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Heroine Netori 129

Heroine Netori 129

Chapter 129 – Become the Owner of a Slave Party (22)

“…… Are you two dating?”

“Yes. Or can’t you do something like that? Little…Even if the castle walls are peculiar, they are good people.”

“Jackpot case…”

Han Seol-ah was able to hear about Alice from him thanks to his close friendship with Si-woo.

Surprisingly, Alice was in a relationship with the disgusting man, and she had a special tendency to enjoy the act in front of everyone. It was a shocking fact.

It was an easily unbelievable story.
But it didn’t make any sense at all.
In fact, it was because Ellis was fond of being in public and she enjoyed being stared at by them.

Therefore, the rumor that she had exhibitionism was likely true.

‘So then, with that man…… ‘

Han Seol-ah was finally able to understand Elise.

‘Then… She did n’t survive by selling her body her. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Alice… ‘

She wasn’t the dirty woman she thought she was. It was to show that we liked each other so far.

‘As expected, Alice… Cool!’

Alice was the Alice she knew.

‘You were confident enough to show everything… !’

Her faded idol she has returned to light.

‘Still… Why is it that guy… ‘

But there was still something that bothered me. It was a matter of the man she chose.

He was a man who did not fit in with Alice at all.
No matter how he looked at it, Elise looked precious.

He looked great, but his personality was so bad, and maybe because of that, he just hated humans. There was no particular reason, but I just didn’t like the guy.

But Alice was very much in love with the man.
Enough to show that affection proudly in front of everyone.

‘Is it that great to be there… ‘

She said that Ellis, who was active in the entertainment industry, only saw her face her and there was no way she was dating him. So, she said, it was because of that thing that she became the guy’s girlfriend.

Han Seol-ah didn’t like that.

‘Her sister said she was sick… ‘

Sex she was told by her school senior was a male only good deed. According to her senior her, she treated women like objects and ended up not being able to enjoy them.

Therefore, Han Seol-ah couldn’t understand Alice who let out her moans like that. It was for that reason that she thought she was dirty. According to her knowledge of her, it was normal for things to hurt if they were big.

But what if the senior is wrong?
In fact, what if sex can be enjoyed by women too?
So what if the bigger it is, the better it is?
If so, Elise’s expression and her gestures made her sense.

‘Ellis acting cute… Listen to it for the first time while fanning. Sex that… Are you feeling that good?”

Seolah Han became interested in sex.
She thought Ellis wanted her to actually experience what she did.

Just as she did, she also had suitable opponents. The man in front of him was the opponent.
Han Seol-ah had a crush on Si-woo.

At first, she thought it was a simple contrast effect.
She thought that was the crush she felt compared to a disgusting man.

But she wasn’t like that.

A good-looking face like that man, a kind personality that always knows how to be considerate, and even the kindness of coming to help every day, it was a good feeling because the person named Siwoo itself was attractive.

“Yes? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No, nothing. I just like it hehe.”

So, she might be able to understand Alice a bit more through Siwoo.

So, Han Seol-ah dashed at Si-woo. She had been told that she had another woman she loved, but she was an ex anyway. She didn’t stop and moved closer. As a result, Siwoo shook slightly.

“Brother… I finally changed my job! Now I can be my brother’s colleague!”

And today, the opportunity finally came.
With his help his, today, when I became a full-time wizard, I didn’t know if it would be possible.

Seol-ah Han recalled Alice that day and completed her mental preparation for her.

“Even so, today is the last day, so I was going to visit you, but it went well.”

However, it was Deokbae, not Siwoo, who took her maiden her.


Something incomprehensible happened all at once.
Han Seol-ah didn’t know how things were going.
When she came to her senses her, she had already lost her virginity to her Deokbae.
A man’s cock was lodged in her bleeding cunt.

“Sir, no! Go away! Wow! Brother help! Please!”

It was terrible. She was desperate. She wanted to die
She was being raped by the man she hated the most.
Seolah Han experienced sex in the worst form.

“Haaang! Poetry, Sherrer… Hehe, ha, I hate it! I don’t want to feel… Hey, I don’t want to feel this!”

