her and tell you what the lord did during the early hours of the morning?”

“That, that… “

You’re right to be jealous I forcibly held back the corners of my mouth going up and put on an apologetic expression as much as I could. Really… It’s a problem even if it’s too good. I made even the cold-hearted inspector fall for me like this.

“… Huh. You’re the kind of person who can’t live without my pussy anyway, so I’ll forgive you just this once.”

Haha… ! Thank you for that.”

It’s actually a lie. In fact, Sera, who was ordered from above, is acting in love with me, even dedicating her body to spy on me. So, she’s not falling for my boastful appearance, she’s pretending to fall for me to fool me. … Well, even that has become sincere now.

“Instead, for today or so… Be nice to her like you did to her yesterday. I will be satisfied with that.”

“… I see.”

It would be nice to serve you for a day or so. I removed her cute hand from her from Sera, who was still holding her by the collar, then gently hugged her. Then Sarah was also happy and she hugged me full.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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