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Heroine Netori 126

Heroine Netori 126

Chapter 126 – Hosted a Slave Party (19)

“Ha, I didn’t even think to do that?! Let go!”

Lee Soo-bin, who rebelled against

“Please…Haha… Jebaal…”

It took less than an hour before she begged.

Are you disappointed? I thought I could hold out a little longer… To succumb so quickly
As expected, the strategy of “Give and take away” Was effective.

She must have been very frustrated because she had to watch something that made her feel so good.

Wouldn’t it look like that if you wear a chastity belt in a state of heat?
She groaned and twisted her back, looking pitiful and very coquettish.

But still.

I ignored Lee Soo-bin’s gaze and thrust my cock into Elise’s cunt again.

“Ah… Alas! Please… Stop it, dear!”

Then, Subin Lee screamed before Alice. It was a pity that he didn’t get a cock this time either.

No, Subin, then you have to talk.

Instead of just shouting ‘please’, say directly ‘touch my pussy’ or ‘stop and fuck me’. I’m not doing this because I’m talking to the end of the last pride or something.

Then I can’t help you.

So, until then, confiscate your cock.


To begin with, we failed to completely capture Lee Soo-bin today.
Until the last moment, she felt sorry for her, but she didn’t ask for more.

But when you see the seat she was sitting on is soaked with her love juice
I thought it was soon.

Sooner or later, Soobin Lee will bow her head on her own.


Returning to her dorm, Soobin Lee immediately put her hand her on her own lower abdomen her.

“Ugh… Why… Why! It’s my body! But why… Aww!”

But she couldn’t touch where she wanted.

The master’s orders were absolute,
She couldn’t masturbate to her without her master’s permission of her.

She thought it would be okay if she didn’t touch it herself.
She tried to put her crotch on the edge of the bed but…
That didn’t work either.

As long as she perceived it as her ‘her masturbation of her’, all activities related to it were forbidden.

“Oooooh…. Black, uh… Bastard, fucking bastard… I will kill you…”

Lee Soo-bin wept at her thoroughness and cursed at her own master her.
She was, on her part her, really less than trash.

He did n’t violate her body her today.
But he violated her spirit of her.

As she watched her master’s affair with Alice, she felt an unwanted envy.

The owner was the worst, but his cock his wasn’t…
Her body was open and hot as she recalled her memories of yesterday.

Thanks to her, she felt an unquenchable thirst.

That fact made Lee Soo-bin so humiliated.

“What is that cock… That cock…”

Moreover, as if her master was drugging her
Having finished her ejaculation, he thrust his cock into her.
She was forced to suck his cock her.
It was an act that Siwoo had never done before.

“The cock… Ha… Ha… Cock…”

It was the worst experience ever.

Horrible taste to the point of vomiting…
I thought it was, but the semen was surprisingly sweet.
After ejaculation ended, it became mushy….
I thought it was, but the cock was still hard.

“Ha… Ha…”

As Soo-bin Lee recalled her owner’s cock, her body her gradually became hotter.
It must have been a terrible experience… I did…
Looking back, she thought she wasn’t too bad…

– Stop!

“Eh?! What, are you stupid?!”

Lee Soo-bin looked at her hand, which was stopped by her restraint her, and was angry with herself.
Again, she unconsciously lowered her hand into her cunt.

“I’m really going to kill you!!”

She cursed at her master again to hide her shame her.

“…… Bad boy… Are you looking for something like this? May I not endure and surrender… Do you know who will pass?”

It was clear what the owner wanted.
It was her complete surrender of her.

And she had no intention of obeying her master’s wishes her.

“Never… Never go over…. Sexual desire like this… I will win try to the end Didn’t I feel bad about what I did with you anyway? I don’t envy what you do with Alice at all .What to do with Alice… Alice…”

But, unknowingly, her heart was shaking.

