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Heroine Netori 127

Heroine Netori 127

Chapter 127 – Hosted a Slave Party (20)

When the appointed time comes, let’s go up the castle wall with Elise next to us.
I could see Lee Soo-bin waiting for me.
… I mean Lee Soo-bin, who has finished preparing to be parked.

As naked as she was when she was raped
She was sticking her butt out against the wall.

“What, are you surrendering already?”

She’s dumbfounded by her appearance. Let’s bring her up her.
Soobin Lee shook her hips and shouted at me.

“Sorry… Please… I was wrong, so please put it in quickly… Please!”

Oh yeah It’s the reaction I wanted… I never thought it would fall so soon
It’s good, but a little silly.
It was fun to tease and tease.

Elise crossed her arms in regret.
She looked down at Lee Soo-bin with a disapproving expression.

“Hurry… Hurry…!”

But anyway, if you ask me to fuck you, you have to fuck me.

I quickly undressed her and approached her to do her favor her.

“… Whoops, aaaaang! This is it! Haang! Hyaaaaang!”

Then, Lee Soo-bin, who was stuck in her cock her, bounced her back.
After tilting her head, she let out her eclectic voice Her soaked in her pleasure.

She reached her climax in an instant.

“Huh… Ha… Haaa… Sleep, come in… Ha… Finally… Aang!”

But she didn’t stop.

She rubbed her ass her, inserting her cock all the way back in, as if her unfulfilled desire her was too strong to give up once and for all, then she moved her waist herself. And she let out a moan as she squeezed her cock tight as if it were about to extract her semen.

Oh… Is this Lee Subin?
A person completely changed in one day.

Only in this way who is the master of whom…
They are trying to eat me completely.

“Haaang! Ah, Aang! Cocky… Ha… More! Haaang! More!”

Still can’t get caught like this.
I grabbed her hips her and shook her waist in response to her movements her.
And she spoke to her as she poked her cervix.

“Subin, what should I do, Siwoo tightens my cock like this. Wrap it inside?”

“Huh, huh… No matter, hot, no, haaang! Peel… Haaang!”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“Because it doesn’t matter! Whoops, whoops! Fuck me harder!”

This… Are you completely corrupted?
Siwoo’s ex-girlfriend Lee Soo-bin, who was tickling him, disappeared,
My panting female, Lee Soo-bin, was here.

It’s great, this taste is not netori.

Excited, I turned on her erogenous stimulation of her, which I had turned off for a while, and fucked her cock her as she wanted. Then she let out her wild breath, frantically amused.

“Haha, school… Ugh, haang… Joe, Aang! Ugh, go, go away…!”

Lee Soo-bin squeezed her cunt and left. It seemed that I, too, under the pressure of the twisting vaginal wall, would leave at any moment. But I couldn’t stand it. I continued to poke her inside her and pour my cum into her womb her.

“Haaang! Whoops, ah! It’s cheap!Haha! This is sooooo!”

But it didn’t end there.

I, too, was not enough for one reason.

“Ha… Ha… Full inside… Ha…”

“Can you do more?”

“Ha ha… Yes… Come…”

And it was the same for Lee Soo-bin.

Leaning against her rampart, he flinched, laid her down and spread her legs apart. Then she thrust her erect cock inside her again. Then she responded to me by squeezing her vagina.

“Ah! Ha, again, came in again, haaang!”

In that state, I slowly raised my head and admired her figure.

Cunt impaled by her cock her, stained with foam of love juice and cum,
Abdomen wet with sweat,
Her breasts her rise and fall in sync with her breathing her, and her her erect nipples her,
Her lips her glistening with saliva,
I could feel that she was a heroine in every part.

And her big beautiful eyes her looking at me.
Those eyes staring at me with an enchanted expression.
I am drawn to her by her eyes towards her …


As I approached, I was stopped by Alice.

Turning her head to see her, Ellis lunged at me with her pouty face.

“Churu-up, chu-up, haljjak, chu, oop, haa… Except for me, it’s too much, Master!”

“Too much. You fucked me all day yesterday.”

“You promised to fuck me today too!”

He must have been angry because he had gone crazy in the heat of her sex and hadn’t thought of Ellis.

