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Heroine Netori 174

Heroine Netori 174

Chapter 174 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (15)

“Go… A prison?! Agon is imprisoned?”

“Yes, they say he was caught cheating.”

“Yes…? Agon wasn’t that kind of person…”

“I do not know. Agon seems to be claiming that his subordinates committed it arbitrarily, but it is said that Hoorn is not listening to it because it is hard to believe.”


Perhaps Agon’s words are true. Although I hated Agon, I knew very well that he was not a man to commit a crime. He feels sorry for him and thinks he was wronged.

However… Anyway, now I’m in a relationship with Agon… I was worried, but it didn’t bother me too much. Is it because you haven’t been angry yet? He was even slightly relieved at the thought of being punished. To see me and call me a whore… He’s a really ugly guy. It seemed good to be scolded once this time.

“Ahaha… That’s sad.”


“Okay? Then do you want to save that man?”

“Ah, lord… “

I thought so in my heart, but I was embarrassed to reveal my true feelings, so I was just about to laugh and pass it over, when the lord suddenly entered the room. Along with the question if you want to save Agon.

“No… I do not know.”

“I see, but I have to save it.”


“There is a reason we need to save him.”

Why? Seeing the young lord’s serious expression, I had a question. Surely you’re not trying to send me to that man now, are you? It’s not likely, but I was a bit worried.

“You can get a divorce only after he returns to Freha. Ha ha! Even though I am a lord, I cannot marry a married woman.”

“…… Marriage?”

“Okay. You and my marriage.”


But, of course, that never happened. Rather, what the lord wanted was an official connection with me. Right away… I mean marriage.

I was so happy just hearing the story, I ran to the lord with tears of joy. Then the lord smiled broadly and hugged me. I could hear some chattering around me, but maybe… Must be my mistake? It must be an illusion caused by the mind becoming confused when the head is filled with uncontrollable joy.

Ah, glad… I hoped and hoped, but… I didn’t expect to be disappointed… To really be able to bond with the lord like this… I must be the luckiest woman in the world.

“So that’s what I mean… There’s something you need help with. Even if I rescued him safely, he might refuse to divorce me.”

“My help… ?”

“Okay. Like a letter or something. Well, it would be nice if it was adapted a little bit.”

I’m not sure how helpful it is to send a letter, but if the lord asks for it, of course I’ll do it. I nodded my head in agreement. Then the lord stroked my hair with a warm hand.


If things don’t go this far… Agon, who couldn’t believe or didn’t want to believe, suffered from a stomachache that penetrated her. He was betrayed by his trusted allies her.

While overcoming hardships together, Agon thought he became closer to the members of the upper ranks than his family his, but that was his own mistake his, and Agon, who was stabbed in the back, had to be imprisoned. That’s because of fraud that didn’t happen.

‘Shit… Why the hell are those guys… ‘

He tried to claim that he was innocent, but the guards did not believe Agon because of the testimony of his subordinates that they were under his influence. And because the evidence was clear, he couldn’t get Henrik’s help either. In the end, Agon had to feel despair in solitary confinement.

‘I haven’t solved Rosina’s problem yet, but this is happening…’

In the tearful situation, Agon was worried about Rosina. She felt sorry for her Rosina, who was waiting for herself not to return. It would be nice to give her a chance to reveal her circumstances her… While Agon was burning his stomach, someone came to him.

“Agon of the Smiths, you are a lucky guy. A call came from Freha. He says he will help you.”

He was the captain of the guards who arrested him.


“Is that really?! He says he saves me?!”

“Okay. He said he would pay off your debt over a few months. Thank the lord of Freha.”

“… Did the lord help you?”

“Okay. Contrary to rumors, the lord is like Hogu. He spends his own money to help the deceitful villagers… Under! It’s really exciting.”

Agon, who had bad feelings for the lord, was suspicious of his sudden help her, but … Thanks to him, he stopped her doubts at the thought of seeing Rosina again. If it wasn’t for him, he would have stayed in prison.

Thinking that if she had intended to take Rosina during this hiatus, she would not have let herself go, Agon shouted at the captain of the guard, delighted with her unexpected luck her. Agon wanted to leave Hoorn as soon as possible.

“Then release me quickly!”

“Look at this? Where is this shouting Mr. Hack on the criminal subject. You said that he pays off over several months. Then I won’t let you go until you pay it off. We have to make sure this is done to the end.”

“Shit! Because I am innocent!”

“Damn it. They say you did everything, but who will we believe if you say no? Huh? If you have a head, try thinking. I want to know how you cheated when you were so stupid.”

“No really… “

But Agon couldn’t leave. He was imprisoned and had to be locked up for several months. He wasn’t without a promise, but thinking of Rosina waiting for her made her anxious.

“Then let me write a letter… I have family too, so I don’t have to contact them.”

“Letter? Oh, the letter came anyway. I heard your wife sent it… I’m a little envious of this. Even criminals like this get married. Hey.”

“Are you serious?! From Rosina?!”


“I don’t know what Rosie is, but I heard that Lord Freha sent her instead of her. Here you go. Then I’ll go and read that and suck it up.”

“Ah… Rosina…”

Agon, who had been looking at the envelope for a long time after the captain of the guards disappeared, slowly tore the seal on the envelope, suffering from having hurt Rosina once again. And when he saw the first sentence of the letter asking how he was doing, he wept tears of sorrow. Even in this situation, Rosina, who was worried about herself, felt sorry for her while loving her.

“Sorry… Whoa, whoa… Rosina…”

“… Huh? For a moment… Rosina?”

“Oh, isn’t it? No… No! Do not do that! Please stop!”

But after that, Agon, who was reading the letter, screamed as his hands his trembled. It was so loud that even Rosina in Freja could hear it.


“Fuck! Free me! I want you to release me!”


“Because I have to go back right now! Please set me free! Fuck!”

Eventually, Agon, who could not stand it and threw the letter away, grabbed the prison wire and shouted. But what he wanted didn’t happen. Confined to solitary confinement, Agon continued to scream terribly until he was exhausted.


To agon.

Is your body okay? Being imprisoned… I heard the story. That too is fraudulent. There must have been a misunderstanding, right? I trust you. You are a person who can live without the law.

But other people don’t seem to believe you. They say they have to pay you back to get you out of prison. A fake debt owed to you… Maybe apart from taking your word for it, they just need the money.

Ahaha… Are you really sorry? I just paid off my debt… Being in debt like this is futile… That’s how many times bigger the debt is than then… How is the world like this?

Still, you can’t just despair. Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole through which it will rise. Fortunately, I have a means to earn money. With a little effort, I might be able to rescue you. I was really disappointed in you at that time, but we’re a couple. We have to join forces.

Although the means… It’s very dirty, but… Are you okay though? There’s no other way… Ahaha, I can’t deny what you say about being a whore. Selling your body to make money…

But don’t worry. As you said, the lord is really kind… He’s also very good at sex. I won’t be having a hard time. So don’t worry about me, take care of your health as much as possible and hold on until I’m released. Until then, I will endure it.

Then I’ll cut it short. Now it’s time to go to the lord’s room. Please don’t think that I’m dirty…

Your wife, Rosina.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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