Even a woman can see the beautiful face of Alice
She remembered how she had changed into a ‘female’ face and gasped.
The fact that the girl who was so cool makes such a face
It must be that her master’s pleasure is enchanting her…

“Ha… Alice… Bad year… Haha…”

I also remembered the kiss with Alice.
It wasn’t the first kiss, but rather the kiss with the bitch she hated,
It was a much sweeter and more thrilling experience than with Shiu.

And when Elise puts her master’s semen in her mouth and kisses her…

“Hey… Semen… Ha.”

Recalling that moment, Lee Soo-bin’s breathing became rough.

This time, as she massaged her own breasts, she soothed the longing that filled her body and mind her. However, she was Lee Soo-bin, whom she could not properly feel with her breasts her yet.

When the owner touched it, this was enough…

Swallowing her regret, she lowered her hand and touched her own thigh. And she moved her hand between her crotches her little by little, searching for her own sexuality she didn’t know.

“Ha… Alice… Ah ha… Host… You’re…”

She gasped as she remembered ‘that moment’as she pinched her erect nipples in her eagerness to go, caressing her crotch area in her.

Perhaps thanks to her efforts her, the feeling began to come little by little.

“Ah… A little bit…”

“Little bit more…”

“Hey, Jebaal… “

“… Haang… Now… Soon… “

But before she was fully satisfied
Her hand her was forced to stop.

“…… Why… Move, move!”

Even if she cries and screams
Her hands her were immobile.

The moment Soo-bin Lee felt her pleasure in her, the ban was activated.

Now she can’t even touch her own breasts.

“Haha… Under… It’s a lie… No… Please…”

I wanted to touch you. I wanted to pierce. I wanted to get stuck.
But nothing could be done.
She found it so painful.

“Jebaal! Aaaaa… I hate it, I hate it! Let me touch you please! Jebaal…”

“Hey, heuuuuu!”

So she did until the light of day,
I struggled with dissatisfaction.


There was a loophole in her master’s orders her to her.
That is, only ‘masturbation’ was prohibited.
There were no restrictions on touching or fucking others.

Realizing it belatedly, she was barely able to calm herself down.

“Huh… It’s stupid… “

She wasn’t going to go and ask any man for a favor.
She had an “Ex” Boyfriend with whom they had their first experiences together.

Although we kept our distance from each other due to various incidents
She could still feel his love her.
So I waited for him to confess again
Now there is no room for that.

Therefore, she was thinking of meeting Siwoo today and removing the useless modifier ‘before’.

In fact, it was still difficult to see Siwoo’s face because of guilt or shame,
Right now, it was more urgent than that.

Siwoo, who is kind, will not be able to refuse her confession of her.
Siwoo, who is innocent, will not be able to resist her temptation either.

Although Siwoo’s everything was lacking compared to his master’s,
She was in a situation where she needed even that little stimulation from her.

“Brother, how do you do that?”

“Look closely, like this… Like this… “


“Wow! Great! After all, it’s Siu oppa!”

Haha… It’s not that great…”

Her ‘ex’ boyfriend her wasn’t hers.
There was another woman next to Siwoo.

‘That kid… Was it Han Seol-ah? Why are you next to Siwoo… ? She said that she had something to do with him, but it wasn’t Siwoo, it was that guy… ?’

‘So I was expecting the target to change… Why is he next to Siwoo… ‘

The relationship between the two was closer than expected.

Han Seol-ah seemed to be interested in Si-woo.
Siwoo didn’t seem to dislike Han Seol-ah.

It was only then that Soo-bin Lee realized the awkwardness of Si-woo she felt.

Because of that woman, Siwoo was keeping his distance from him.

While she was humiliated as the man’s slave
Siwoo was having a sweet affair with that woman.

“Haha… Under… Stupid… Why did I feel sorry for you when I was raped?”

“You think of me… I’m not even doing it…”

“Is this why you handed me over to him in the first place?”

Her mind her, which was already in danger, was broken.
It was difficult for her to think normal anymore.
She decided to stop her thoughts of her and just take in the sight in front of her eyes.

Siu had no place for her.

Her lower leg her tingled.

Lee Soo-bin said she wanted to meet the owner right away.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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