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Heroine Netori 170

Heroine Netori 170

Chapter 170 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (11)

After our first night with Agon, he and I have been very busy. All of the time and effort was invested in reviving the endangered caravan. There was a reward from the lord, but that alone couldn’t solve all the problems, so we tried to reorganize by reducing the amount of time we slept.

“Agon! Finally everything is ready!”

“Yes! Now we can start over!”

But it wasn’t that hard. Looking at the future of our corps, which looks brighter day by day, I couldn’t help but gain strength. Did they say that the ground hardens after it rains? Our members who overcame the crisis together became a trustworthy and close relationship, and thanks to this, the Smith Association was able to become even stronger.

All of this… It is thanks to the lord. If it wasn’t for the compensation money he cared for, the company would have gone bankrupt and we would have been in debt. I was once again moved by the gentleness of the lord’s personality his.

“Rosina, how are you today after a while… You’ve been busy these days, so you just slept when you got home.”

“Um… I’m just tired. Agon…”

“Isn’t tomorrow a day off anyway? Don’t do that. Yes?”

“…… Ugh, okay…”

However… I couldn’t help but say thank you to him. Even though I know his heart his, I can’t accept it and worry about it, because I don’t deserve to see his face his.

“Today was good, Rosina… “


The difference in status, the fear of being abandoned, and the pity for oneself who is gradually losing beauty and innocence… Because of this, I continued to hesitate, and every day I felt the distance from the lord growing farther away.

“Ah… My lord, ha… I’m sorry… Yes… I am again, ah!”

However… Is it because of the longing for what you can’t have? Every time I thought about not being able to connect with the lord, I missed him more and more.


After preparing for the ascent to Hoorn, we decided to take a break before leaving. A small festival was held in the city, so he decided to stay in Freja until the festival was over. So Agon and I decided to go to our regular bar after a long time and enjoy a leisurely time.

However, in the aftermath of the festival, there were a group of women and a group of men in the bar, and Agon and I were dragged away by each group and had an unintentional drinking party.

And… I was able to see Christine, who had just become a new bride there. Wearing a beautiful-looking dress… I mean Christine.

“Ho Ho! Look everyone! This is the proof that the lord has fallen for me! Pretty right? You gave me something as a gift saying it matched my beauty!”

“Oh my, is it real?”

“Christine is pretty, but… Is it enough for the lord to fall in love with you?”

“It must be that I am the lord’s taste! How could I have received such a gift otherwise?”

Lie… A dress is normally given as a gift before meeting each other… Why is Christine lying like that? She was really proud of her, and the sight of Christine putting her hand on her small breasts and snorting made her feel a little uneasy.

“It’s gurachin. That’s what you get if you just go. Did I get it too? You’re not the only person I’ve met with the lord here, so where are you telling lies that will be caught right away?”

By the way… Sayre, who was listening quietly at the table next to him, banged down the glass he was holding and got angry at Christine with a grunting voice. Come to think of it, Seir also got married a while ago… To think that there are three women held by the lord in this small tavern… For some reason, I felt even more uncomfortable.

“What, what? Joy! You must be lying! The lord admired my face and gave me a present!”

“Rosina. How were you? Didn’t you receive it as soon as you arrived?”

“Yes? Ahaha… That’s right, so did I.”

“Did you see it? Why are you giving meaning to the gift you give by lying so much? Aren’t you sorry for John?”


Oh, it shouldn’t be like this… The look on Christine’s indignant face warmed my stomach.

Christine, why did you lie? The Lord fell in love with me, not you. So it’s better not to lie like that. Even for you and your husband.

In my mind, I gave Christine a lesson, and I cheered for Seir’s logical rebuttal.

“I really… Don’t be overjoyed at the fact that I fed you food and gave you gifts so that you don’t say anything else with the first night ticket. I’m not going to see anyone again anyway.”

“The attitude was different for me! Do you know how kind the lord was to me?!”

“That’s not just for you. He acted like he was my husband to me too. Rosina, are you too?”

“Yes? Oh yes! …… Right … I did…”

By the way… My mind went blank at Seir’s words. Only for me… Didn’t you treat me kindly? Nonsense… Apparently, the maids said that the lord treated the others coldly… Was that a lie for me?

Judging by Christine and Sayre’s reactions, it didn’t seem like either of them were lying. Because of that, my heart was depressed again. But even so, the two of them didn’t talk about the garden until the end, so I was relieved again. Alas, it was true that I was taken alone into the garden.

‘Actually, a wind spirit lives on this swing.’

‘Okay. But this guy is quite a woman, so he blows the wind and rides the swing when only a beautiful woman sits. Isn’t it really fun?’

Come to think of it, the garden was a really mysterious and charming place. Even the spirit of the wind was living there… Recalling that fairytale-like moment, I fell into memories for a moment.

“So wake up. There is nothing like what you want.”

However, Seir’s words were so cold that he came to his senses. It’s a dream… Okay. That’s right, it’s a dream. But can’t you just dream?

“…… I didn’t want anything just… I’m saying this because I don’t have John… I mean, I was much happier than when I was with Yohan… So it’s just reminiscing. Is that bad?”

– Male voice

My heart skipped a beat when I was told to wake up, but this time I cheered Christine, who seemed to be angry, in my heart instead of me. She says she is feeling the same pain as I am. She does and she empathizes. Of course… Christine, who was mistaken by herself, and I, who received her confession of her, were in completely different situations.

“Yes. Bad. Wake. You are a married woman And what made you so happy? Are you good at sex? Was the lord’s cock that good?”

“Puff! Cough Coke…”

“Rosina, are you okay?”

“Yes… It’s okay…”

Wait, Sayre… To speak so straightforwardly… ! Don’t you feel ashamed of Seir? Seir, who brought up the words sex and dick while bouncing, caused me to clear my throat involuntarily. Maybe… It must have been because his conscience was pricked by Seir’s words. It was a story that I had no choice but to agree that the lord was good at sex…

“Your lord did a good job… But isn’t that why? Just being by the lord’s side, I was very happy as a woman… Joy! But, seeing you say that, do you think you liked it too?”

“Ugh… Yea, what… You know, the size was no joke. How can you feel bad about being stabbed by something like that?”

“Transformation… Well, you’ve been telling me since long ago.”

But I couldn’t agree with the current story. Of course, the lord’s cock… It was true that it was very big, but what made me feel good was that he was considerate of me. Unlike Agon, who only thinks of himself.

Ha… Unlike Agon, really. I was really happy when I was with the lord… Thinking back then, I missed the lord again.

“Anyway… I want to see my lord I want to see you again.”

“Why. Why don’t you go and ask to be her concubine her?”

“Hey, I’ll be fine. I was even threatened by the head maid not to come with vain thoughts.”

“Ah, that person… It happened to me too.”

So… This uptrend, wouldn’t it be necessary for me to follow? Either for Agon or for me…… I think it would be good for the lord. Saying thanks while returning the letter… I mean, I have to tell you.

“Rosina, have you been threatened too?”

“Yes… I was scared, that person. Ahaha…”

But what do you mean by threats?


[Netori grade has risen to C grade.]

“Phew, it’s finally done.”

“What did it become? It’s completely lacking, so please shake your back quickly.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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