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Heroine Netori 128

Heroine Netori 128

Chapter 128 – Hosted a Slave Party (21)

The monster wave became more dangerous day by day, but the clearing time got faster day by day. As the monsters got stronger, Deokbae got stronger too.

Even though it was a monster wave that obviously did not gain experience, Deokbae showed a different appearance every day.

‘I thought it was the difference in skill level.’

He said the cause was in his proficiency. He added that visible stats are not everything. It was the sound of the need to adapt to the stronger body.

‘That’s why.’

Only then did Siwoo know the true reason why he was entrusted with the Monster Wave. In effect, the monster wave was an opportunity to practice undisturbed.

‘Then I…!’

Realizing this, Siwoo followed Deokbae and practiced every day. And thanks to that, I was able to grow to the point where I would not be ashamed of in front of Lee Soo-bin.

Deokbae was also a colleague with a lot to learn from.

“I did it, I did it! I did!”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Siu who grew up.


As Deok-bae said, Han Seol-ah was a child with great talent. She had excellent mana sensitivity and had the potential to become a reliable rearguard.

That’s why Siu put a lot of effort into making her a colleague.

Her straying her from her group her introduced her to her own mates and met her every night to give her lessons her. She was there to let her talents her blossom.

He became close with her and talked a lot about her Deokbae and Alice. It was to clear up any misunderstandings she might have had about the two.

In addition, Siu was desperate because Deokbae had promised that if he could win Han Seol-ah’s complete trust her, he would accept her as her ally her without making her a slave.

“Brother… I finally changed my job! Now I can be my brother’s colleague!”

And today, Siwoo’s efforts finally paid off.

After Han Seol-ah became a true wizard after she got off her apprenticeship ticket,
She had sworn to be his ally her.

“Yes! Please take good care of me in the future!”


Si-woo, who was excited by that fact, took her to visit Deok-bae.
Because he wanted to announce the good news right away.

“Even so, today is the last day, so I was going to visit you, but it went well.”

Then Deokbae was also happy and welcomed them.

And he started rapping Han Seol-ah in front of Si-woo.


Siu could not understand the current situation.
Everything was too unreal for his head to keep up with.

Deokbae attacked her Han Seol-ah and made her his slave her.
Giving orders to Siwoo to make him unable to move
He also raped her Han Seol-ah and made her her non-virgin her.
It was absolutely unbelievable.

‘……… What?’

For a moment, Siwoo thought he was dreaming.

“Sir, no! Go away! Wow! Brother help! Please!”

However, Han Seol-ah’s screams let us know that this was reality.
An unbelievable thing happened.

‘I believed… He was a very trustworthy person… Shit!’

Siu was taken advantage of again.
Before and after he was brought to this world, he was an unchanging hukou.
He even promised Lee Soo-bin that he would come back with a change…
It was Siwoo who didn’t grow at all.

“Save me! Hate! I hate it… Whoa! Siwoo oppa!”

Han Seol-ah screamed for help.
But Siu couldn’t move.
He just had to watch it.

“Haaang! Poetry, Sherrer… Hehe, ha, I hate it! I don’t want to feel… Hey, I don’t want to feel this!”

It was terrible. He wanted to run away.
But because of his orders, he could not turn his head or close his eyes.

“Ha ha! No! There! Wow, Aang! It’s a lie!”

Han Seol-ah liked Si-woo.

Enough to notice even the dull Siwoo,
She aggressively lashed out at him.

Even if she whispers that there is a woman she loves,
Han Seol-ah continued to look at him.

It was embarrassing, but
It was Siwoo that I didn’t hate.

“Haaang! Aang! Lies, heaaaaa!”

Is it because of that?

Whenever I get a cold stare from Lee Soo-bin for unknown reasons
Siwoo had thought of Han Seol-ah without even realizing it.

Her weight in him grew every day.

Siwoo still loved Soobin Lee
Little by little he was conscious of Han Seol-ah.

“A lie… Hot, isn’t it? Ah, Aang! Haaang!”

