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Heroine Netori 171

Heroine Netori 171

Chapter 171 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (12)

It took longer than expected, but… Anyway, as I had planned, Rosina was captured by me. Being a C grade means that your feelings for me are greater than your feelings for the main character. Perhaps the constant comparison made Rosina want me more.

Now, to raise the ranks further, we need to give the main character, in this case Agon, a netorare shock. For example, Muji Castle brings Rosie or her husband her to the castle, then ties Agon to her chair her and says, ‘Hey. I like Rosina’s cock better.

However… If that were the case, I wouldn’t have worked so diligently. It is difficult to get an A grade if you try netori recklessly like that. It is because the resentment towards me must be greater than the feeling of betrayal towards Rosina.

Therefore, since she has come this far, I must show Agon that Rosina is giving her body and soul to me on her own. She revived her super-opposition power to do so, and then she pretended to be so sweet, did n’t she? That much should be enough for her to get an A grade.

So, all that remains now is how to get Rosie to come to her castle her… At this time, she didn’t choose the lord character to make it easy. I need to wield some power. Just in time, the Smith Company said they were going up to Horn, hehe… I’m sorry to Agon, but it won’t be a very pleasant trip.

-Smart smart

“My lord, this is Sera.”

“Um, come in.”


“Today’s bride, Alce, has visited as planned.”

“Okay, guide me.”

So until then, she’ll fuck her new bride and wait for Rosina to come. There are a lot of couples getting married these days because of how rumors have spread, and thanks to that, my dick has no time to rest. This can be seen as a very desirable phenomenon.

“But you know what? Alce-nim is a very ugly woman.”

“… Ummm, that’s it? Hmm… We should still eat together.”

“And he has a great size. You can think of it as being close to an orc.”

“…… Big hum. Is that enough? Still, wouldn’t it be polite to look at her face?”

“If you have sex with her, she will definitely be buried in her flesh of her.”

“……… Really?”


No, that’s a bit Eva… Thanks to her fantasy world overflowing with handsome and beautiful women, she casually ate new brides, but if she was that serious… I was worried that I would end up standing up. No matter how much the angle of netori is raised, it’s impossible for an orc woman.

However, it could not be ignored because it was difficult to make an exception in a situation where her super-opposition was revived. Hearing that she hides people from her face makes me feel annoyed. I heard that she is still fighting over the super-opposition in the church.

“I have an idea.”

“Hmm… Okay? Tell me where I will listen to the excellent insight of the Kingdom Inspector.”

“Anyway, there are few opportunities for commoners to see the lord’s face.”

“Oh, what do you mean?”

“So it means there is no problem if you send a substitute. I know the taste of the knight commander is that way.”

Did you? Somehow, those noblemen’s sons and daughters… Hmmm, but is it okay? You’re forcing me to do it forcibly. She is ordering a married man with a child to sleep with another woman…

“I have already finished talking with the knight commander. You don’t have to worry.”

“…Haha! I like you too He is truly a person you can trust!”

“And I have already agreed with the employees. For today, the captain of the knights will serve as the lord’s deputy.”

“Thank you. Then, after a while, I and the maids… Well? What are you doing now?”

“You really have no manners toward women. Don’t you know by pretending? Or do you really want me to tell you to put your cock in my cunt quickly?”

No, you’re a sex addict, an addiction… After locking the door, Sarah took off her skirt in front of me, down to her panties, and put her body on the desk where I was working. It’s good to be fucked from behind.

Okay… Well, it’s better to do it with Sera who has a good inner compatibility than with a fat woman with a bad face. It’s cute too. I stroked Sarah’s head as she glared at me with her stubby face, then got up and walked behind her.

“Anyway, today’s schedule wasn’t all about the first night event. So, since the schedule has been canceled, there will be nothing to do, so give me a reward for my hard work. I will be satisfied with this too.”

What am I really satisfied with with this? What are you pretending to be indifferent while opening your own pussy that is already wet because you want to? Really … When I first saw him, I did n’t like him because of his blunt appearance of him, but now that I know the truth, I see these cute sides … It was really lovely.

“Is it not enough to have fun yesterday?”

“Is anyone starving today just because they ate yesterday?”

“You are also very dizzy.”

You’re addicted to sex Whew. But since doing things with Sera is always right, I think I can have a good time again today. How quickly will your poker face break today? I’d love to hear a quick chuckle.


[I will be waiting for you every day.]