I’m a little sorry

I grabbed Lee Subin’s leg with one hand and started shaking her waist.
With the other hand, he caught her her face her in her Elise her and mingled her tongue with her her.

“Ha… Haang! Ah… Too much dear…Hehe, Ahn!”

Hehe… Churup, ha… A kiss with the master… I’m happy…”

I could hear Soo-bin Lee’s voice from below, but she didn’t pay much attention.

Anyway, tonight is long.

After that, we became three beasts and had a good time coveting each other.

Thanks to Lee Soo-bin who gave in to me, she was able to enjoy full-fledged 3P play, which was very satisfying.

For example, getting a double cleaning blow job after ejaculation.

“Haam, chureup, chu, kkulkkeoog… Ha… Tasty… “

“For a moment! The owner gave me cheap stuff, so why are you eating it all!”

“What? It’s my turn this time.”

“It’s not your turn? Eight!”

“Eh?! Don’t take it away! Ugh… Hey!”

Like doing double paizuri to make your dick stand up again.

“Puhh… The owner is too nice. How dare you humiliate me so openly.”

“…… Now, it’s not that you’re small, but you’re too big, aren’t you?”

“What? It’s not just her chest that’s small, but her voice is so small that you can’t hear her?”

“This, this!”

And it was quite a fun experience to have them facing each other and fuck them alternately. It was nice to be able to enjoy the taste of two pussies at once, and it was even more fun to hear sounds of joy and regret each time they fucked.

“Aang! Hehe… After all, master, do you like my pussy better? Haang… Please wrap it as it is!”

“Oh, no! It’s my turn!”

“Puff! So there’s no such thing as your turn… Eh?! Master! Don’t take it off!”

“Whoa, whoa! I’m here! Here comes the cock! Haang!”

Because it’s also a multi-profit line.
The more you see, the better.


After that, after enjoying myself for several hours, I let Alice down first and then pulled Lee Soo-bin, who was left alone, into my arms.

She still had something to say to her.

Lee Soo-bin, who had already been captured, leaned on me instead of resisting, and she asked me a question in a small voice.

“I have something else to say… What?”

“I’m just curious. Do you really not care about Siwoo anymore?”

“…… Yes. You can’t go back now anyway.”

“What if I let you go?”

“…… It’s okay though. It’s already too late.”

Lee Soo-bin replied lonely with her resigned voice of her.
It seems like something happened between the two that I don’t know about.

… By the way, did you two have time to meet separately?

Siwoo’s schedule is to deal with monster waves in the morning and socialize with Han Seol-ah in the afternoon. So, as far as I know, the chance for the two to meet… Oh, did you see him with Seol-ah Han?

I got it now

Since Han Seol-ah is also the main heroine, the two must have felt good for each other and quickly became close. To the extent that Lee Soo-bin feels that he wants to have a romantic relationship.

Siwoo… So why not keep some distance? Even this morning, Han Seol-ah, he complimented you like that, but you’re already close enough to be misunderstood by your ex-girlfriend. Great guy…

Inwardly, I admired Siu and spoke her words her to her her.

“Because Siu already has another woman?”

“You… ! Ugh… Did you know?”

Can’t miss this opportunity It’s an opportunity to drive a wedge.

“Because I am a colleague. He was talking softly. There is a woman who cares.”

“Hey, hehe… Ugh…”

“So, without Siwoo’s knowledge, I made you a slave. You’re too precious to be abandoned. Well, even if Siwoo knew, I wouldn’t have stopped him.”

“Bad kid… You guys are real bastards… Black…”

I will dig into the gap between Soo-bin Lee and Si-woo, split the gap between them, and I will enter in that place.

“Aren’t I better? At least I won’t dump the girl I like.”

“Black… You are the same… You only hurt women, huh?!”

“It’s the same, are you kidding me? I am much better than Siwoo.”

“You… Poof, that’s right. Sex is better for you…”

As she spoke, I thrust her cock into her cunt her and she looked up at me with a look of complete desperation.

“So forget Siu. I’ll fuck you every day so you don’t even think about her.”

I looked down at her and grabbed her hips and lifted her up as she was. Then she hugged me in her arms and whispered in my ear.

“Okay… Please take good care of me, Master.”

[Congratulations. Second, the slave’s obedience step has been maxed out.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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