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Heroine Netori 125

Heroine Netori 125

Chapter 125 – Hosted a Slave Party (18)

Han Seol-ah longed for Elise.

Unlike her introverted and timid
Alice was confident and active in everything she did.

Unlike her, she was afraid of the spotlight in front of people.
Ellis is not afraid of being on stage or in front of a camera.

Unlike her who gets bullied like her her sexual harassment or jealousy
Alice was loved by everyone as an idol.

In the video, Alice was literally her ‘idol’ of her.

By the way…

The ‘real’ look of Alice she actually saw was different from the video.

Alice, who was coolly responding to the man’s dirty gaze…

In front of the man, she fawned and opened her legs to him.
She calls the man her master her and she shakes her waist to receive his seed her.
As she bit the man’s penis, she hoped for his compliments.

It was the moment her idol her collapsed.

Seolah Han knew that celebrities wear masks in front of the camera, but… She believed, though, that she would not be alone with Alice. At least, she thought, the looks Alice was showing were never made up of her.

But the reality was grim.
All were lies

Ellis, who always thinks of her fans her and shows her her professional appearance her anytime, anywhere …

Ignoring everyone’s gaze, she only looked at her man.
She didn’t care if her own ugliness her was visible or not.
Rather, she seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Her admiration her turned to loathing.

‘Dirty bitch… I was believing… Was it only at this level? She pretended to be cool in front of the guys, but she ended up opening her crotch and making her a star? And, as was her habit, did she survive here by selling herself?

I… Thinking of you… I clenched my teeth and endured… To become a cool person like you… I tried to overcome it like that, but did you have a comfortable time?

Disgusting… Dirty… I feel sorry for myself who liked and respected you… ‘

Han Seol-ah trembled at her sense of betrayal of her.
As much as she loved her, so was her disappointment in her.
And her disappointment soon turned into anger.
Her hands her trembled.

But at the same time…

A small question arose in her mind her.

‘What the hell is that man?’

Unlike what he looks like, he is an unknown repulsive man.
Still, Alice seems to like him, or she seems to love him.

‘Does it have a charm beyond that disgust?’

No matter how much it is to survive, why did you dare to open your legs to that man who was vomiting… Han Seol-ah did not understand. It was because even just looking at the man named Siwoo standing next to him, he looked much more attractive than that man.

So she was curious.

‘Why is it that man?’

Then she heard whispers beside her.

“Fuck… Do you have to fuck like that to eat Alice?”

“… Look at her chest her, it’s fucking big. Prosthetic milk was all a rumor, after all.”

“It’s a girl crush, and it’s all over the place, and in the end, it’s self-inflicted.”

“All girls are like that.”

It was the dirty talk of dirty men.
Startled, she walked to the other side of her, this time overhearing women’s conversation.

“Huh! Good to sell Some people really want to die, but over there, they want to die because they like it.”

“I know… Envy.”

“Oh my sister! What is he saying now!”

“He is. Can’t you say you’re jealous? How good would it feel to be that size?”

“…… I am curious.”

It was a reaction not much different from that of men.

Everyone in her thought differently from her. Of course she thought she would blame Alice and that man… Instead, it expressed jealousy or envy mixed with envy.

That fact made her head spin.

‘Am I the only one angry? It’s Alice. It’s everyone’s Alice that the whole country liked and there was no one against it! That Alice is only looking at one man like that! And she’s selling her body her dirty!

But why isn’t everyone angry? Why… ?

Is that so awesome? Is it big enough?
Does that feel good enough to make Alice like that?

That’s dirty… Nonsense… Am I weird?’

That’s why Han Seol-ah allowed Si-woo to visit.

He’s an ally of the disgusting man and tainted Alice… She planned to get acquainted with him and hear about her now defunct idol her. And if the opportunity arises, she intends to speak directly with Elise.

Perhaps he was a die-hard fan, and he himself could fix the broken Alice.

Knowing Han Seol, he did not even know he had fallen into a trap and rolled the happiness circuit like that.


“Haaang! Master! Please wrap it inside! Whoa!”

“Ha… The master’s semen… Haaa… I’m full…”

Soo-bin Lee looked at Ellis who was panting on her stomach, and when her eyes met her, she turned her head away. But she was soon forced to face her again by her Alice her.