But that Han Seol-ah,
She was so pure and beautiful,

She is now being raped by a co-worker she trusted.

“Huh, ha ha… I want to feel it! Haang!”

Seeing that fact, Siu felt extreme pain.

– Jump!

But suddenly the door opened.
Hearing the startled voice, it must have been Elise.
There was hope that she would not condone her boyfriend’s behavior with her.

“Oh, what are you doing here? Pooh! Master! I’m getting an erection like a man like that guy. Ahahaha!”

But that hope quickly vanished.

Elise laughed at Siwoo and then approached Seolah Han, who was being raped. And she caught her face and kissed her.

It was a very natural movement.

“What?! Eh, Alice… Hot, juicy, ha… Alice… Haang… With me… Chureup…”

“Whoa, that’s cute. Unlike anyone else, you are lovable, Chuuup.”

Haha… Haang! Gulp, ha… Aang! Alice!”

“Yes, yes. It’s ellis Jjook. Congratulations on becoming your master’s slave like a sister!”


What Alice said was true. Siu was having an erection.

It was obviously the worst, but his lower body was honest with its desire her. Siu hated himself like that, but it was not an area that he could control with his own will.

Siwoo’s body was in a state of excitement when he saw the naked body of a woman he had a crush on.

If it had been in a semi-repulsive state before, it was now in a state of full erection.
Seol-ah Han shaking her waist in love with sex,
Siwoo’s cock couldn’t stand it.

“Ha ha! Hem! Joe, ah! Joa… Whoa, whoa!”

“Huh, does the master’s cock feel good?”

“Yes…Haha… So good… Haang! The cock that went inside my sister, it’s too small!”

Han Seol-ah changed into a completely different person after Ellis appeared, to be precise, after the kiss her with Ellis.

Instead of shouting that I didn’t like it, I gasped for it.
She bounced on her back her and enjoyed the first time she had sex.

“This is too small, aaaaang! Ha… Ha… “

All of her pure appearance that Siwoo liked had disappeared.

‘Why… ?’

‘Me… Didn’t he like me?’

‘But why… !’

That’s why Si-woo felt betrayed by Han Seol-ah.
She, who cared about her, regretted herself.

And it was sad at the same time.
She felt regret that she wished that her partner her having sex with her was herself.
Seol-Ah Han, who fell in love with her sex to the extent that he had such contradictory thoughts, was very lewd.
Because of that, it felt like Siwoo’s cock was about to explode.

“Puhh! I’m the owner~ He’s trying to die?”

Alice must have noticed that and told Deokbae,
Deokbae had mercy on him.

“That’s right. You did a good job, so I’ll let her take care of her daughter her.”

Siwoo, who received the order, lowered his pants and panties and shook his cock. It was a very embarrassing situation. Siu’s face her was furrowed with anger and embarrassment.

But he couldn’t refuse the order.
Siu had to keep moving his hand her holding his cock his.


But then, seeing Siwoo, Han Seolah laughed out loud.

“So small!”

It was the words that came out after seeing Siwoo’s cock.
Because of that, Siwoo’s sense of shame doubled.

“Come on, sit down. I have to make her feel like a daughter.”

“Yes, Master!”

Seeing Siwoo masturbating, the two began to mix again. The huge Han Seol-ah’s chest her shook greatly, and the sound of her flesh-to-flesh her crashing erupted. It was a more intense movement than before, perhaps to show off.

“Haaang! As expected, hot, cock, uhm! Joe!”

“Is everything good when you sleep?”

“No, no! Ha, ha, the master’s, hot, cock! Whoops, Joa!”

“Can’t you do that?”

“Sirut! Haaang, that’s too, huh, jakjana, huh, haaang!”

In fact, Siu’s cock was not on the small side. However, because the object of comparison was Deokbae’s, Seolah Han came to think that it was small.

Si-woo, who did not know that, hated her lustful behavior of Seol-ah Han and insulted her inside her.

Of course, he continued to masturbate.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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