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Heroine Netori 168

Heroine Netori 168

Chapter 168 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (9)

Seeing Agon waiting for me from far away with an uneasy expression on my face, I hurriedly hid the lord’s letter in my inside pocket in amazement, like a criminal caught in a crime. My heart flutters at a letter from another man, leaving my worried husband with such a tired face… I’m really disqualified from being a wife. It shouldn’t be like this…

Regaining my shaken heart, I tried to ignore the lord’s words that I would be waiting for him every day, and got off the carriage with my face under control. Then Agon ran up to me and hugged me so much that it hurt.

“Rosina… Rosina! Black, uh… Rosina! Sorry… Ugh… I’m so sorry…”

“Agon… Black, Agoon…”

“I will never make it difficult for you again… Rosina, I’m so sorry… And I love you…”

I’m really sorry for you… I had such a happy time. To the extent that your concerns are worthless… So don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t deserve your apology. An ugly woman who thought of other men until she arrived in front of you… So please don’t cry…

My heart ached as if it would break when I thought of Agon who would have prayed for me without sleep. And when I saw Agon, who had thinned out in a day, I couldn’t lift my head up because I was sorry. When I was crushed by the lord, Agon was unable to eat and was worried about me…

To be shaken over a man who loves me like this… How can such a dirty woman exist? I wept with unbearable guilt.

“Don’t cry, Rosina… You didn’t do anything wrong It’s all my fault. Black, ugh… Rosina! It won’t happen again… Never, never…!”

However, Agon, who did not know my circumstances, simply apologized repeatedly for what he had done wrong, and made me feel even more hurt.

Ah… This must have been a punishment for me who had even dirty my heart. Unable to blame anyone, I blamed myself and accepted the bitterness that scratched my heart.


I entered the room on the pretext of unpacking and crumpled up the lord’s letter that I had put in my inside pocket. It is an expression of my will to never think of him again. I have an agon… Because I can’t think of other men anymore. I hid the crumpled letter in the corner of the closet to secretly throw it away when Agon was gone, changed into very ordinary everyday clothes, and walked out into the living room.

Then Agon said he had prepared it for me and served me my favorite apple pie. Agon… How could you even take care of these things for the poor me? Impressed, I was very happy and prepared black tea to go with the apple pie.

“Sorry… I can’t prepare for anything else.”

“Agon. I’m going to stop saying sorry now. I really… Because it’s okay. No, because I don’t want to think about it anymore. So, let’s forget about yesterday and think about the future.”

“Rosina… Yes! OK! I will definitely make you happy!”

Thinking about what happened yesterday might make you shake again… It would be better not to think of Agon any more. When I talked about the future with a bright expression, Agon responded to me with a happy face, probably feeling a little relieved.

“Then… Shall we stop talking about our gloomy talk and have a tea time?”

“Yes! That would be great!”

“Ugh. After all, it’s the apple pie from Annie’s store. It’s delicious no matter when you eat it.”

“Hmm? That… Yes. Ahaha… Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten in a long time. I think it tastes better.”

By the way… A very strange thing happened. It’s my favorite apple pie… It didn’t taste like anything. Seeing that Agon eats so deliciously, there must be something wrong with the apple pie… Strangely, I couldn’t taste it.

“I asked you to make it more delicious for Rosina.”

“Oh, did you? No wonder… Ahaha…”

And the truth is… I thought I could see why.

Haha! Isn’t Alex’s cooking really great? As an employee, I am really happy to have a chef who can work in the royal capital work for me!’

Having tasted such delicious food for the first time in my life just a day ago… My tongue can’t be satisfied with this apple pie. In a way, it was natural.

“Really… It’s delicious. Thanks Agon.”

However… I couldn’t reveal that fact. Even for Agon, who must have suffered for me, I had to chew and chew the lumps of flour in my mouth while pretending that the tasteless apple pie was delicious.

“I’m glad you’re happy…”

“Agon… “

Lord… Did you expect this and treat me like that? No… Probably not. Like Agon, you probably just wanted to see me happy. But what about…? I feel like my daily life will be ruined because of you… Even if I don’t want to think about it, I think I’ll keep thinking about it… I even swore I’d never think of you again …

If it was short, it was really short, and if it was long, the day with the lord would have been really long… Realizing that it wasn’t a midsummer night’s dream, I could feel the lord permeating every corner of my life. The clothes I liked no longer look pretty, and the house that will make me dream of a happy future feel small… Because it must be all the Lord’s fault.

“I love you…”

But I decided to ignore it. Agon, who looked at me, was still lovely, and I was able to receive his love his… Because I was happy. Even when I had nothing, the fact that the blessing of Agon came to me was a great miracle. So the presumptuous idea of ​​wanting more than that… I won’t.

Even if you live in a small house, even if you don’t have the luxury… As long as there is Agon who loves me, I am enough. So, my feelings for the lord… Fold it in, and I’ll give it back to you.


I won’t think of the lord anymore… I thought of a good way. It is to repaint my body, which has been stained by the lord, in the color of Agon. If I could feel Agon’s love directly with my body, I was certain that I would be happy and not think of anything else.

And… Sex with the lord I didn’t love felt so good… If it’s sex with Agon who loves each other… It must feel a lot better than that, right? So, after tonight, I will never think of you again. Because I have an agon.


“Rosina… That… May I come in?”

“Yes…Come on in…”

After I washed my body, I sat on the small bed and waited for Agon. After a while, Agon came to the room after taking a shower. With only the lower half of the body covered with a towel. My face turned red at the unusually bold appearance of Agon.

“That… I’ll be taking it off soon anyway…”

“Yeah, that’s right… Ahaha…”

But at the same time, I felt a little bit sad. Agon’s body is too… It seemed weak. I thought the small body without a single muscle was cute, but it wasn’t reliable at all… I was a little worried. Can I leave my body like this… I say. I was really relieved when I was hugged by the lord… Looking at the shabby-looking body of Agon…

Rani, what the hell am I thinking? To think of another man ahead of her affair with her husband her… Am I really crazy? I was resentful of the lord who kept thinking about me even after swearing to ignore it, but I was disgusted with myself for constantly comparing Agon to him.

“Then I’ll take it off too…”

“Yes…That, yes…”

So I started undressing in front of Agon so that I wouldn’t think of anything else. To start having sex as soon as possible. But the last time I took off my panties… Agon, who was restless in front of me, lunged at me.

“Sorry, Rosina! I can’t stand it any longer!”

“Agon?! Now, hold on…”

“There’s no way I can stand it!”

And without proper foreplay, he thrust his cock into my cunt. Because of that, I felt an unimaginable pain in my lower stomach, and I couldn’t stand it and screamed.

“Aagh! Wait, black… Aww! Sick… Agon, wait!”

I thought sex with Agon would be good… It was my own misunderstanding.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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