Ellis stroked her cheek with one of her hands her, then slowly approached her and spoke to her in her small voice.

“Why? I envy you? But I’m sorry, what should I do? I’m going to monopolize today?”

“Shut up you crazy bitch. Who are you jealous of? Enjoy yourself.”

“Whoa, how cute. To wet it like this and pretend it wasn’t.”

“Aww! Ha, don’t!”

Elise lowered her remaining hand down and gently touched her cunt.

Lee Soo-bin, who found out that her pussy was wet because of that, blushed and resisted her, but Ellis did not let her go. Instead, Elise inserted her fingers into her cunt her.

“Hey, don’t do it! Wow, don’t put it in…!”

Soo-bin Lee let out a moan at the soft touch of her own vagina.

But she just wasn’t enough. She was so excited to see her master and Alice having sex, but her body was not satisfied with Alice’s thin fingers her.

She needed her master’s things in her.
The thing that first revealed the woman’s joy.

“Don’t do it!”

But her pride kept her from speaking out.

Giving in to lust … She herself wasn’t the slut in front of her who was crazy about her cock her. She herself was a woman with innocence who loved Si-woo, her first love her.

She never was a dirty woman who covets other men’s cocks.

“Puhh… Do you need your master’s cock other than this?”

However, Alice found out what she was hiding from her heart. Alice seemed to understand everything about Lee Soo-bin, perhaps because she had already gone through the same process.

“Shut up…”

Is that why? She couldn’t beat Alice.

“If you want it, give it to me. Alice, come out.”

But then the owner opened her mouth. She seemed to think her master of her was going to give her a cock too, contrary to Elise’s words of her that she’d be monopolized today.

“Yes?! Master! It’s different from the promise… Hee!”

“Your mind has changed.”

Lee Soo-bin’s heart beat loudly.

She says that cock is coming in again? Juice started dripping from her already wet cunt her. It seemed that she would go away, even though she only fantasized about it. The pleasure of her sex that her master told her was great.


I heard the owner’s footsteps approaching.
Her cunt her twitched in response.
Siwoo’s thoughts had long since disappeared.

‘Can’t you? Because it’s an order… It’s not about giving in. Being a slave, there’s nothing I can do… ‘

There was no guilt. She was a victim
And Siu was also to blame for being a slave to a man in the first place.
So she didn’t have to be sorry unless she wished for it first.
Lee Soo-bin finished her self-excuse.

“Uh? Ahaha! Then it is. Pussy sex is my exclusive right?”

“…… What?”

But the time she had been waiting for did not come.

The master passed her lower body her, sat on her upper body her, and thrust his cock into her.

“Did you see Alice doing a cleaning fella? Follow it.”

It wasn’t sex.
All the owner ordered her to do was to clean up her sex her.

“Ha ha… “

The owner’s cock, which was soaked with lewd things, smelled of lewdness.
She now had to suck this cock as her master commanded.

It would have been nice if you could have poked her vagina with this cock…
What she hoped for did not happen.

“Ha, it can’t be done… I’m going to do it, so stop pushing… Haam… Chureup, Halkjak… Ha, Churuu… Okay, okay?”


“It’s over!”


“Ooh, ooh…Haha… Churup, after… Chureup…”

It was still a big, hard cock. She had already ejaculated several times, but she was still as energetic as the first time.

Haha… Chew, ha…”

Her mouth was full of her master’s cock. The memory of yesterday, when she was naturally stuck in this cock, came to mind.

“Chuup, Chuu… Gulp, ha… Ha…”

The moment her cramped vagina of her own was widened by this cock, the moment when the deep place that her Sioux’s cock could n’t reach was rubbed, the moment she accepted her master’s semen into her womb ,

Just like that moment, she was excited.

Haha… Chu, Chuu, Chuu… Little bit…”

Unknowingly, her hand her moved to her lower abdomen her. Between the sweaty crotch of her, I brushed my erect clit of her, and into the pussy being poked by the cock in her mouth of her…


“Puff! It’s the master’s order. No masturbation.”

Ellis grabbed her hand as she descended.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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