Ah, lord… You haven’t changed your mind yet, have you? Taking advantage of Agon’s absence from home, I secretly took out and read the lord’s letter, which was now stored in a precious place, and felt warm happiness welling up in my heart. My heart fluttered at the thought of meeting the lord.

“My lord… Wait please… “

– Quaang!


But on the last day of the festival, Agon, who was at a bar with his friends, suddenly returned home. He seems to be drunk and more aggressive than usual. So I had to hide the lord’s letter in a hurry.

– Jump!

“Rosina! You! You… Isn’t it?!”

“Um, what are you talking about… “

“You didn’t have a crush on that young lord?!”

Fortunately, I managed to hide the letter without being caught, but I felt my heart drop at Agon’s questioning. My crush on the lord… How the hell does Agon know? Perhaps… Did you read the letter I hid?

“I heard everything from John. That stupid Christine is obsessed with the lord. Aren’t you like that too? I heard the lord was so kind! He said the lord was so good at sex! Didn’t you fall for that bastard’s cock like that whore?!”

“Aaaaa! Agon! Don’t do this! Calm down… It’s not like that at all, so don’t do this…!”

Ah, you heard about John… Is that why you doubt me? Did I, like Christine, come to love the lord instead of you? … I couldn’t easily deny Agon’s reasonable suspicion, and in the gap, Agon laid me on the bed and forcibly tried to take off my clothes. Scared… Lord, save me… Because of that, I trembled with fear as I remembered the first night with Agon.

“No, what is it! Does it make sense that you, who was a virgin until you met the lord, know sex so well? She fell for that bastard and hit her hard, so she learned naturally!”

“Don’t force yourself, you! … Knowing how much I love you… How can you say such a thing!”

Also… Did she keep it in her mind? She didn’t say anything, so I pretended not to know, but I couldn’t be bothered… It’s strange that I, who should have been a virgin, lead sexual acts…

But still, this isn’t it. Loving you was sincere… That’s why I was also considerate, but to come out like this in a red suit… And, how dare you curse at the lord. Did we forget that it was only thanks to the lord that we paid off all our debts? What are you…

I was scared, I was afraid, but I was angry, so I rebelled against Agon for the first time. He couldn’t just be suffering from Agon, who only showed more and more disappointing sides.

“Shit! Do you think I have no ears?! At a drinking party a few days ago, you praised that bastard too. Do you know that I do not know?”

“When did I do that! I only reluctantly agreed because of the atmosphere, but I’ve never praised the lord with my own mouth! Did I hear you right? Why are you doing this to me when you haven’t heard it properly! What on earth did you hear from other people?”

“Younglord? Ha, lord? Look at this! You are completely missing it!”

Ah… I tried to talk while holding back my tears, but I couldn’t communicate with Agon, who had lost his reason. When the logic was denied, Agon’s misleading titles were really childish and foolish. Then, the owner of Freha and the noble lord should be called lord, otherwise what should I call him…

In the end, I shed tears at Agon’s disrespectful and reckless behavior of his. This man who is being swept away by other people’s words and doing things to me… I really loved myself so much that I was such a fool.

“Then prove it! If you really love me and not him, suck this! Suck my cock nasty like a prostitute! Then I’ll admit it.”

“Mi, are you crazy? Agon? What the hell are you talking about!”

“Why? Can’t you Christine, she said she liked to suck the lord’s cock, didn’t you? Why can’t you do it to me Are you saying that you love me is a lie?”


“Are you crazy?!”

“… What?”

“You call me a whore after I sold myself for you… Are you insane? Agon…! I didn’t go to the lord to say good things to me. You! Your top! That’s what I dedicated my first time to. I need money. Because you had to pay the debt you created! But you… How could you insult me ​​like that? How can you call me a whore!!”

Really how… It can be. I… I really loved you, so I made that choice for you… To you, from the moment I was embraced by the lord, was I just a slut that was already defiled?

My heart leaned toward the lord, but that didn’t mean my feelings for Agon were all gone… At this moment, all feelings for the man in front of me have disappeared. Then everything about him started to look disgusting.

“Ah… Ah, what can I say…”

“Go away… Go! Disappear before my eyes!”

“Wait, Rosina. I’m drunk and sane…”

“Go away! Because I don’t want to see your face again!”

Agon seemed to have finally awakened from his drinking and belatedly realized what he had done, but it was already too late. I kicked the apologetic Agon out of the room until the end, locked the door, got into the futon, and wept profusely. Today was definitely the worst day of my life.

However… Still, there was one good thing. Even if I say that I will not follow the ascendant because of today, Agon will not respond.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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