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Heroine Netori 169

Heroine Netori 169

Chapter 169 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (10)

Worried about Rosina, who was taken away by the lord, Agon stayed awake all night. She couldn’t bear to imagine what a lord known for wickedness would do to Rosina.

Agon, who resented her goddess for why she gave them such an ordeal, struggled with thoughts of her all night long. And when Rosina returned to her house her, she found her sadness and self-doubt that she couldn’t hide from her face her, and she was even more distressed by that figure.

‘Rosina… It was me who was at fault, but why are you in pain… It’s me who has to feel guilty. So the person you should blame is also me, not you… ‘

Seeing that Rosina, who had given herself to her lord her for her sake her, instead of being angry with her, felt sorry for herself, Agon felt disgusted with himself. He was so incompetent as a man and as his husband that he felt sorry for himself.

‘Rosina… I’ll make you no longer sad… From now on, I will always make you smile… ‘

So Agon clenched his fists and made a promise to himself. For the rest of his life, he says, he will value Rosina more than himself. That was the least Agon could do for Rosina, the woman he deserved.

By the way… Agon’s determination

“Sorry, Rosina! I can’t stand it any longer!”

The moment he saw Rosina’s naked body in her, he broke apart. When Agon saw her woman and her wife’s naked body her for the first time, he forgot her determination her to cherish her for the rest of his life, and he turned into a beast and rushed at her.


Rosina’s naked body was more beautiful and nobler than any work of art he had ever seen.

Her dazzling white flesh made her innocence shine, and her blushing face her mixed that innocence with a strange color. And her large breasts made him long for her motherly love her, which he could not even remember now, and her genitals that could not be covered her made him feel an unbearable sexual desire.

Agon was really happy that the woman in front of him was his wife his and that she loved him. At this moment, he was a lucky man that no one in this world would envy.


But, the joy is short-lived … Agon realized belatedly that a piece of black paint was painted on his own white drawing paper. Rosina’s virginity had already been taken by the lord. If she was originally she should have gotten herself, she’s her first.


Joy soon turned to anger, and affection soon turned to jealousy. Agon hated the lord, who did not know his face, and felt sorry for his work that had been tainted by that lowly human being. So he jumped on Rosina, who had just become naked, to paint her her stained innocence her with his own colors her.

Then, just as instinct led him, he thrust his erect cock her into her cunt her.

“Aagh! Wait, black… Aww! Sick… Agon, wait!”

Although Rosina was hurt by an affair that suddenly began without a single caress, Agon, who had lost her reason because of her lust and jealousy of her, did not pretend to hear her screams of her. Rather, as if in response, he tried harder and harder to dye her with his own color her, inserting his own genitals her into her body her.

“No… Agon, please… Aww! It hurts… Whoa, whoa… Ah! Please!”

Rosina’s resistance intensified, but Agon did not stop until the end. He rocked Rosina like a horned male dog whether or not she screamed. As if trying to convince Rosina that her cunt her was owned by her lord her, not her her.

“Ah… Ahhhhh… Why…”

Fortunately for Rosina, however, Agon stopped ejaculating shortly after. He said that the stimulation of sex with Rosina was too great for him, who had been a virgin just a moment ago, to endure.

“Ah… That… Rosina… ?”

But was the stimulus too great? Agon, who said that the emptiness that came after the circumstances was also great, was able to realize what he had done, albeit belatedly. Rosina’s face was covered with tears.

“Okay, it’s okay… ? …… Sorry.”

Only then did Agon, realizing that the woman’s scream was not an attempt to hide her pleasantness of her, apologized to Rosina, blaming her friends for giving him only her useless knowledge of her. And contrary to his promise of his today, he reflected on himself for making Rosina cry.

But even so, Agon… She was secretly amused by the fact that she could continue to feel the pleasure of Rosina’s cunt her.



Too… It was scary. To the point where I wonder if this is what it would feel like to be raped. Even if you shout no, the situation where you are ignored and forced to give your body is really… It was terrible. But that opponent is Agon… I shed tears over the reality that was difficult to accept.

There was no consideration for me throughout the sexual act. Even the lord I met for the first time was kind to me when we were making love, but instead of caring about me, Agon, who I love, only thought of pleasure for himself.

Besides, having sex with Agon is different from having an affair with the lord… I was just sick. All I felt was pain from Agon’s ignorantly poking at a place that wasn’t even an erogenous zone. He was really happy when the lord’s cock was full of cum… Agon’s cock procrastinating inside her vagina her was just unpleasant.

“Mi. I’m sorry, Rosina…”

“Agon… First of all, could you please… ?.”


However… Seeing Agon’s apologetic face, I couldn’t help but get angry. He seemed to know what he had done wrong. So I decided to forgive him, just this once.

Anyway, Agon… Unlike the young lord, who has a lot of experience with women, I’m the first one, right? He must have made a mistake because he was not used to this, so I had to make him understand. Because that’s a couple…

So, after checking Agon’s cock, which still had an erection after ejaculation, and looked obviously smaller than the lord’s, I spoke to him as kindly as possible. This time, let’s work together with me and try again from the beginning. It was because it seemed that if I finished today’s sexual act like this, my relationship with Agon would deteriorate.

“Yes… Like that…. Right.”

“Slowly… Ugh, that’s right there…”

Fortunately, Agon seemed to be sorry for me, and unlike before, he slowly shook his waist following my lead. But nonetheless… It didn’t feel good. Unlike Youngju, who was able to fool around as a single woman, she had to teach Agon one by one like a mother and take care of her.

I wanted to entrust my body to the reliable muscles like back then and taste the thrilling climax… I was worried that I would not be able to feel that pleasure for the rest of my life.

“Yes, Rosina!”

This… In the end, as I feared, I had to finish the sex without feeling a single moment of pleasure. After just two ejaculations, Agon fell asleep. Being satisfied with myself until the end and ending it, at this rate, am I not Agon’s sex processing tool… I felt very uncomfortable. And the feeling of Agon’s semen in her vagina was also really disgusting.

“Ha… Ah…”

So after confirming that Agon was asleep, I secretly put my finger in Agon and scraped out the semen. It’s a safe day anyway, so I won’t get pregnant, but I didn’t want to go to sleep in this state. When the lord’s semen is inside… It wasn’t like that at all, though.

“Ha… Lord… Aang…”

Lord Young… Before and after inserting the cock, he was always considerate of me and allowed me to bring back only pleasant memories…

Lord Young… He kept checking to see if I was in a good mood and cared about me so that I could feel even a little more…

Lord Young… Even after sex, he held my hand and whispered to me that he was happy to be one with me…

Agon didn’t do anything for me.

“My lord… Uh huh… Ahh…”

Far from forgetting, I missed the time with him even more, so I masturbated for the first time while living next to Agon who had fallen asleep. It reminds me of the happy times I had with him.

“Miss you…”


Rosina graffiti. From now on, I plan to draw as a hobby for each episode.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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