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Heroine Netori 173

Heroine Netori 173

Chapter 173 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (14)

Agon, whose real name is Lucius Deon, was actually a nobleman. However, no one in Freha knew that he was a nobleman, because the Deon rich man, who had fled from the capital as if he were being chased, hid their identity tightly. In a way, it could be seen as a natural thing to do, as the family got caught up in a factional fight and was destroyed.

The Deon family, who lost their position and status overnight, sharpened their blades of revenge in Freha. It was an attempt to inflict an economic blow to the Silian family, which sent the Deon family to Hell. It was for that reason that Lucius’s father, Cartine Deon, created the Smith Merchant. Because he knew the weaknesses of the Silian Merchant, he thought he would be able to take revenge on them.

But, ironically, his revenge ended before it even began. The sudden death of Frederick III, who was king at the time, changed the regime again. It was a natural step for the Sillian family, which was a powerful royal faction, to fall into the abyss like the Deon family, and the Deon family was able to complete their revenge without using a single hand.

But that didn’t make Lucius happy, who had to drop everything and become a commoner at the age of nine. Even if his revenge his was over, he couldn’t go back to being a nobleman. After all, Lucius, who became a merchant as a commoner, wandered in depression every day.

And it was Rosina who saved him from suffering.

‘Oh, hello. This is Rosina from Freha Orphanage. Thank you so much for your support!’

When Lucius saw a beautiful girl greet him with a wide smile, a girl he hadn’t seen even in aristocratic families, he fell in love for the first time in his life. Then he thought that for this moment he had become a commoner, and he felt even her destiny with her.

‘I am Agon of the Smith Company. That… Rosina? Because she will come often in the future. Won’t we be friends?’

Since that day, Agon has never been depressed. And Rosina was always by his side. He had no doubt that she would be with her for the rest of her life.



“I see… This is because it goes up to Hoorn.”

“Yes. Since the trade route has been cleared, shouldn’t a merchant try it?”

“It’s just fine. I live in Hoorn now.”

“What? Not to the royal capital, but to Horn?”

“What… I’ve had a lot of things happen too. Anyway. Then I will invite you to my house.”

“Okay? Then I am grateful.”

The two people, who threw out the awkward tone and threw out the awkward tone, sat in front of the bonfire and shared memories while sipping alcohol. And again, as before, they became open-minded and shared their stories that they had accumulated.

“Henna will be very happy. … I liked you a lot.”

“Ah, he’s married, so what makes him happy?”

“Are you even married?!”

In the process, Henrik revealed his unwavering love for his sister, but Agon turned his refusal to reveal that he was married. Rosina was all he had now.

“I did. With the nicest and prettiest woman in the world.”

“Wow, isn’t this a complete no-show?”

Believing that Rosina would forgive him as before, though he had done something he would never be forgiven for, Agon gulped down her drink, expecting to share her love with her once more. He tasted bitter, but he didn’t feel too bad.

“Aang! Hang, haang! Lord, yes! Please wrap it as it is! Haaang! The lord’s, hot, ai, ugh! Let me give birth!”

And at that time, Rosina was sharing her love with the lord of Freha. She squeezed the inside of her pussy to receive the lord’s seed without thinking about Agon.


Rosina’s visit to the castle was unexpected. She heard that she had a fight with her husband, which made her feel good but also a little embarrassed. It’s because Agon doesn’t know that she came looking for me on her own.

It’s hard to raise Netori’s rank like this… Hmmm, I’ll have to revise my plans. Originally, the plan was to make Agon into a debtor by making the members of the bribing company have an accident, but now that this has happened, it seems inevitable to revise the plan.

But it wasn’t bad, because it seemed possible to produce a little bit of drama using Rosina. So, changing her mind her, I summoned Sara and gave her instructions her.

Haha! That’s why I’m thinking of asking Lord Horn. So, with the right gift… Well? Are you listening?”

