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Heroine Netori 172

Heroine Netori 172

Chapter 172 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (13)

On the carriage leaving for Hoorn, Agon regretted and regretted again. He said he was drunk, but what he had done to Rosina last night had crossed the line as her husband her and as a person. That he who gave her body her for her own would humiliate her like that … No matter how much he was shaken by the words of his friends his and lost his temper, Agon reflected that he shouldn’t have said such a thing.

“Whoa… “

But repentance didn’t change anything. The empty seat next to him was not filled until the end, whether he reflected on it or not. That is, until he reached Horn.

“Shit… I wasn’t listening to them… He should have trusted Rosie me all the way…”

All Agon could do in this situation was to pray that she would untie her heart her, believing that time would solve it. After all, she’s between her husband and wife, with whom she’s meant to be with her for the rest of her life, and she fantasizes that if she goes back with a nice present, she’ll forgive Rosina.


After seeing Agon off with a blunt expression, I couldn’t help but laugh when I returned home. I was finally able to go see the lord. A reunion with the lord that I had only imagined… I felt like I could fly in the sky with joy.


But my joy was short-lived, and I stopped laughing when I saw the crumpled marks on the lord’s letter of his. I was worried that the lord’s heart would not change. It’s true that he had a crush on me, but… Just as my feelings for Agon disappeared, his feelings for me could also have disappeared.

“Are you Rosina? I will take you inside.”

But my worries were unfounded. The gatekeepers who remembered my face guided me into the castle. This… You must mean that the lord has been waiting for me all along, right? Impressed, I went in to see him, holding back my tears.

“You really have no shame.”

However, it was not the lord who was waiting for me in the lord’s room, but the head maid with a scary face. He threatened others… That person.


“That is… What are you talking about?”

I swallowed my saliva involuntarily at the unexpectedly creepy attitude of the head maid. The atmosphere was unusual. He was definitely kind, though he was definitely absent-minded somewhere, but he suddenly had this kind of attitude… I trembled with fear because I was different from the gatekeepers.

“Are your ears dark? He said he had no shame. Isn’t it really shameless to come to the lord to be hugged by a married woman?”

And at the words of the maid who followed, her heart sank. No worries… I wanted to deny it, but I couldn’t. Because she didn’t do anything wrong with what she said.

“Oh, no… “

“Am I wrong? Or did you get divorced in the meantime?”

In the end, I had no objection. I just like the lord… I want to see him… I came here, but just like the head maid said, I didn’t have that qualification. He said he left his heart his, but to find another man when he already has an owner… It was only natural for the maid to be angry with me.

“Sorry… Do. But the lord… Black, female, lord…”

“I love you? Ha, that’s funny. If that’s the case, I shouldn’t have gone back in the first place. Does it make sense to leave the man you love behind? Ah, if that’s not the case, did you come to love the lord belatedly? But that’s even funnier. Seeing her husband being compared to the lord, her heart her for her husband her cooled and she changed her mind. Rosina-sama, do you really think that is her true self?”

“Ahhh… That… Black, oh…”

But she couldn’t back down like this, so she held back the tears and tried to make an excuse somehow… No proper words came out of my mouth. Because I also deeply sympathized with her words. Can the decision made after comparing the two be sincere? … I was a very selfish woman. So much so that I am ashamed of myself.

“I’m sorry…”

Like a person whose wings melt after chasing the sun and fall into thin air, I felt a deep sense of despair and tried to return home. This was no place for the cowardly me. It was regrettable that I hadn’t met the lord, but it was fortunate that I hadn’t met him.

“Not like that. What are you saying to my woman?”

But then the lord appeared. ‘My woman’ is so sweet and dizzying… As you dazzle me with your words.


“Chit. I cannot admit it.”

“Stop. Isn’t the story already over? You will return now.”

“…… Ha, I see. Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning. And Rosina-sama.”

“Yes, four.”

“Excuse me today.”


When the stormy time was over and the head of the maid had gone outside her, I collapsed in my seat as her legs she gave out. I was so shocked that I couldn’t stand it. Just like the day I dedicated my first day to the lord, I thought I would spend only happy times when I came to the castle… That was my own misunderstanding.

“Rosina, are you okay? I’ll say something to Sera so she can relax.”

“No… I was wrong… I’m sorry, my lord. Ugh, black… Black… There is nothing wrong with Sarah’s words. I dared to compare even though I knew the Lord’s heart. Then, I even got my body dirty by an ugly man. I… I am no longer the pure woman the lord loved…”

However, the lord gave me a gentle smile and hugged me as if it was okay. Because of that, I ended up shedding the tears I had been holding back. The lord who loves me until the end… It was something I was really grateful for.

So I once again fooled the lord. Confessing my mistakes one by one, please forgive me… Please don’t throw it away… I prayed and prayed again and again in the arms of the lord. Then, the lord comforted me by strengthening the arm that was holding me.

“It is not your fault. After all, it’s my fault. In fact, isn’t it you who would have lived happily without me? So if you’re going to blame, blame me. Because I was the one who brought the waves into your life.”

“It is not… I would have been unhappy in the end. That man doesn’t love me. What he loved was himself with me. So… The only one who loves me in this world is the lord… And yet I don’t even know…”

“Don’t cry. My feelings for you haven’t changed. I just… All I need is for you to be by my side.”

“Ah, lord… “

Tears of joy flowed this time as the lord’s warm voice calmed my tangled heart. This is it… It was the happiness of being loved that Agon could not feel.

“Then… Let me prove it. My feelings for the lord.”

“Well? There is no need for that. Even if you don’t, I know that your heart is true.”

“No… Let me do it I think that will put my mind at ease. Please…”

“… Then I’ll give you a chance Yes, how are you going to prove it?”

“… You say men like this? So… I’ll prove it with this. This is something I have never done to anyone.”

It was impossible to just receive this happiness. So I escaped from the lord’s arms in order to repay the lord’s heart. Then I undid the lord’s belt and took off his pants.

“Rosina, this is… Well… Are you really going to do it?”

“Yes, I actually heard. Have you ever received one from someone else? So I can’t stand still. What I love more.”

And finally, when I took off the lord’s panties, the lord’s cock, which had taken my virgin, appeared in front of me. Ah… Everything is different from Agon’s… The lord’s cock that satisfies me…

“Well, then… I’ll start… Haam.”

I held the lord’s cock in my mouth while enduring the lewd smell that excites me just by sniffing it, and I could feel it twitching in my mouth. Oh my, did you feel good? Perhaps as a token of gratitude, the lord stroked my hair.

“Chew, ha ha… Is it right to do this? Huh… Churup, Pahaa…”

Agon… Thank you. Thanks to your reporting of this deed, I was able to satisfy the lord. I told you to suck it up and prove it, right? Ahaha… So I suck like this. To prove my feelings for the lord. Sucking on the lord’s cock, not yours.


“Lucius! Aren’t you Lucius!”

“… Henrik? Could it be that you are Henrik?”

Haha! Man, I never thought I’d see you again. Almost 20 years? Today is truly a miraculous day.”

“Haha… What a miracle… It’s a day when you want a miracle to happen.”

“Well? What does that mean?”

“It is nothing. Oh, and now it’s Agon, not Lucius. It’s been a long time since I gave up the title of nobility that was just a facade.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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