But strangely… She felt good even though she was being raped.
The cramped inside of her vagina widened little by little as she was pushed by his huge cock her, the sensation she felt for the first time was addictive. The senior who said sex only hurts wasn’t right.

“Ha ha! No! There! Wow, Aang! It’s a lie!”

Her body and head her played separately. Her head her hated the current situation, but her body her was at a loss for joy. Her mouth her screamed no, but her body her shook her waist. Knowing Han Seol, she couldn’t believe herself.

“Haaang! Aang! Lies, heaaaaa!”

She thought it was a lie. She didn’t understand common sense.
She couldn’t feel good about being raped by a man she hated.

“A lie… Hot, isn’t it? Ah, Aang! Haaang!”

But when the man started bouncing her back, she had to admit she was wrong. She was overwhelmed with pleasure to the point that she couldn’t bear it any longer. Han Seol-ah felt the man’s stuff filling her inside and left.

“Huh, ha ha… I want to feel it! Haang!”

Alice understood at once. Sex was a pleasurable act. And the bigger the cock, the better. She was filled with men’s cocks from the entrance to the inside, and she felt so ecstatic. It was a feeling that could not be felt with other cocks.

Han Seol-ah passed out for a while, feeling her first climax of her.
It was too much pleasure for her to endure.

– Jump!

Then she heard the door open and she quickly came to her senses her.
Because she was started at the thought that someone she did not know had entered.
However, she found out that her visitor was someone she knew.

Was her idol.

‘Ah… Alice is looking at me… ‘

Every time her beautiful Elise looked at her and smiled at her seductively, then lunged at her and stole her lips. The sweetness spread in her mouth at once.

“What?! Eh, Alice… Hot, juicy, ha… Alice… Haang… With me… Chureup…”

It was her first kiss her.

“Whoa, that’s cute. Unlike anyone else, you are lovable, Chuuup.”

And it was a deep kiss.

Haha… Haang! Gulp, ha… Aang! Alice!”

Alice’s tongue trampled the inside of her mouth. He licked every nook and cranny of her, spilling her own saliva of her. Then a sensation as dizzy as her sex her paralyzed her brain her. Attacked by the couple from above and below, she left again.

“Yes, yes. It’s ellis Jjook. Congratulations on becoming your master’s slave like her sister!”

Being her man’s slave was a great blessing for her.


After that, Han Seol-ah became honest with her own body.

She took the pleasure of her cock for what it was,
She rocked her own waist to enjoy it even more.

“Haha! Hem! Joe, ah! Joa… Whoa, whoa!”

Siwoo was watching, but there was no reason to care.
More than that, it was important for her to feel the cock even just a little bit more.

“Huh, does the master’s cock feel good?”

“Yes…Haha… So good… Haang! The cock that went inside my sister, it’s too small!”

It wasn’t just a cock. It was the cock that stole Alice’s virgin.
The sex he was having with the owner now was indirect sex with Alice.

So she couldn’t help but feel good.

Han Seol-ah, realizing the fact belatedly, cheerfully let out her chant her.

“Haaang! As expected, hot, cock, uhm! Joe!”

“Is everything good when you sleep?”

“No, no! Ha, ha, the master’s, hot, cock! Whoops, Joa!”

Big hard cocks,
And the cock that was poking inside Alice’s cunt,
Now, Han Seol-ah has become a body that cannot be satisfied with other cocks.

“Can’t you do that?”

“Sirut! Haaang, that’s too, huh, jakjana, huh, haaang!”

Siu’s cock, with which she tried to be with her in the first place, was not enough.


– Quaang!

“What the hell are you doing here!”

Because of her order her, someone appeared behind Siwoo who couldn’t stop shaking his cock even after ejaculation.

“Su, Subin?!”

It was his first love her.

The joy of meeting for a moment, the shame of being rude,
She thought that if she stayed like this, she could be in danger by her virtue of her.
Siu yelled at her for her to run away.

No, I meant to shout like that.

“I wonder if… ! What are you doing besides me?”

However, her next words kept her mouth shut.


I heard the sound of clothes falling.
With her naked body her, she passed him and ran into her Deokbae her.

Siwoo seemed to be losing his mind.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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