But Sarah’s condition was very strange.


“Uh huh. It’s fun. The lord is talking, what kind of rudeness is that?”

“I’m excited.”

“No, I don’t mean to use honorifics.”

He openly snorted at my words and glared at me. That too, very frankly. Why is he doing this again? Even when I noticed, Sera did not change her attitude to her. Instead, in her irritated voice her, she brought her words out coldly.

“It is said that there is a vicious lord who wants to turn people into mean people and pass them off as having cocked him a few times. Isn’t the world so cruel? I’m afraid I won’t be able to live.”

Ah… This one looks tight.

“Keuheum, it’s really the end of the world that such a lord exists.”

“In addition, it is said that there are lords who use women they like to seduce other women. I think we should inform His Majesty of these wicked people for the sake of peace in the kingdom. What does the lord think?”


“Oh, do you have any uncomfortable places? Your complexion is not good.”

She used Sera to drive a wedge into Rosina, but apparently she didn’t like that. And as a token of gratitude, she seemed to do it a few times in the morning. Are you jealous… Sarah, whose emotional expression became more frequent after Rosina entered the castle, was annoying but very cute.

This can’t be helped I have no choice but to comfort him until Netori is over. I smiled as kindly as I could and hugged her pouty Sarah.

“Sera… Do you think I’ll be satisfied with just one? I won’t abandon you just because you’re connected with Rosina.”

“Does n’t that mean that you are going to straddle her legs? Ha, do you think I’ll be happy to hear that? What a bad man you are.”

Haha! I can’t help it. I’m greedy, and I can’t afford to miss a chance to get a beauty that’s the opposite of you.”

“…… You also want a woman with big breasts, unlike me.”

Oh, did you hear? At this moment, I assimilated into the character and unknowingly brought the truth out of my mouth. Because of that, Sera’s already cold atmosphere became even more threatening.

“Well, I see. Because I don’t have a choice anyway. This is why they say that the one who loves more loses. Whoa, how did I come to love someone like you?”

“Hey Sarah… Still, I prefer Sera’s pussy.”

“Under! Isn’t that obvious? It’s rude to compare it to dirty pussy stuffed with another man’s cock! It goes without saying that I like my pussy changed into the shape of the lord’s cock!”

“Uh, uh… “

No, you get it like this? I was regretting it because I wanted to say something to comfort you, but Sera confidently appealed to her pussy. What is this charm… On top of that, it was shocking to see that he seemed a little happy even though he was angry. After all, Sera is a naughty woman. As I massaged her ass her in her quirk her, she pushed Sarah away from me and straightened her disheveled clothes her.

“I am at work now. Huh. Anyway, as you commanded, I will convey the will of the lord to Lord Horn. By the way… That guy must be funny. Her wives her are taken according to her wives her, and her corps her are ruined according to their mercenaries her.”

“Well, if you twist it, he will be the lord himself.”

“It’s really bad.”

“So, don’t you like it?”

“I was saying that I was the worst for agreeing with the lord.”

Cute really


The young lord who cares for me anytime, anywhere, the servants who always greet me with a smile, and even Sera who is still scared but takes care of me as if nothing had happened after that… Ah, as expected, coming to see the lord was the correct answer. Thanks to the lord, I’m having such a good time that I wonder if I can be this happy.

If I had stayed by Agon’s side foolishly, I would have lived my whole life without knowing this kind of happiness. I was really fortunate to be able to make the right choice at a turning point in my life. Did the goddess help? Being able to meet the lord was truly like a miracle from God.

-Smart smart

“Rosina. This is Sarah. May I come in?”

“Yes. Sera.”


So, when I was contemplating whether I should start praying to the goddess again, Sarah came to visit me. What could happen? Sera-nim’s somewhat serious expression made me feel uneasy.

“I thought I should inform Rosina. It is said that Agon was imprisoned in Hoorn’s prison.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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